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  1. Brian O

    So close to giving up on SACD and DVD-A

    Once again, I am reminded how much I enjoy DVD-A through my Panasonic CP72. I just picked up REM's Best of, In Time. I already have the CD with the second disc of rare cuts but I had a feeling that a hi-res MC version of REM's would be great and it is. Highly recommended.
  2. Brian O

    DVD-A: Not impressed with selection

    Ron and Craig, You might want to check out Foreigners debut album on DVD-A. I really enjoy it and it has commentary by Lou and Mick too. Very clean vocals and good, interesting use of surrounds when appropriate.
  3. Brian O

    Kansas: From the Front Row Live DVD-A?

    I picked this up the other day at Best Buy for $15 on a whim. I decided to do some research on it for reviews before I opened it up. I havent been able to find anything other than it is from a 1989 concert. Does anyone have any experience or info on it? I am very curious how Steve Walsh's...
  4. Brian O

    Which NHL game to get?

    Get EA's on the PC. Really great game this year and only $30. Then go download the arena mods that have the real arena ads and polished up ice and you will really enjoy yourself. With the sliders you can really dial in your game but it plays great out of the box anyways. Plays best with a...
  5. Brian O

    What was the 1st movie released on DVD?

    I first was introduced to DVD by a buddy who was an early adopter in '97 with his DD(no DTS) 5.1 surround sound setup. He had it hooked to a 35" TV and I thought it was incredible. The sound really sold me at that time. Anyways, at the end of '98 I put together a new computer that included a...
  6. Brian O

    five most influential games of all time

    I'm going to give my top in Sports games, since they have had the most impact on me. In no particular order: Earl Weaver Baseball on Amiga. I went out and bought an Amiga the day I saw this game being demoed on it. A true sports masterpiece. I was still playing this game 5 years later...
  7. Brian O

    RCA DirectTV/TIVO 75 hour for $100 at Best Buy

    I just bought one of these at Best Buy. They just got stock on them in the last couple of weeks supposedly. They also have the same RCA unit but with a 35 hour hard drive for $80. The 80 Gig/75 hour RCA unit for $100 is the best deal I have seen on these.
  8. Brian O

    DVD Review HTF Review: Field of Dreams - Anniversary Edition (Highly Recommended!)

    Anyone know if the "bonus disc" version is being sold also at Sam's Club stores and for how much?
  9. Brian O

    Weekly RoundUp 6/8/04

    Any word on if Sam's Club is carrying the 3 disc Field of Dreams too and for how much if they are?
  10. Brian O

    Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" RPTV at Costco?

    Hey guys, great info. Thanks again for clearing some things up for me.
  11. Brian O

    Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" RPTV at Costco?

    Thanks Greg for your info. I have a Panasonic CP-72 5 disc DVD player and digital TW cable presently. I will upgrade to HD satellite when I upgrade to a HD TV. What are the advantages of DVI over component inputs? Also, isn't 1080i preferable to 720P? In what applications would I use 720P...
  12. Brian O

    Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" RPTV at Costco?

    Thanks Steve for the info. Being that this model came out in 2001, do you think the advantages it had back then over other makes has been decreased with newer technology and how well does it compare now to those other manufacturers at that price?
  13. Brian O

    Pioneer SD-643HD5 64" RPTV at Costco?

    I saw this set at Costco for $1999. Can anyone give me any feedback on this 64" RPTV? It is not an Elite. Is this a current model? How well is this model typically calibrated out of the box? What other manufacturers would have a set that is comparable or even better for the price? Any other info...
  14. Brian O

    Seinfeld is coming next year!

    The Contest was THE episode that really put the show on the map. The comedic writing and timing was just superb and the excellent way a sensitive subject was "played with" was just incredible.:D The JFK episode was another classic. So was the Shrinkage one at the seashore with the lobsters...
  15. Brian O

    Weekly Roundup 10/28 (What's Up, Doc?)

    Got my Looney Tunes Gold Collection with the Space Jam SE at Costco in Palm Desert last night. No where did it state the $20 instant rebate, but sure enough it came off at the register. Also, I wanted to state that in both of those DVD packages there was a movie coupon for a child's ticket up...
  16. Brian O

    Anything new to report on a VALLEY GIRL DVD release?

    This was an intriguing movie. Nic Cage really had screen presence in this and Deborah Foreman glowed. It didn't surprise me one bit that Cage went on to stardom, but she seemed to disappear after My Chauffeur. Hey, anyone remember a song from the movie, "Eyes of a Stranger"? That had a great...
  17. Brian O

    Beatles Anthology Review???

  18. Brian O

    Beatles Anthology Review???

  19. Brian O

    Beatles Anthology Review???

    Hey, make sure you listen to every menu on each disc. There are different songs in 5.1 for each menu it would appear. Basically, that would mean 4 menus-4 songs for each disc, I think.:) To access these utilze the chapter selection menus. Correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Brian O

    Best Live Concert That You Saw??

    Boston - 1995?, they were like legends to me growing up with their first two albums in high school. Sitting right next to the mixing board and getting to see Brad Delp do HIS songs was great. This was at Irvine, CA Amphitheater. Saw them a year later at The Pond in Anaheim, an indoor arena and...
  21. Brian O

    Panasonic DVD-S35 Progressive scan DVD player.

    What are the advantages to 4:4:4 processing? I noticed the new Panasonics have it where my CP72 does not. But my CP72 has the Farouda chip and the 35 does not. What are the pros and cons comparing to each other?
  22. Brian O

    HTF REVIEW: "Ed Sullivan Show presents The Beatles" (with screenshots)

    For you Beatles fans, also dont forget the mini-concert at the end of A Hard Days Night. Very good fidelity.
  23. Brian O

    HK 525 vs Denon 3803?

    HK for music, easily.
  24. Brian O

    Disney Treasures - Info

    Donald cracks me up. Especially when he goes into his tirades and then looks right into the camera. It just kills me. Cant wait for this one.
  25. Brian O

    KANSAS- Device Voice Drum

    Great! I will have to check that DVD out. I saw these guys two years ago at the Riverside County Date Festival in the Palm Springs, CA area. It was a very small outdoor venue on a cold Winter day, and they were awesome. I was worried about Steve Walsh's voice after listening to the Live at...
  26. Brian O

    $9.89 DVDs from DDD

    Frequency is the hot ticket on that list. I enjoyed the Undersiege flicks too.
  27. Brian O

    BTTF differences between US and Canadian versions???

    What differences are there with the Back to the Future Set when comparing the US and the Canadian versions? I just got the Canadian version from an online retailer and was wondering if I am missing out(or gaining) anything? Thanks.
  28. Brian O

    $9.99 DVDs: Minority Report, MIB2, K-19 - shipping $2.49

    Got a shipping notice from Ubid yesterday for all three I ordered. Shipped out of Portland, Oregon through UPS Ground. Approximate delivery date UPS states is a week to So. Calif.
  29. Brian O

    $9.99 DVDs: Minority Report, MIB2, K-19 - shipping $2.49

    Great find! Thanks. Got all 3 for $32.46 delivered.
  30. Brian O

    "no black bars" sticker on full-frame ver of UNFAITHFUL

    My feeling is all DVDs should be in their original aspect ratio. All DVD players should have a clean, usable Zoom mode to then decrease the black bars as needed per consumer. Put a label on each dvd to use the Zoom button on their remote if needed.