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  1. Louis-Olivier

    Twin Peaks Season 2?

    Might have to buy season 1 again when it is re-released on HD/DVD / Blueray as "the complete Twin Peaks" :frowning:
  2. Louis-Olivier

    Simpsons Movie Finally Under way

    I stopped watched the simpsons years ago but will definately see this in the theatre! If this is half as good as the southpark movie this will be a keeper!
  3. Louis-Olivier

    Boot Camp - Official Apple support for Windows XP/OS X dual boot

    Damn i knew i should have bought these apple stocks when i had the chance!:angry:
  4. Louis-Olivier

    DVI with infocus X1?

    Hello! I have a question, is there a way to put the DVI output of my denon 3910 into the VGA input of my Infocus X1? And would i gain anything from doing this? Right now are my compoenent (dvd, laserdisc, sattelite tv) goes through my denon 3805 component switching and goes to the...
  5. Louis-Olivier

    **Denon 2910-3910** Firmware "Region Free"

    Can the 3910 output pal directly or it convert to NTSC? I like my toshiba 4900, but it cannot display PAL, it just does the conversion.
  6. Louis-Olivier

    A Few Words About A few words about... The Hitchcock Signature Collection

    Am i the only one who got a snapper in the box-set? I'm really dissapointed as I was expecting a re-packaged north by northwest in a keepcase, but instead i got the same old edition in a snapper which really stands out from the rest of the discs :frowning:
  7. Louis-Olivier

    The Barbarian Invasions in July

    By the way, according to dvdenfrancais.com Seville is working on a re-release of the decline of the american empire for the 3rd quarter of 2004 Séville: Bonne nouvelle! Cet éditeur travaille a une ré-édition du Déclin de l'empire américain. On sait pour le moment qu'on produira un nouveau...
  8. Louis-Olivier

    The Barbarian Invasions in July

    I wonder how many people know this is a sequel to a film called "the fall of the american empire" edit : Sorry, decline... (was translating from french)
  9. Louis-Olivier

    spring cleaning, dvds for trade! Come in!

    sorry vince there's nothing i need in your list Louis
  10. Louis-Olivier

    spring cleaning, dvds for trade! Come in!

    Hi I'm a trader from canada, i'm looking to drop a few titles i don't care to watch again for something new! The Abyss: Special Edition Akira: Limited Edition Tin Armageddon: Criterion Collection Blair Witch Project: Special Edition Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Special Edition...
  11. Louis-Olivier

    Bowling for Columbine.... still waiting...

    Regarding the fabrication of Bowling for Columbine... I personnaly enjoyed BFC quite a lot, but after reading this website i began to have thought about the validity of the documentary. I'm certain que truth is in between, but still it's a good thing to hear arguments from both sides...
  12. Louis-Olivier

    some dvds for trade

    Everything has been traded on your list Vince! Louis
  13. Louis-Olivier

    some dvds for trade

    added some 2 for one titles, help me get rid of them! Louis
  14. Louis-Olivier

    some dvds for trade

    Hi I have decided to trade some dvds i do not wish in my collection anymore. Email me with all offers please! The Abyss: Special Edition Akira: Limited Edition Tin Alien: 20th Anniversary Edition Armageddon: Criterion Collection La Belle Au Bois Dormant: Edition Collector, DTS (zone...
  15. Louis-Olivier

    Talk to Her...which version?

    As seen on www.dvdenfrancais.com Séville: C'est le 27 mai que Séville offrira en DVD, pour le marché québécois, son édition de Hable con ella (Talk to Her). Cette édition offrira deux suppléments de plus que celle Columbia Tristar et option de sous-titrage pour la piste de commentaires audio...
  16. Louis-Olivier

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets only $12,.99/$19.99 at Future Friday Only!!!

    Since Future shop is owned by Best Buy, i would expect something similar in the states from them!
  17. Louis-Olivier

    Attn Ron: LOST IN SPACE up for preorder, & 10 other Fox season sets!

    I know i would buy Space above and beyond in a heartbeat! This is by far one of the best TV show ever produced!
  18. Louis-Olivier

    Sleeping Beauty 2-Disc SE cover art and specs

    Are you guys saying french covers are now okay after bitching at them for months? :) and btw, the DTS track is a french dub, don't get all excited.
  19. Louis-Olivier

    Good news about Walt Disney Treasures!

    I can't see why everyone is having trouble finding the disney treasures, the place where i buy my dvds still have a lot of them on the shelves. And also online stores like www.cnl.com still have some in stock and ready to ship!
  20. Louis-Olivier

    When did CDnow become Amazon?

    They probably only keep the name cdnow.com because apparently it`s the second online retailer after Columbiahouse.com. It will still attract people who won`t even notice the difference until they get their packages. and some people don`t care anyway. Update : Sorry, didn`t see the post...
  21. Louis-Olivier

    When did CDnow become Amazon?

    as a linux user, i could care less about the Windows Media, but i am sad for the loss of Cdnow.
  22. Louis-Olivier

    My So-Called Life - The Final Insult!?

    Will you also have to pay for the lunch box and other goodies when/if they arrive?
  23. Louis-Olivier

    The Back to the Future DVD Countdown thread

    Well the countdown is over for me, well almost :) Just received my shipping confirmation from my favorite store, which shall go nameless for obvious reasons :)
  24. Louis-Olivier

    Zelda Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't make sense to ship the bonus disc early. Anyeone could pre-order the game and cancel it when they have receved the bonus disc. I am sure EBworld have been told to remove the pre-order. I wouldn't be surprised if Majora's Mask is on the Bonus disc. Nintendol more system in the US I...
  25. Louis-Olivier

    Zelda Discussion Thread

    But Cameron, you will still miss Majora's Mask, which is an incredible playing sensation, particularly the first 24 hours!!
  26. Louis-Olivier

    Akira Kurosawa's Dream March 18th

    According to a Press Release that dvdenfrancais.com received, Warner will release Akira Kurosawa's Dreams on March 18th! All that is known for the moment is that it will be an anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer and that the only Language track will be the original Japanese with optional subtitles in...
  27. Louis-Olivier

    Amazon.CA (Canadian Amazon.com) Questions!?

    I agree, the fact that they were out of Band of Brothers has nothing to do with customer service. It's just that they were not expecting everyone and his dog from the states to order it from canada. They must have ordered the quantity they were expecting to sell according to their demographics...
  28. Louis-Olivier

    Possible Warner 2003 Releases

    I have it in good authority that a new version of Goodfellas is comming, alike the recent re-do of Amadeus and True Romance.
  29. Louis-Olivier

    Region 2 Looney Toons coming in 2003...

    I suppose we will see the looney tunes release just in time to promote the upcoming Looney tunes movie...
  30. Louis-Olivier

    'To Catch a Thief' - any reviews yet ?

    Robert, i believe your insight in this matter would benefit a lot of us! It's always great to read your comment on restauration, i know i have myself learned a lot just by reading you and then watching the discs to see the flaws!