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  1. Jason_Lund

    Xbox Games - Mint

    Update: Sold all 3 controllers, Halo and Gauntlet so I removed them from the list. Added the HD A/V pack which I omitted in my original message, oops. Thanks for looking!
  2. Jason_Lund

    Xbox Games - Mint

    All game titles have sold! I still have: 1 HD A/V Pack - mint, with original packaging and included component + stereo audio cable, $12 shipped. Prefer to do Paypal, MO/Cashiers Check are also fine with a couple days to confirm they clear. I have a mark on the good seller list here and...
  3. Jason_Lund

    In your opinion, best motherboard?

    I'm running a Soyo K7V Dragon+ mainboard and must say it's by far the best system board I've ever used. Great features, great price and I have not encountered a single crash using Windows XP Pro since I built the machine 4 months ago. It looks like the KT266a based Dragon+ models are still...
  4. Jason_Lund

    How much power WATTAGE do I need?

    I agree with the previous posters - a quality 300 watt model should be fine with the hardware you list if it hasn't given you problems yet. I suggest you get the new drives installed and see if you encounter any problems. If so, spend the money on a good 350/400 watt as suggested above...
  5. Jason_Lund

    Fs: Antec Sx630 Mini Tower Case

    I wish I needed one of these for a project, $55 is a STEAL, particularly since it includes shipping. I use this exact case/power supply at home and love it, plenty of fan options and lots of room to move air through and keep everything nice and cool. It's the one case I have pointed people to...
  6. Jason_Lund

    DVD's for sale

    Thanks Frederick, Brian and Spector - I've reserved your selections from the list and sent you emails or PM's. I'll watch my Paypal account from work and send those discs out as soon as I see your payment come across. Regards -- Jason
  7. Jason_Lund

    *** Official "THE SUM OF ALL FEARS" Discussion Thread

    Saw the movie last night... Overall I thought it was the worst of the Jack Ryan series and probably one of the weakest political/military thriller movies I've seen yet. It didn't work for me as a sequel or a stand alone movie. The soundtrack was lackluster and I really didn't feel that the...
  8. Jason_Lund

    Anyone have Hunter for X-Box yet?

    I picked this game up a week ago and have played it a lot with my girlfriend. It's a very fun, if sometimes frustrating game (fixed save points are a new concept to a PC gamer.. hehe). I keep coming back for more and have managed to overcome a few tough encounters by trying different strategies...
  9. Jason_Lund

    Safe to run AMD without thermal compound/pad for a week or two?

    What kind of heatsink did you buy? If it's a normal mass-market type cooler the thermal compound included is fine as long as the unit is designed for your model/speed CPU. Once you have installed it and the compound bonds to the CPU it's not worth the trouble to remove again to install Arctic...
  10. Jason_Lund

    WTB: Any black Plextor CD-RW drive 8/4/32 and up

    Best price I found on black Plextor CDRW drives was over at www.newegg.com. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...ry=1323&DEPA=1 $152 + s/h for the 40x model which is in stock, they also have a 24x version but it's currently sold out. There is also an Aopen 24x model with black/white...
  11. Jason_Lund

    DVD's for sale

    Lowered some prices and sold one disc, thanks for looking! -Jason
  12. Jason_Lund

    DVD's for sale

    All prices include shipping: DVD's from my private collection: The Patriot - $10 Boogeymen - $5 Now Sold or reserved pending funds: Remember the Titans - $5 Once Upon a Time in China Part II - $5 Highlander - $5 The Fifth Element - $10 Replacement Killers - $10 Saving Private...
  13. Jason_Lund

    XBOX Games Recommendations

    I also have Hunter: The Reckoning and it's a FABULOUS game. Took a couple minutes to figure out the controls but I'm a big fan of the interface now that I'm used to it. Nothing cooler than running away from a big slathering beastie while twisting your aim to shoot the pursuing monster. 480p...