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    How much does it cost to properly scan and transfer Ultra Panavision 70/MGM Camera 65 Films?

    Working for a major currently and heading the scan operations I can tell you that choices for scanners to do 70 scanning is antiquated at best. The Imagica is a noisy mess with an analog front end and the Northlight is a rare option as most are in the scrap pile. They require alignment by one if...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ An American Werewolf in London -- in Blu-ray

    All of the mention of Grain and Buzzwords like DNR are as outdated as the guys living in Mom and Dads Basements. A lot of the issues noted were only reproducible on Substandard equipment as in 8 bit devices and or connections. I took the Blu-ray and saw no issue on a full Deep Color system. I...