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  1. Brian Bunn

    26 Years After Rumours New Fleetwood Mac Due Spring 2003

    Behind The Mask, which I do not own, was Mac minus Lindsey Buckingham...which is roughly equivalent to fries without ketchup. It just ain't the same! Billy Burnette and Rick Vito replaced Buckingham for this Mac release and the subsequent tour. But there was no way they were going to replace the...
  2. Brian Bunn

    26 Years After Rumours New Fleetwood Mac Due Spring 2003

    Fleetwood Mac is set to release their first album from the Buckingham-Nicks version of the band in over 15 years Spring of 2003. I for one cannot wait. Everyone is on board except for Christine McVie, but as long as Lindsey Buckingham is a part of it should be quite an album. I picked up The...
  3. Brian Bunn

    Blockbuster DVD Rentals $4.29 And Rising!!

    Thanks guys. NetFlix is sounding better and better. I am a fairly light renter and will have to check into the "Light Plan" that David mentioned. I didn't realize there was such a plan. I just can't keep dishing out $4.29 plus for a DVD rental. And I don't buy very many DVD's at all these days...
  4. Brian Bunn

    Blockbuster DVD Rentals $4.29 And Rising!!

    The Blockbuster in my town recently raised their rental fee for DVD's (and new release VHF tapes) to $4.29. And there is little to stop them from raising it higher. Here in Raleigh NC there is little to no competition for DVD rentals. I am sitting here trying to think of another place to rent...
  5. Brian Bunn

    Sopranos Season 4 Review and Discussion Thread Shows 1-12

    I literally busted out laughing with Uncle Junior's little Mr. Rogers Neighborhood reference...a classic funny TV moment! That Uncle Junior really cracks me up!:)
  6. Brian Bunn

    Why do artist/studios do this?

    The Waxwings-Low To The Ground also has a "0" track...darn good song too...and darn great album.
  7. Brian Bunn

    A Great Week For New Music...PG, JB, Beck, RA, SE, RM...

    Man, you said it all Keith. There is always something I want to get...always. And I usually do!
  8. Brian Bunn

    New Peter Gabriel album

    It is fantastic having new Peter Gabriel stuff...after so many years. And it is every bit as good as we could have hoped for. The guy hasn't lost a step. Just a great album.
  9. Brian Bunn

    AL: 1st round playoffs

    I would have gone with Percival with 2 out in the 8th against Giambi...I was telling my TV that when Schoeneweis was coming in..."Oh I don't know about this Scioscia...better go with your horse here...gotta make moves earlier now...it's the playoffs". Scoiscia has done a heck of a job the last...
  10. Brian Bunn

    god I'm tired of stupidity

    Mitty...nail...head.;) I am of the belief that we as a human race are basically...stupid. The evidence is overwhelming. Basic human behavior is stupid in many respects. We all do stupid things. Nobody is immune to it. Take the conflict in the Middle East for example. It has always been that...
  11. Brian Bunn

    Release schedule/website for upcoming CD's?

    Thanks for the link Greg...lots to look forward to...from some old favorites like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham (finally...but I'll believe it when I see it!), Boston, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers...plus new Fountains of Wayne (!!), Garageland, Radiohead, Ron Sexsmith...
  12. Brian Bunn

    A Great Week For New Music...PG, JB, Beck, RA, SE, RM...

    This past week has been a great week for new album releases...to me the best week I can remember in a while...new albums from Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne, Beck, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Rhett Miller (of Old 97's)...that is almost too much for one week. Too much for the wallet anyway..although...
  13. Brian Bunn

    What Is YOUR Perfect Pop Song?

    Oh heck yeah..."Don't Dream It's Over" ranks right up there with me too. Crowded House was a much under appreciated band throughout most of their run. But Neil Finn is still doing his thing...check out his latest "One All" (or "One Nil" as the import). Also check out the DVD Neil Finn &...
  14. Brian Bunn

    Jennifer Love Hewitt On Leno Tonight (Thursday 9/26)

    Jen...Love...Leno...Jennif...Hew...Leno...Love...J ennifer Love...On Leno...tonight...hubba...hubba... I likes me some JLH!
  15. Brian Bunn

    Beck - Sea Change ?

    Wow!! I have only listened to the album one time thus far but man is this good stuff. On the first track you would be hard pressed to guess it was Beck. That song is very different than anything he has done before. As is much of the album. If you would have told me that the slacker dude singing...
  16. Brian Bunn

    Best Pop Band of the 80s?

    I would have to agree with The Police...for the first half of the 80's. They broke up in '86. From '86 on my vote would go to Crowded House. Hmmmm...I'm sitting here thinking about what pop bands had consistently put out good stuff throughout the '80's. I'm drawing a blank. Maybe all those...
  17. Brian Bunn

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in current Rolling Stone

    Got the issue the other day and quickly tore into it...she is definitely a sweet looking thang...from the front AND the back...but are those things real? They are so firm! And perky! YOWWWZZZZAAAA!!!!!
  18. Brian Bunn

    a question about illogical ebay bids

    Well, the dude that bought the DVD player will probably fix it for nothing and resell it on ebay for $150! He may be a Mr. Fix It type and searches ebay for "broken" equipment, fixes them for practically nothing then resells them. Most consumer electronic equipment can be fixed rather easily if...
  19. Brian Bunn

    Look Out For Rhett Miller's The Instigator CD

    Rhett Miller, front man of pop/rock band Old 97's, is releasing his debut solo album Tuesday, Sept. 24. I found an advanced copy at a local used CD store earlier this week...and this is a darn good little pop/rock album. Filled with catchy little ditties from beginning to end, most of these...
  20. Brian Bunn

    Beck - Sea Change ?

    Every review I have read have given this one atleast 4 out of 5 stars...I will be buying this one as well. Beck started out as a young punk type but has proven to be quite the talented tunesmith...the guy has some serious talent.
  21. Brian Bunn

    What Is YOUR Perfect Pop Song?

    Brian--Yeah, that's a good one!
  22. Brian Bunn

    New analysis: Did downloads really kill the record labels?

    Mike--I wasn't implying that becoming a multi-millionaire should be the main reason for putting out music. Not at all. I believe many artists, like Steve Ward, aren't in it to become millionaires. They just love what they do and are probably just ecstatic that they have the talent to do it. Of...
  23. Brian Bunn

    Personal fav's you just don't here about!

    Keith--Exactly my point! Much of "the good stuff" goes completely unrecognized by the masses. I have heard of most of the stuff mentioned here, and have some of it, but a few even I haven't heard of! Seek and you shall find! And you shall be musically rewarded!
  24. Brian Bunn

    What Is YOUR Perfect Pop Song?

    You know...the kind of tune that sticks in your head and you just can't shake it and you never seem to get tired of hearing? I know many would say a Beatles tune, or maybe a Beach Boys number, or maybe even a Rolling Stones classic ditty. For me it comes from a little obscure band from...
  25. Brian Bunn

    Personal fav's you just don't here about!

    The Waxwings--Low To The Ground Cherry Twister--At Home With Cherry Twister Steve Ward--Opening Night David Mead--Mine and Yours Candy Butchers--Play With Your Head Brendan Benson--Lapalco Kevin Tihista--Don't Breathe a Word and Judo Adam Daniel--Blue Pop The Supers--Spklanng! ...just...
  26. Brian Bunn

    New analysis: Did downloads really kill the record labels?

    Apparently you are right, Carlo, about it not costing an arm and a leg to record an album. I am by no means that much in the know on these things but I do know of a fellow up in Lancaster Mass that recorded a fantastic pop/rock album in his home recording studio, distributed it out of his home...
  27. Brian Bunn

    Sanford & Son's Aunt Esther has died :-(

    Ahhhh...that's too bad. I guess she has joined Fred and Grady in that big junk yard in the sky...where she can once again call Fred a heathen and a fish-eyed fool! She brought me many laughs over the years on Sanford and Son...and still does with the DVD's coming out. God rest her soul...
  28. Brian Bunn

    Silverchair's Diorama

    Had never bought a Silverchair album before. Picked this one up tonight used for $9 based on some things I had read about it...being more "pop" oriented and melodic...which is more up my alley. I am listening to it now and I must say I very much like what I hear 5 songs in. Love the first tune...
  29. Brian Bunn

    American Idol

    Well, I finally succumbed to all the media hype and watched the show for the first time tonight. That Kelly can indeed sing her cute little behind off! And damn...she is cute as all get out. No, I will not be buying her CD but I'm glad for her. She seems like a really sweet girl. I just hope...
  30. Brian Bunn

    MTV Video Music Awards

    Frederick--Trust me, you ain't missing anything at all if you were to use MTV as your musical guide. All that running and jumping around is great and all...but it's as if the music is only secondary...playing second fiddle (so to speak) to all the histrionics. When you need that much flash in...