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  1. Sam Sugob

    ***Official*** Rotel RSP 1066 Fact and LOGICAL discussion thread

    Looks like we might have a three way here in the Houston area. Check this out: Houston HT Meet
  2. Sam Sugob

    Brand New in Sealed Box, Retail Intel P3 933 CPU

    This is a SLOT 1 CPU. $105, shipped to lower 48 states. Respond to this post with your email address if interested. I accept checks, mo and CC's via PayPal.
  3. Sam Sugob

    WTB/Wanted: Parasound Scamp

    I need one of these in new, mint or excellent condition.
  4. Sam Sugob

    S&V Mag Hears noise too from Rotel unit?

    David Ranada, as reported in the April Issue of Sound and Vision, also heard the noise reported from a few apparently astute 1066 users when he recently reviewed the Rotel 1065 receiver. Apparently, according to Rotel, both units are using some of the same internal details which are causing the...
  5. Sam Sugob

    Narrowing down the list of amps...Need some help!

    Hi Chris, Since no one has helped you, I'd thought I'd try. Of those amps you mentioned, I like the Parasound 2205 and the BK or Rotel with your speakers. Personally, I had a bad experience with the Anthem MCAs, but I understand that they fixed that problem since my trial. Finally, you might...
  6. Sam Sugob

    Some further information regarding the Outlaw 950 availability situation

    Will, Were the Outlaw 950 beta testers released early in February? I thought that it was closer to mid or late Febuary as I thought RAF reported? Am I mistaken? Are you possibly mistaken? RAF, Gene or JohnM: Please let us know when the Outlaw 950 beta testers were finally released?
  7. Sam Sugob

    Not impressed with Pro Logic II

    LarryB: I really think you have a good point about the quality of the listening venue versus the opinion on DPL2. Yet, I originally thought that DPL2 was much ado about nothing... then I started using my pre/pro for HDTV broadcasts. Now, I much prefer it to EVERY DD 2.0 or stereo broadcast that...
  8. Sam Sugob

    Beware the Ides of March: News regarding the Outlaw 950 (& the 755)

    Beware the "Ides of March"! Sorry, but no metal items will be allowed into the venue on the date of the performance.
  9. Sam Sugob

    Anthem AVM-20 Bass Peak Level setting

    I've learned that you should not make any "setup option" changes to your aVM-20 after you have already changed the default options. HI Guys!
  10. Sam Sugob

    First "oops" about the 950

    It is very easy to find faults with ANY unit; but it is not so easy to find a unit which simply sounds good.
  11. Sam Sugob

    OK Guys...2 scenarios...choose 1

    Brian and John: Great minds think alike! And, I agree with both of you. The Jags on Bass units sounds like a great idea... kind of like a poor man's Wilson Watt Puppy setup. ------------------ Regards, Sam [Edited last by Sam Sugob on November 01, 2001 at 11:37 AM]
  12. Sam Sugob

    Outlaw Audio 950 Beta Testers: Have they all been notified?

    The application processs ended on Monday, and with their announced desire to get this unit into out hands by Thanksgiving, I am assuming they are moving as quickly as possible. Does anyone know if Outlaw has already contacted all 5 of the beta testers? I need a new preamp processor and may...