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  1. Neil_S

    I think a SE of Event Horizon would be nice.

    After watching Solaris last night I can see why so many people considered Event Horizon a copy.. Still, EV has to be one of the few movies that creaped me out and is on my list to show people who have never seen it. I'd love and SE of it and would snag it quickly. I one request would be to...
  2. Neil_S

    Can you hook up a External Hard Drive to Tivo?

    I went through the noise quest myself. I tried a 120gig WD drive and using the AMSET utility I was able to get the seek noise to pretty much silent. The big problem was the whine of the 7200rpm spin. Drove me nuts in a silent room. I then tried Barracuda and while the spin noise was very quiet...
  3. Neil_S

    Can you hook up a External Hard Drive to Tivo?

    Be careful when doing this... True, it will only see the 137gb of the disk but once it reaches the 137gb level it will begin to write over data. There have been many crashes due to this fact. You need to either restrict the bios of the hard drive to only permit 137gb or patch the TiVo kernel to...
  4. Neil_S

    Questoin about DIRECTV w/ TIVO deal...

    I just sent you a PM...
  5. Neil_S

    Questoin about DIRECTV w/ TIVO deal...

    There are tons of things you can do with your TiVo and many good resources on how to do it. If you are comfortable with Linux and tearing apart the box it's not too hard, just a bit tense the first time you try. I have no issues with ripping out the drive and putting it in my computer. One of...
  6. Neil_S

    Questoin about DIRECTV w/ TIVO deal...

    I've done a number of hard drive upgrades. For ease of upgrade I'd recommend a 120gig drive (or two 120gig drives). The TiVo kernel cannot see more than 137gigs per drive and bad things will happen if you put a 160gig drive in without hacking the kernel. Look for a Samsung Spinpoint series...
  7. Neil_S

    Are 40GB DirecTivo's upgradeable?

    Yup, and very easy to do (though the first one makes you pretty nervous). I've got a 120gig drive (~110 hours recording time) in my DirecTiVo. If you want home help/tips feel free to PM me. Neil
  8. Neil_S

    Problem with Panasonic DVD-CP72

    Thanks Joey. If you don't mind, will you try turning on the player and pressing 'stop' so you get the blue/black screen that says "DVD". Do you see any faint flickering in the background? Now hit 'play'. While the disk is being read (and still on the "DVD" screen) do you see a flickering? Look...
  9. Neil_S

    Problem with Panasonic DVD-CP72

    I just bought the CP72 last night and watch SW:AOTC. The rolling faint white bars on a dark background was VERY apparent. I've been doing some research and I've found several people stating it is a grounding issue on the component video plugs. I can't find any substantial information on this...
  10. Neil_S


    I kept thinking I was watching Brisco County, Jr. Where is Bruce? We need Bruce!! Overall, I liked it. Especially the subtle but sarcastic humor.. Much like Stargate SG-1. At the end I too was thinking "Oh great. This is setting up a long running plot line of the bad guy trying to find...
  11. Neil_S

    Looking for high-quality, mid-priced, LONG component video cables.. What about these?

    According to the link you posted the cable which make up the component are Canare 3C-2V. It is hard to go wrong with Canare. I'd prefer using the Canare V3-5CFB due to it being RG-6. Several people on the board are planning on making custom cables. You should see if they'd make you a set. You...
  12. Neil_S

    Canare V3-5CFB: If you've used it, please read...

    Hey! That's my carpet :D I agree with Vince that you cannot over-crimp while using the Canare dies. Those dies are SOLID and will not compress any more and over squeeze the cables. The first crimp I made (before I figured out the nail trick) was not solid at all and looked like it would...
  13. Neil_S

    Canare V3-5CFB: If you've used it, please read...

    I used a three level Ideal Industries stripper from Home Depot. It did a decent job but I had to touch up the outer shield with a razor blade. I will definitely agree that the V5-CFB is smaller than the L5-CFB. I had to make adjustments every time I worked on a different set of cables (I...
  14. Neil_S

    Anyone else get totally annoyed with the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial ?

    I have a Tivo. Ads are not an issue :D
  15. Neil_S

    DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: Participate and be included in upcoming issue. Click Here!

    The Ultimate Cheezy Movie... Army of Darkness (Limited Edition Director's Cut #21110/40000) and Tank Girl.
  16. Neil_S

    FS: 50' Canare QuadStar 4S8

    I underestimated my latest project (oops) and I have two 25' runs of QuadStar 4S8. This is 13 gauge(4x16) and perfect for bi-wire applications. See http://www.canare.com/ Highly recommended. I paid $0.35/foot plus shipping and a $7.50 cut charge. I'll sell it for $17.50 ($0.35/foot)but I...
  17. Neil_S

    WTB: Canare crimper

    Does anyone out there have a Canare die for the RG-6? I'm planning on using the RCAP-C5F connectors with the L5-CFB cable. I figured someone out there made some DIY cables and would like to recoup part of the cost of the die and tools... Neil
  18. Neil_S

    Ideal Industries crimper for Canare?

    In a pretty old post I read that someone found the Ideal Industries crimper #30-593 worked for Canare products (V3-4CFB cable with RCAP-C5F connectors). Can anyone verify this? I really would like to make some of my own cables but the cost is pretty high for the tools... Thanks, Neil
  19. Neil_S

    How does a 12 volt trigger work?

    How does the 12 volt trigger on audio equipment work? When my receiver is turned on does it output a constant 12 volts to my amplifier to signaling for it to be on? Then when I turn the receiver off the 12 volts are then shut off? I am making a component rack that fits under my stairs. There...
  20. Neil_S


  21. Neil_S


    (This will probably get moved but...) I just ordered a MX-500 from BlueDo. The service was top notch. I had a question and within 1/2 hour I had an answer. When I then stated I would be purchasing the reply was "You now have my personal e-mail address. Feel free to use it if you need any...
  22. Neil_S

    RG6 as Component Video

    Ok, now you got me thinking (ouch). How does that Canare compare to Belden (primarily 1694a)? I see that the Canare is bundled and would make a nice package but how does cable quality compare? Oh, I'm so confused now :confused: I'm not too overly concerned with price because most of this...
  23. Neil_S

    FS: Denon DVD-1600

    The poor guy only has one post so people may be hesitant to buy... I have bought several pieces of equipment from Daniel (I love my H/K PA5800) based on Ebay and local sales. Everything was in great shape and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a trustworthy seller. Neil
  24. Neil_S

    Wall to equipment. How to handle cables?

    Thanks for the input and all the quick replies! I believe I will go with a direct run and when I make the cables keep them several feet longer than needed. I will just pull them through the wall and dress up the wound to look nice. Thanks again! Neil
  25. Neil_S

    Wall to equipment. How to handle cables?

    For a new HT layout I'm planning on placing my equipment across the room from the TV. This will mean a run of about 15' for my video cables and I need to run them under the house and then up the wall. I'm planning on making my own (probably Belden 1694a) but here is my question... It makes...