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  1. Dan Shogren

    Starsky and Hutch DVD, mines been posted!

    Starsky and Hutch was forgettable, jokes were'nt that original funny, except for the scene with the knife throwing kid , that was awesome. I thought that Dodgeball worked a LOT better than this did. (Probably because dodgeball had a better writer, the man who brought us Terry Tate, office...
  2. Dan Shogren

    Boston Acoustics, a good brand?

    I'm about to purchase my first real HT in a month or less, and I've already picked out my Reciever, (Denon avr 1804) and my TV (Panasonic 47WX53I think...for now at least) but I need recommendations for speakers. I've only got about 1,000 or less to spend on them (probably less, depending on how...
  3. Dan Shogren

    Best HD RPTV for a little over 1000 dollars?

    Is this the set you two were telling me about? Panasonic PT-47WX53 Because if so, these reviews, combined with your recommendations have me itching to go pick up this big lug as soon as possible. :D
  4. Dan Shogren

    Best HD RPTV for a little over 1000 dollars?

    Well, I've finally gotten myself a job, and a job = money, and money = a chance to improve upon my miserable current HT setup. At the end of summer, i'll have just about around 2,000 dollars, maybe a little more, plus an additional 500 i've earned from my parents to pay for a new reciever. (The...
  5. Dan Shogren

    DVDs are fun, but no repeat value?

    I collect dvd's so i can experience a movie without the hassles of long lines, talking audiences, and bad food. Also, the ability to watch them whenever i want is pretty nice too. I do think i need to slow down on my buying though. I've got about 15 dvd's that i still havent finished with yer...
  6. Dan Shogren

    Yamaha RXV540- A good upgrade?

    Iver, The model i have sounds fairly similar, except it lacked a DVD player. My model is just the receiver plus 5 satilites and one sub.Theres a picture of it on my website. (see link in signature, the receiver is the thin silver box on top of the black dvd player.) The sound quality is...
  7. Dan Shogren

    Yamaha RXV540- A good upgrade?

    Ive been needing to upgrade from my crappy 100 watt Venturer reciever/surround system for a while now, and i was wondering if the Yamaha RXV540 would be a good upgrade? Whats the sound quality like? It was either this or a denon, but the guy at the good guys said the Denon was more difficult to...
  8. Dan Shogren

    Fed up with Wal-Mart's shift towards Fullscreen

    They seem to be stocking FULLSCREEN comedies and WIDESCREEN big budget epics. (Like LOTR)
  9. Dan Shogren

    Keira Knightley is on FIRE! ;-)

    When i saw the thread title i was worried that lovely Keria had gotten into an accident and had been set on fire. Im very glad my assumptions were incorrect. :)
  10. Dan Shogren

    Evil Dead... The musical? :)

  11. Dan Shogren

    The Ring: Unrated Edition???

    Id buy it. I love the movie and was disapointed by the lackluster extras on the original dvd.
  12. Dan Shogren

    Who'd Like To See "Animaniacs?"

    I think we should orginize a campain to get all the great WB toons on dvd. (especially freakazoid. "Wanna see a bear riding a motorcycle? ........."WOULD I!?"):D :emoji_thumbsup:
  13. Dan Shogren

    Russian Ark cover art

  14. Dan Shogren

    DVD pet peeve

    "FACES" covers. Even for movies that dont even have recognizible people in them.:angry: :angry: :angry: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
  15. Dan Shogren

    Custom LOTR Cover Art

    very cool. I love the runic and the elvish (Err....maybe its black speech, i dunno whatever it is, but its cool...:D)Also, cool usage of Tolkiens cool logo. they should have put that on the EEs.
  16. Dan Shogren

    DVD pet peeve

    those plastic security tabs that are placed underneath the clear plastic dvd hubs, as in my memento case. I could probably take it off if i slowly and carefully peeled back the big plastic dvd holder, but then the glue will get lose and not hold it in.
  17. Dan Shogren

    N.L.'s Vacation:20th Ann. Ed. ...Some early thoughts

    this dvd has already been out for a while now. Ive seen it on the shelves for about a week now. I wasnt able to pick it up though (no money....:frowning: ) Looks great though.
  18. Dan Shogren

    Coverart: 28 Days Later

    Theres Three alt. endings on the dvd, but im not sure if the version of the movie on dvd is the version with the alt ending after the credits.
  19. Dan Shogren

    DVD pet peeve

    Never seen a dvd with wrinkled packaging. I have bought a dvd in a carbord case with the cardboard slightly distorted. Thats it though.
  20. Dan Shogren

    Movies you hated the first time, but gave a second chance.

    EVIL DEAD- watched it the first time, thought it was awful, watched it a second time with friends after seeing the sequals, loved it.
  21. Dan Shogren

    SHREK: Single disc version

    Anybody know why they're doing this? And if they are taking the two disc shrek out of print, id better pick it up soon!
  22. Dan Shogren

    Watching Movies you Hate

  23. Dan Shogren

    Directors What Actor or Actress Bothers You?

    DAVIEH CHASE-The girl who voices the main character in SPIRITED AWAY. Great movie, but Godamn! Get her shrieking high pitched voice away from me! And definetly julia roberts. Shes just weird. I have no idea how she made it in the industry. The overweight african american kid whos in all...
  24. Dan Shogren

    Childhood movie milestones

    STAR WARS all of the OT including episode one. Episode one was the first movie i ever got excited about and went to on opening night. Im pretty sure the first R rated flick i saw was FRIDAY THE 13th on late night TNT at my grandparents house. I remember also seeing THERES SOMETHING ABOUT MARY...
  25. Dan Shogren

    28 Days Later Coming On 10/21

  26. Dan Shogren

    Worst deals ever....

    12 MONKEYS for $28.99 sitting right next to 12 MONKEYS/THE THING TWO PACK for $22.99. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN for $25.99 (Ive seen this for 14.99) THE LIFE OF BRIAN CRITERION COLLECTION $42.99. For gods sake isnt that pushing it a little too far? Oh, yeah.....all of these fantastic deals can be...
  27. Dan Shogren

    What happened to Vista Series and Ultimate Editions?

    Mightas well just call the vista series the M NIGHT SHAMYALAN collection. Because thats what all his movies are released in.