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  1. Jim Ferguson

    XM RADIO comes home: My review

    I've had XM in my car since last summer, and it's great. I spent all fall listening to ESPN, FoxSports and SportingNews for football talk while driving to work. I usually stick to one or two music channels now. I suppose I should branch out a little... maybe a little "Cinemagic" on the way to...
  2. Jim Ferguson

    After HDTV, I'm disapointed with DVD's

    Hi Patrick, Unfortunately, ABC won't be doing any HD before the SuperBowl itself this year. CBS will be doing the AFC playoffs, but not the wildcard games this weekend.
  3. Jim Ferguson

    What is "RGB plus H&V"?

    H & V refer to horizontal and vertical sync respectively. The combination of RGBHV is basically the same as the analog video signal coming out of a computer (only with the individual lines broken out into separate cables.) Most HD receivers put out component video (Y,Pr,Pb) but some such as...
  4. Jim Ferguson

    Do you plan to buy an Infocus Screenplay 7200?

    I bought it locally for about $7K.
  5. Jim Ferguson

    DLP vs. CRT projectors/RPTVs

    Hi Tristan. I haven't checked on the replacement bulb price. Most of these go in the 500 range unfortunately.
  6. Jim Ferguson

    HD DirecTivo Hopes...

    10 hours would do me just fine. I just want to be able to catch 3 or 4 movies that always seem to come on in the wee hours of the morning, and then watch them on the weekend, or the following evening.
  7. Jim Ferguson

    DLP vs. CRT projectors/RPTVs

    Well, I never really planned it this way, but I now have "one of each". These are my experiences, FWIW> CRT - Barco CRT. Best image quality. Quietest. Most flexible in handling all input scan rates (i.e. native 720P, 1080I, any type of RGB source). Best blacks. Smoothest image. I use a Stewart...
  8. Jim Ferguson

    What kind of max screen size is realistic with a CTR Proj.?

    I have an 8" Barco CRT projector with a 110" diagonal 16x9 screen. I certainly wouldn't go any larger, but it seems to handle this size OK.
  9. Jim Ferguson

    Two Towers EE DVD...

    The TNT special had interviews from cast members who were back in NZ for re-shoots last summer. There could be more of that, which adds more perspective since the cast now has the benefit of knowing the success of the first film.
  10. Jim Ferguson

    comcast HD box with my non-HDTV set???

    I doubt the box would do 480I on its component video output anyway. That's the 1080I output you use with an HD display.
  11. Jim Ferguson

    D-VHS 24 frames per second?

    The "native format" of most HD broadcasts, and also most D-VHS tapes is 1080I, not 24fps. You would need an external processor such as the Faroudja DVP5000 to do 2:3 reconstruction on these sources. That said, I have never seen anything like a "motion artifact" on any off-air HD program, or...
  12. Jim Ferguson

    Sopranos Season 4 Review and Discussion Thread Shows 1-12

    ...as long as it didn't contact her Volvo...
  13. Jim Ferguson

    oVeR the AiR is OvEr the HiLL! Directv Plot???

    Fred, Check the HDTV Hardware forum on AVSforum. Chances are you got hit by the buggy software upgrade that was released last week. There's a huuuuge thread on it over there.
  14. Jim Ferguson

    I believe my 3 year old Mitsu Just bit the farm

    As long as it didn't buy the dust...
  15. Jim Ferguson

    Sopranos Season 4 Review and Discussion Thread Shows 1-12

    I like that the diMaggio's are so anti-drug that they even drink Sanka...
  16. Jim Ferguson

    Now with ABC / ESPN Announcement what is needed for native 720p?

    A good 8 or 9" CRT front projection system will do it no sweat :)
  17. Jim Ferguson

    HD ED and thoughts of the season premiere

    It looked very good to me on WRC-48 in D.C. It was definitely tilt-and-scan, which caused some problems getting both Ed and Danny Devito into the same frame sometimes :) but the actual video quality was quite high.
  18. Jim Ferguson

    720p vs 1080i Question....

    Nearly all HD receivers will convert 720P signals to 1080I. Only the very first Panasonic HD receiver downconverted to 480P as far as I remember.
  19. Jim Ferguson

    Calibration. Worth the co$t?

    The standard calibration routine is designed to adjust the gray scale and the color/brightness/contrast/brightness settings. It is unlikely to have an effect on "fuzziness" or pixilization. Some calibrators perform further advanced services such as optical/mechanical adjustments and service mode...
  20. Jim Ferguson

    What Should I Look for when Buying a Projector?

    Just a note. You can still take advantage of anamorphic DVD's with a 4:3 projector. First be sure the player is set to expect a 16:9 output device. Then adjust the aspect of the image on the projector itself (or if you are using a scaler then it will certainly be able to perform this...
  21. Jim Ferguson

    Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ the Dallas Cowboys

    At least we were spared another cowboy serenade, except in that one excruciating flash back to last week's episode...
  22. Jim Ferguson

    Sanyo PLV60 vs. Optoma H55 vs. Infocus Screenplay 110

    I have the Studio Experience 13HD which is the same as the PLV60. It's OK but it could be better. It's an LCD so it has screendoor issues if you're too close. The black level is not great. It also has some ghosting problems. On the plus side it has a very flexible zoom and image height...
  23. Jim Ferguson

    Convergence problem with progressive scan...

    Most CRT projectors that can accept different input scan rates have separate convergence memories for each. That means that the convergence you do for 480I inputs will not apply to 480P or 1080I inputs. You just have to be running an input at the correct scan rate, and then perform the...
  24. Jim Ferguson

    TV Guide's 50 Worst Shows Ever

    I was in grade school when "My Mother the Car" was on. Man my friends and I used to love that show :)
  25. Jim Ferguson

    What ANCHOR BAY title should I review?

    whether you review it or not, you owe it to yourself to watch the amazing Fitzcarraldo. Then after you watch the movie ask yourself "I wonder how they did that." The answer is -- exactly the way you see it in the movie! After watching the movie you will absolutely need to see "Burden of Dreams"...
  26. Jim Ferguson

    Just got HD cable box and have some questions.

    Brian, It's a decent rule of thumb, but there's no technical reason that there couldn't be an HD show of 4:3 material. For example, if they were to show Casablanca or The Wizard of Oz in HD it would need to be shown in 4:3 since that is the correct AR of the movie.
  27. Jim Ferguson

    Say Anything DVD

    Watch the awful "Serendipity" to see how far John Cusack's standards have fallen...
  28. Jim Ferguson

    Do anamorphic lenses on a 4:3 projector do anything for non-anamorphic ws content?

    An alternative to removing the lens for non-anamorphic material is to "anamorphosize" the image before sending it to the projector. Basically your display source pre-stretches the non-anamorphic image vertically before sending it to the display, so that it "looks like" an anamorphic source...
  29. Jim Ferguson

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "The Last Waltz" (with screenshots)

    This is one of the movies they showed very frequently as the "midnight movie" back in my hometown in the late 70s. I'm sure I've seen it 10 or 15 times. I can't wait to get a copy. I may watch it at midnight just for old times sake :)
  30. Jim Ferguson

    Point blank, no bull, is D-VHS a direct threat to dvd?

    I would never say never with respect to D-VHS. I have a pretty sordid history of buying into all kinds of dead-end technology at the earliest possible occasion. I bought my first HDTV receiver and display in November 1998. I certainly don't like tape much, but that's not the showstopper. I...