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  1. Bryan Michael

    pa dj speaker

    hi i am looking to buld a pa/dj speakers for parties/outdoor movies. i blew up my cheap klh speakers 12in woofer 3 way and will cost over 100 bucks to fix. anything will be great
  2. Bryan Michael

    Best 10 inch subwoofers

    sorry not to hi jack the trread bot do you think 1 or 2 of any of the quality subs you listed will add the low end to a lexus is 250 awd looking for a sealed as small as i can get sq setup with some kick
  3. Bryan Michael

    PS3 on 720P display?

    i have a benq 8700+ and i set it up for 720 on my ps3 but the projector says it is 540p
  4. Bryan Michael

    time for a up grade

    my sub is 4 avalanch 18's in a ib
  5. Bryan Michael

    time for a up grade

    well i am looking in to upgradeing my ht with a better amp i curentley have sunfire theater grand III adcom 7607 and custome speakers with the vifa dome tweaters and dual 6.5 xbl^2 now i am thinking of adding more power to drove my new speakers a little better i am thinking of eather...
  6. Bryan Michael

    to upgrade or not

    well it looks like we are bulding a new house and i have free rain on the ht. i have nod decided on the final dimentions but it will be around 20 by 28 feet curentley i have 4 avalanch 18 in a ib setup with 1000 wats rms but my theater is 16 by 22 so should i upgrade to a tulumunt or will the...
  7. Bryan Michael

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    i say price price and price. regular dvd are getting cheaper to buy and hd dvd are redicolous in price. i say go with a trade in program. you trade in your dvd for a hd dvd plus the cost of makeing the disk and i will replace my libary
  8. Bryan Michael

    Infinite Baffle Sub Project

    i too went ib but mine is a monster 4 avalanch 18 with 3400 wats
  9. Bryan Michael

    Home Theater Installation Charge?

    i will have to say it would have take me like 10-20 hours ot do the install and help them with gear. dont for get to calabrate the sound usaly i tweak for about 30 min and video is like a hour. kust to wire my rack it took me 2 hours and this is the 5th time i have re did my rack. what i would...
  10. Bryan Michael

    Help with New Sub

    good luck with your project i am on my seccond sub and i moved from crazy to insane i went from 2 15 av to 4 aa 18 in a ib i would look in to a pro amp you will have room to upgrade in the futhure also dont skimp on the sub or amp i would save up a little more and get more than what you want...
  11. Bryan Michael

    What's YOUR 1080P film fantasy???

    Akira Armitage III Neon Genesis Evangelion Spirited Away Finding Nemo X Moulin Rouge Fifth Element
  12. Bryan Michael

    Sony announces Blu Ray pricing

    but you can make back up copies of dvd i riped all my anime to my comp the olny thing is you will need alot more hd space for the ned hd format i have 2 tera bites of storage and it is 2/3 full with anime
  13. Bryan Michael

    High-Def fiasco with computers?

    my 7800 cards say hey are hd ready and ecc ram is over rated and will slow down a machine. i bet you can flash the bios of your vid cards
  14. Bryan Michael

    Turning old speakers into a DIY sub.

    i did this with a old sony recever and a set of klh 3 ways with 12 and a 12 pr. ot worked good till i bult my first diy sub dual av 15 but i wanted/ needed more so i went over the top and bult my ultimate ht sub of 4 ava 18 subs in ib
  15. Bryan Michael

    Help me build some reference subs.

    check out these http://www.ascendantaudio.com/assassin12specs.html a 12 100 a piece http://www.ascendantaudio.com/arsenal12specs.html a 12 @ 160 piece
  16. Bryan Michael

    fs polk audio home theater setup

    i will ship but buyer pays shiping cost
  17. Bryan Michael

    fs polk audio home theater setup

    well guys and gals i am selling my beloved 800i mains 400i center and both sets of 500i surounds. these were all bought new from crutchfield. they are in soperb shape. they have ben driven by a quality adcom 7 channel amp for most of their life. price rt 800i $400 cs 400i $200 fx 500i...
  18. Bryan Michael

    Should I buy the equipment myself or hire a pro??

    i say shop around. find prices on the internet for the gear you want. have him break it down by price and what kind of setup he/she will do. i would swap out the sub for a velo dd or a svs and the rotel for some anthem or lexcon and look at the (i cant beleve i am saying this i hate sony) sony...
  19. Bryan Michael

    Looking for a DIY kit that might rival the Onix Reference Ones.

    what about these http://www.ascendantaudio.com/ they use the vifa ring tweter and have a quality next gen mid woofer with a xbl^2 clone motor
  20. Bryan Michael

    Okay, what's the secret...

    for large cuts that you have to free hand and your fence is not able to be used i like the clamp a strait edge like a strait 2x4 or metal stud and use a circle saw. also i will have some pannels pre cut at homedepo on the pannel saw so i dont have to lug the 4x8 sheet of mdfb on my saw and it...
  21. Bryan Michael

    Stryke AV-15

    i have had a dual av 15 setup in a huge ported box and i was able to acheve 110 db @17hz at 10 feet and it sounded great
  22. Bryan Michael

    Worst Sub Box Ever?

    once used a 2x10 to make one i was new to subs and had them laying around it was olny a small 8in sub
  23. Bryan Michael

    Suggest a driver

    i will hook you up with 2 av15 and a 1000 watt samson and a svs filter box with gain and phase for 600+shiping
  24. Bryan Michael

    in-wall subwoofer construction?

    cut a holoe buld a manafold atach to wall. easy as pie
  25. Bryan Michael

    Metered my tumult earlier this week...

    i dont want to break things. i did knock a glass out of a cabanet on a wall behing the wall my sub is bult into. my -3db point is 12 hz and can hit around 120db @12hz
  26. Bryan Michael

    Metered my tumult earlier this week...

    sweet i would be afraid to mesure my sub. i was considering 3 tumult but when considering how much power i would need to power them i decided on the avalanch. i went with 4 18in. but your sub looks sweet
  27. Bryan Michael

    Show off your sub project - Summer Inspiration Thread

    here is mine but i dont have finished pics yet. http://www.geocities.com/theirishgon...?1026404988079
  28. Bryan Michael

    Anybody here using an Avalanche?

    my sub is realey flat in room responce down to 14hz i have a 1 db peak in the 30-40 hz and 2db null 60-70
  29. Bryan Michael

    Anybody here using an Avalanche?

    i have 4 18 in a ib and it is awsome.. i went from dual av15 in a 25cf ported box and all i have to say is the avalanch blows the doors off the av15.
  30. Bryan Michael

    DIY Proscenium Subwoofer

    i have 4 18 in a ib ava that is and it is insane and it makes the wall move.