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  1. Ted Kontos

    A Few Thoughts About....LOVE ACTUALLY in Blu-ray (A MUST BUY!)

    One of my all-time favorite films! I could never watch this too many times. And it is NOT a chick flick, as others above have insinuated! Curtis' latest, "The Boat That Rocked", ("Pirate Radio" in the US) is also marvelous. I've had the UK BD since September and I'll be watching it again...
  2. Ted Kontos

    Momitsu BDP-899 Setup

    I've had mine since April and have not tried to update the FW. No need to, so far. It's played everything fine, although I only use it for import BDs.
  3. Ted Kontos

    Momitsu BDP-899 Setup

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. There are 2 options in one area (Block Invalid Access & Always Allow Access) along with Dynamic and Manual IP settings. I've tried both and nothing seems to work. When I plug the cable in the screen says "Link Up", if I unplug it it reads "Link Down", but no IP...
  4. Ted Kontos

    Highlander released in Region B

    I have ordered it (I believe it's out in early July). I'll let you know when I get it.
  5. Ted Kontos

    Momitsu BDP-899 Setup

    Has anyone had any luck connecting to BD-Live with this player? I have a LAN cable attached, but no IP or MAC address read out on the menu. BD-Live access tells me my player has to be connected to the internet. I know the connection is fine because my Toshiba HD-A2 automatically configures it...
  6. Ted Kontos

    Momitsu BDP-899 Setup

    You might want to add display setting to 16:9PB to ensure that all BD extras play in their proper AR (Any region).
  7. Ted Kontos

    24: Season Seven

    As a "finale", it was anything but. Only one issue was resolved (the Presidential family issue). The most inexplicable point for me occurred in the conversation between Jack and Tony when Tony blamed Jack for screwing things up. If I heard it correctly, Tony said that he had been working 3 years...
  8. Ted Kontos

    24: Season Seven

    Or is it possible that Tony didn't really kill him? After all, he could have let the Starkwood guy finish him off, but he didn't. Or maybe I've been watching this series way too long to be coming up with theories absurd enough to qualify me to be head writer!
  9. Ted Kontos

    24: Season Seven

    Uh oh....no silent clock for Larry......
  10. Ted Kontos

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Wages of Fear

    I second your opinion on the remake. However, I shudder to think what Friedkin would do to the film now (in light of The French Connection) if it were to receive a BD release. If I remember correctly, did he not insist on a full-frame presentation on the original DVD for various questionable...
  11. Ted Kontos

    24: Season Seven

    What was Tony doing at the end of the episode? It looked like he was having a cozy candlelight dinner at a sidewalk cafe when Jack called! Looks like he got the cushy part of the assignment.
  12. Ted Kontos

    24: Season Seven

    I think since Aaron Pierce (Glen Morshower) has been in every season of 24, he beats out Bill by a large margin. Bill showed up halfway in Season 4, I believe. Minute-wise, maybe. But not in number of episodes.
  13. Ted Kontos

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Milk -- in Blu-ray

    This is a similar situation to the documentary "Man on Wire", in which the old WTC footage from the seventies is "clouded" on the sides (not stretched) on the SD version to fill the screen. On the BD, it is pillarboxed, which I personally prefer. I was surprised to see the stretching on "Milk"...
  14. Ted Kontos

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Ronin

    Have any of you (aside from Cameron) watched this yet or are you going by screenshots/reviews? I just picked it up today since it's one of my favorite movies and I have to say that the presentation is light years ahead of the SD version. Is the BD all it could be? No. But I couldn't care...
  15. Ted Kontos

    Best Deal On A 4 to 1 HDMI Switcher...and other questions.

    I also use the Oppo switcher that Cees uses and I love it. It auto-senses the active input and switches automatically. Very family-friendly, but it does look like you're looking for more switching capabilities.
  16. Ted Kontos

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Tudors -- in Blu-ray

    Mr. Harris, I've had both seasons in a UK Blu-ray box set since October and watching them is an extremely satisfying experience. I had seen Season 1 on SD before buying the set and I agree that the BD is light years ahead of the SD version. The UK version is region-free, including all extras...
  17. Ted Kontos

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Tudors: Season 2

    I've had the UK BD box set of both seasons since October (bought it at close to the same price of the 2 US SD sets). All extras are HD and playable on Region "A" BD players. And it's a much nicer set (it's on Sony there and omits the numerous Showtime promos I found obnoxious on the US Season 1...
  18. Ted Kontos

    DVD Review HTF BluRay Review: The Incredible Hulk

    That was an issue in the early Hulk comic books as well. I remember they abruptly jumped from calling the main character David Banner to Bruce Banner (a strange continuity problem that wasn't caught). There was an outcry from the fans, and Stan Lee had to come up with the "His name is really...
  19. Ted Kontos

    Life On Mars (UK)

    Give Ashes to Ashes a chance! Yes, it took 2-3 episodes to get itself together, but the final episode IMO is more powerful than any episode of LoM. It also develops the characters we already now much more fully. I can hardly wait for series 2 next year!
  20. Ted Kontos

    "He's not dead yet, Jim" S-DVD sales seem to be holding their own

    I find that my favorite HD discs are of older movies (Grand Prix, Searchers, Casablanca, Black Narcissus, etc.). Granted these films have been treated with loving care, but I'm generally underwhelmed with the recent releases on BD. I generally don't see a significant upgrade in the BD versions...
  21. Ted Kontos

    Anyone know where to purchase replacement BR cases online?

    I've bought HD-DVD cases from them in the past with no problems. I've got 10 BD cases on the way right now. Their shipping is a bit high, but their case prices are half those of the competition, so I don't have a problem with that.
  22. Ted Kontos

    Sony releases v2.40 firmware for PS3

    The 2.40 firmware has been pulled due to reported problems. Playstation 3: Sony Pulls PS3 2.40 Firmware After Reported Problems
  23. Ted Kontos

    Godfather Blu-ray Confirmed

    Thank you, Mr. Harris! My immediate fear upon hearing of the upcoming BD release has been allayed!
  24. Ted Kontos

    Wow...Did GoodTimes Really Screw This One Up...

    I have the Goodtimes version, and while it's a typical non-restored transfer of that time period, I could never call it "unwatchable". In fact, I just watched it recently upconverted on my Oppo 983 (an amazing machine, BTW), zoomed to "Full" and was surprised at how decent it looked. Since it's...
  25. Ted Kontos

    Indiana Jones 1-3 playing in HD

    USA-HD ran them last weekend as well. They looked like the same transfers, pretty good. I must say, however, that I recently rewatched the original SD trilogy and was surprised at how good they looked on my 46" Toshiba.
  26. Ted Kontos

    Grindhouse DVD's

    In the Starz theatrical cut of Grindhouse, both films are 2:35. It's been playing on their HD On Demand service all month.
  27. Ted Kontos

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    Yes, I would be using HDMI and would not want stretching of any kind.
  28. Ted Kontos

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    I just wanted to verify that if I watch a 4:3 movie on the PS3, it will be pillarboxed with black bars, not gray. I don't remember seeing anything on this in any discussions. Thanks.
  29. Ted Kontos

    Which Player should i purchase?

    You will not be able to decode the Panny's advanced audio codecs through the 604 (you will output as DD or DTS). I also have the 604 AVR and A2, and the Sharp BD-HP20U makes the perfect BD companion player for this situation. The Sharp internally decodes Dolby THD and MPCM, the DTS core sound is...