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  1. Doug_H

    Projector without HD support, but with SXGA (1280 × 1024) resolution, is 720p possible?

    I tried component to VGA adapters in the past without any luck. The PJ should be able to handle 720p via component but the results will depend on the scaler it has.
  2. Doug_H

    Do I need optical digital audio?

    +1 Your friend is a few years behind and you will want to have the HD audio formats that HDMI allows.
  3. Doug_H

    Featureless Rental copies?

    I believe this has more to do with the fact that BB has a deal that allows them to come out with some discs while NetFlix and RedBox have to wait 28 days before they can rent them. If you want the extras, you can wait and order from alternative vendors.
  4. Doug_H

    Dear experts, please enlighten me!

    Hector, In the receivers I have used, you turn off the "A" and "B" speakers so the receiver knows you are not using the speakers. This is usually a button on the front and the "A" and/or "B" lights should be off when using the system without speakers. It practice it shouldn't matter but to...
  5. Doug_H

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bob Schneider...Lovely Creatures
  6. Doug_H

    Using a new low end receiver as a processor???

    I appreciate the feedback... I am not knocking Onkyo, just FYI, if I had just about any other speaker I would own one right now. I did have it set for 4ohm. It is a great feature. I am running 4 magnepan 3.6, and a CC3 center, even running them small has proven too much. I also have an SVS sub...
  7. Doug_H

    Using a new low end receiver as a processor???

    Stephen, funny you should mention the Onkyo, I tried out the 806, thinking it might stand a chance before I started looking at alternatives. It worked well driving 2 channels, just a little lacking in bass. It went into protection mode 2 scenes into Gladiator with 5 channels driven. 100wpc into...
  8. Doug_H

    Using a new low end receiver as a processor???

    The reason I want to keep my current receiver is because I am driving Magnepan speakers. In attempting to find the receiver I have now I had to test out a lot of top of the line receivers including Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer Elite, HK (All of these shut themselves off before they melted but simply...
  9. Doug_H

    Using a new low end receiver as a processor???

    I may have answered my own question after some additional research... I can't find a low end receiver with multi-channel outputs :(
  10. Doug_H

    Using a new low end receiver as a processor???

    I have an older receiver that is in great shape, I love the sound and couldn't possibly afford it's equivalent in a new receiver. Like many, my problem stems from a lack of HDMI, for audio decoding and video switching. Would a low end receiver, such as a Sony make a good unit for decoding...
  11. Doug_H

    Maggie update

    I reconditioned my CC1 and 1.6's last year after they started to buzz. There is a lot of information on the web to walk you through the process if you want to save some $$$. It is really easy and just takes a little patience.
  12. Doug_H

    Dvd looks low budget on HDTV

    I second the calibration, it is a must. Turn of any type of Dynamic, bright or sharpness mode as well. Out of the box the set is calibrated to burn your eyes out :frowning: Turning these features off will also use less power and extend the life of your HDTV while giving you a better picture.
  13. Doug_H

    FS: Aragon 8008st Amp 400 Watts x 2!

    I agree, I am getting really tired of scammers dragging up old and stale posts :frowning:
  14. Doug_H

    Beatles in Mono.

    I have the Ebbetts mono versions and they are fantastic, I will pony up for the new Mono discs for sure.
  15. Doug_H

    Projector Help

    Keith I'm 99.999% sure you are going to need to run component cable as RG59 and Cat5 are not capable of handling the signal. I have heard of folks making various analog cables out of Cat5 however but you would need 3 Cat5 runs for this. If anyone has managed to find a workaround I am sure...
  16. Doug_H

    Kenwood 5 disc changer

    Depends on which one, some of them are decent but not great. That is the case with most multi-disc players though.
  17. Doug_H

    Advice on Speaker, Receiver Combination

    Thanks Scott, I figure it will be alright but I am used to maggies and when they say you need 50 watts, that is just enough to make them move a little
  18. Doug_H

    Advice on Speaker, Receiver Combination

    My last attempt at asking this question left a lot to be desired so I am going to try again. I have an HK AVR-146 receiver in my living room, we use it to drive a pair of really cheap speakers, I just wanted to get a little better than the TV was offering, sound wise. We use the dedicated...
  19. Doug_H

    What's Your Favorite Live Album and Why?

    I have to jump in and drop Peter Gabriel, Growing Up Live DVD. Truly a magical performance by a great concert artist.
  20. Doug_H

    Home theater under 300$

    Look at some of the HK receivers, like the 146, which has HDMI video pass through, easily handles 2 channel and allows you to upgrade later. It will also handle all of your connectivity. If you want to pass audio through the HDMI you are going to need to look at used or refurb units I would...
  21. Doug_H

    Considering Blu-Ray for my X1 - anyone else running similar setup?

    Philip I am still running my X1 and have a Sony S550 BD player and the picture is excellent. I run it in at 720P which gives me the best image, I tried 480 p but it wasn't as sharp. I alos have a HD-DVD player hooked up and it also looks best at 720p. I love watching them both but when I...
  22. Doug_H

    Trouble with Digital Cable

    Dan I am hoping you mean you have the projector shooked up via component cables. As to the problem... Connect another display like a small TV to the cable box directly if the Optima doesn't work with a direct connection. I had this problem some time ago, the issue was the cable...
  23. Doug_H

    Very subjective question...

    It really depneds on the movie, I have found movies that there was a huge difference and others where I found no improvement. You also have the option of getting a Blu-Ray player like the Sony S550 that outputs the HD formats via analog.
  24. Doug_H

    Help with Sony S550

    Glad to help Gary! Now go enjoy the sweetness that is HD audio.
  25. Doug_H

    Help with Sony S550

    Gary If i am remembering correctly the input mode selector is on the front of the receiver at the far left, each time you push it it will show a new mode, eventually you will reach Analog 6 Channel. Input mode is different than input on the Kenwood, just FYI. You shouldn't need to...
  26. Doug_H

    Help with Sony S550

    Make sure you have DVD/6 Channel selected as your input and not one of the auto modes. I have worked with this receiver and that is an easy thing to overlook. To pass the HD sound make sure you have multi channel and Direct set on the S550.
  27. Doug_H

    From the beginning, where do I start?

    I disagree, I am set up in a 15x12 room with the system in the narrow part of the room with a 98" 16x9 picture and it is perfect. The rear speakers must be set up on the side walls but work well. You can get a very good 1080p projector for $1500 with a little research and have a much bigger...
  28. Doug_H

    Blu-Ray on 720p Projector?

    Chris PS3 will give you a great picture on that PJ. Try both the 720p and 1080i/p settings on the PS3 and decide which is better.
  29. Doug_H

    Blu Ray Advice

    Ken That won't be a problem, I am using a 720P projector and BD is a huge improvement.