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  1. Scott Hamilton

    The Man Called Flintstone

    I am curious since I have looked everywhere for reviews about the release tomorrow which I found none. The release is in Full Screen 1.33 yet the cover says "The Original 1966 Theatrical Release" Was it made this way? I looked on imdb and all that is listed 35mm.
  2. Scott Hamilton

    Old CBS shows - Crazy Like A Fox or Whiz Kids???

    I hope to see these both but chances are it won't happen since they were short lived - Crazy Like a Fox 1984 to 1986 (35 episodes)and Whiz Kids 1983 to 1984. Anyone else intrested in these titles?
  3. Scott Hamilton

    Anyone else notice Universal uses Same House and Downtown???

    Has anyone else noticed but the real funny part is the house in both 16 Candles and Weird Sciene is the same. I have also noticed in so many Universal movies the houses and main street (downtown - Back To The Future and more) are the same going back aleast 20 years or more???
  4. Scott Hamilton

    Cobb on DVD Sept 2???

    According to Amazon it will be released on Sept 2. Sorry I can't provide a link or cover image because it says I haven't posted enough but it is there on Amazon. It has to be a bootleg but Amazon says from Warner Home Video
  5. Scott Hamilton

    Missing Scene on The Last American Virgin DVD?

    I just bought the DVD and noticed my favorite scene was missing, I could be wrong but hopefully someone with the VHS or LD copy can help me. At around 33:22 the first classroom scene, Gary is daydreaming.. on the DVD it doesn't look right, the cut is just wrong. The reason I say this was...
  6. Scott Hamilton

    Die Another Day - dvd-rom problems

    I put disk 1 in my computer - My InterActual player started I can view the movie but when I hit the Exclusive Features button it takes me to a new window and then says "ACCESS DENIED Sorry, you need to insert the Die Another Day DVD into your computer to access this site." So I put in...