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  1. DougWright

    *** Official IRON MAN 2 Review Thread

    Saw it, loved it... I am tired of non-comic book people bashing some of the comic book elements in this film, for instance Tony at the party. Anyone who did not get what they were getting at with that scene was probably also disappointed when they heard RDJ was playing Tony Stark in the first...
  2. DougWright

    From Pixar in 2007: Ratatouille

    I love the movie overall the scene mentioned earlier where Ego has his flashback, moved me unlike any other movie has in a long while. It may have something to do with the recent passing of my own mother . These guys know how to tell a story and don't rely on the fact they present it...
  3. DougWright

    Pink Panther Cartoon Collection

    I was not sure where to put this since it started as a Theatrical cartoon, but since it was the TV cartoon of the Ant and the Aardvark that made me post I decided to put it here. I bought the 5 disc cartoon collection and then I saw the individual discs coming out. I checked out the first...
  4. DougWright

    R.I.P. Walt Disney Treasures series? See post #82!

    This is sad news indeed. I have every treasures release to date and am disappointed that it is done. I will write a letter to Mr. Cook as well. On a related note - did anyone ever get around to making bands to go over the metal cases for the releases that did not have them. I remember someone...
  5. DougWright

    L.A. People - El Capitan info needed

    I am finally going to Hollywood in late October. The main reason for my trip is to go to Disneyland (been to the Disneyworld 4 times and wanted to see the original). Plus Halloween is my favourite 'holiday'. As luck would have it, one of my favourite movies Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before...
  6. DougWright

    Itunes rookie needs advice

    I guess I mis-spoke when I wrote proprietary formats. What I meant was you need to use itunes to put music on the ipod. I want to be able to just drag and drop MP3s with no software. Just using windows explorer. I o that with my handheld and my standalone player. Sorry for confusing the...
  7. DougWright

    Who does this (with their 2 dvd disc sets)

    Count me in on the list of people needing help.
  8. DougWright

    Itunes rookie needs advice

    I wish I could help. Proprietary formats is why I don't own an Ipod. It is probably the sweetest looking player out there and I can't force myself to buy one. I was also upset I had to download itunes as part of my last quicktime download, most uncool. I keep hoping to find some third...
  9. DougWright

    Fantastic Four: 2005 movie! info and coverart!

    Anyone have a link to coverart for this release? I really do no like the round tin in the collector's set and want to put it into a snapper.
  10. DougWright

    Enterprise Season 4 rebate question

    my rebate form was inside the package. I also had one in season 3, so if you don't have one shoot me a pm and I can mail one mine to you. I hate cutting the books to get my rebate though. Liked the flap on the voyager discs better. But in Canada it is 25 bucks. I received 10 dollars off...
  11. DougWright

    The great consolidated all-in-one OFFICE SPACE SE thread

    Jeremy Yup, both the slip cover and the cover itself are bilingual in the box set. UGLY Usually we are spared bilingual slip covers, really no point keeping this slipcover now. Anyone know the contact info for Foz in Canada? Seems as though who ever was prepping the box sets here cut 1/2 way...
  12. DougWright

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    I too would also love to "BEG" for a scan of the English only cover, I would even settle for the spline if any one has piracy concerns. If they must have French, I would like them to just release flipper covers. Then let the consumer choose, this spline is butt-ugly.
  13. DougWright

    new ipod

    meh! Sure it is slim, but my Dell Axim X50v has the same sound chip, a great screen, and supports SD and CF cards plus has the benefit of being a pocket pc. With my bluetooth headset I never actually have to touch the pocket pc when playing music, so size is not an issue. I do not need to...
  14. DougWright

    Stylus Magazine's Top 50 Basslines of AllTime - what's your top 5?

    Lots of good suggestions added Rush and Duran Duran for sure, The extended version (night mix?) of Rio is incredible. But really, no Smiths?!?! "Barbarism Begins At Home" should definitely be on any bass list. You could probably choose one from any album of theirs. They had a tight rhythm...
  15. DougWright

    DVD Profiler to Pocket PC !

    Weird, I added the new Toy Story in profiler the day it came out. Have you downloaded the latest version of Profiler?
  16. DougWright

    DVD Profiler to Pocket PC !

    I searched and saw no mention of this. This tool will take an extract file from DVD profiler and create a nice database on your pocket PC. It even does the images. Bevelstone Pocket Movie List It will tide me over until Intervocative releases a version for Pocket PC.
  17. DougWright

    How do you display your "Walt Disney Treasures"?

    Anyone here who does not use their tins and would be willing to part with their Davy Crockett tin I would be willing to buy the tin from you. Mine was damaged beyond repair! Any inserts were trashed as well. Shoot me a PM if anyone is interested. Thanks,
  18. DougWright

    Disabled 7-year-old ejected from theater

    Horrifying! How about offer anyone who was distracted by it a refund of their ticket. When I think of the crap that has caused me to almost avoid theater's like the plague, and they crack down a a kid laughing too loud, I cringe. I will definitely keep an eye on this story!
  19. DougWright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Simpsons Season Six

    I still love the new packaging, shoot me now! :b There is an even greater reason to love it in Canada, the bilingual stickers all peel off nice and easy, for people who think Homer's head would look bad on their shelves you should see what a mess bilingula spines are. Especially something...
  20. DougWright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Simpsons Season Six

    I have over 500 DVDs with a lot of TV boxes. I stack my TV series 4-5 deep depending on the thickness with the current season I am watching facing out, so the new box works well for me and is also nice looking in my opinion. Someone else said it, but we are always complaining about the...
  21. DougWright

    Anchor Bay Press Release: Roseanne: Season One

    Wow, Roseanne was one of my all time favourite sitcoms. With the edits I am gonna steer clear. I guess I will convert all my mpgs from my DVR to VCDs, if I am gonna have network edits I sure am not going to pay for them.
  22. DougWright

    HTF REFIEW: The Muppet Show, Season One... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    Bought mine at Future Shop in good ole Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It was the fuzzy cover. FYI
  23. DougWright

    BATMAN (1989) & sequels (STREET DATE: Oct. 18, 2005)

    I always thought Robin Williams could have pulled off both Napier and the Joker. Plus I dont think he would have overshadowed Keaton as much wither. I never really liked the change in this film where Napier was the one who killed Bruce's parents. But I really think Robin Williams would have...
  24. DougWright

    Best Buy Bonus disc for Enterprise season 2?

    Future Shop (best buy north) here in Canada is showing that bonus disc as well. Ric let me know if you don't find it. I hope I will.
  25. DougWright

    If Batman ever comes to DVD....

    Don't the companies involved in this have shareholders? I mean if Ron is right (and of course he is) this is one of the most requested DVDs. Therefore, demand is huge, there could be a great profit, which gets passed on to the shareholders. I know if I was an investor and the "board" was making...
  26. DougWright

    Bubble Girl

    Well not quite like Bubble Boy, but here is Bubble Girl. It is both repelling and engrossing at the same time. Now if I can just turn flash into a screen saver.
  27. DougWright

    Did anyone see Katie Holmes on Letterman last night?

    To be fair, according to some sites, it would have cost Tom upwards of 300,000 dollars to get to the level in Scientology where he would have first heard of Xenu. (Without checking I think it is level three). I, for one, would be too ashamed to admit I spent that much after hearing about it. I...
  28. DougWright

    Alternative SW cover art...

    There are at least 3 covers I have found for "A Musical Journey". I did not want to link to the other forum. Google this Star_Wars_-_A_Musical_Journey_DVD_Cover.jpg I am still hoping for a Rick version, but a couple of those are nice.
  29. DougWright

    Celebrity/paparazzi attacks...when does it stop? Disturbing...

    They do this cause we buy the pictures. I am not saying this guy is right, I am just adding information. However, I agree whole heartedly that they should throw the book at this guy and send a message. What is it going to take to get better legislation in place? We don't need another...
  30. DougWright

    2005 Fall Schedule Thread

    I too am worried about Joan of Arcadia's chances, especially when the actor playing new character they introduced near the end is being advertised in the new Fox show Prison Break with the guy from "John Doe". Can't wait to see how the rest of this week pans out.