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  1. Robert James Clark

    Weekly RoundUp 3-24-2015

    HD-DVD? Is this an early April Fools joke?
  2. Robert James Clark

    *** Official QUANTUM OF SOLACE Discussion Thread

    On one of the last days of XM radio's Cinemagic channel before it's hiatus, director Marc Forster said he liked the work of MK12 and wanted a different look for this film than the previous Bond films...
  3. Robert James Clark

    MST3K: Cinematic Titanic

    Count me as one who much prefers Mike over Joel,but I'll still grab this. Some of the Film Crew stuff is very funny. Never tried the Riff Trak versions.
  4. Robert James Clark

    The Official Star Trek Music Discussion Thread

    Favorite Trek score is probably Cliff Eidelman's thrilling score for The Undiscovered Country. I've felt that Goldsmith's later Yrek efforts were a trifle bland compared to TMP...
  5. Robert James Clark

    The Mummy 3 (June 11 2008)

    Except that it wasn't modern day... My wifes favorite movies so I'm going regardless...
  6. Robert James Clark

    I finally did it...I'm off the fence (almost)

    I feel your pain Nick (and your excitement!). I have beloved titles that I just haven't watched in ages simply because of the advent of High Definition. I've only sold those SD titles that I either already have on HD-DVD/BluRay or are known to be coming out, but the ol' DVD enthusiasm is gone. I...
  7. Robert James Clark

    quick Alias S5 question

    It has an ending. May not be the most satisfying ending that I would have hoped if JJ had still been actively involved with the show, but it really does end...
  8. Robert James Clark

    Official HTF HD Review: Backdraft Highly Recommended

    Wow. Thanks, can't wait until Amazon sends mine...
  9. Robert James Clark

    Your biggest issue(s) with the Samsung Blu-ray player?

    I've had mine for a couple of days and so far, it's fine. Both T2 and Stargate look just fine. Neither have the wow factor of the best of the HD-DVD titles and I'm not convinced there is anything dramatically wrong with the Samsung that would cause any image degradation. Looks like mastering...
  10. Robert James Clark

    Disney's Dinosaur on Blu-Ray

    The first 20 or so minutes are astounding eye candy. The rest of the film is a dreary rehash of Land Before Time...
  11. Robert James Clark

    4400 Season Three

    I started watching the series this summer after watching "unlocking the secrets". I enjoyed it very much. The story progresses at a very good rate, other shows could certainly take a clue from the 4400. I thought the finale was pretty terrific! Very exciting. I'm sure we haven't seen the last...
  12. Robert James Clark

    A Few Words About A few words about... Goodfellas -- In High Definition

    Edit.... nevermind, I'd rather not get into such discussions... Goodfellas looks very good for it's age, and it's on sale at Fry's this weekend.
  13. Robert James Clark

    Finally bought FIREFLY!

    Count me as another addicted Firefly fan. Firefly was one of the first DVD's I rented when I joined Netflix two years ago and my son and I were completely hooked. I bought the set and showed it to the rest of my family and they all were hooked. My family is rewatching it this week for the...
  14. Robert James Clark

    CNN Fortune Magazine chooses Blu-Ray

    Projector Central's views toward Blu-Ray have become even more brutal this week: "Blu-ray: Can it Survive?" "Conclusion HD-DVD has proven itself to be an outstanding value for the money. Blu-ray has not. If Blu-ray is to survive it needs...
  15. Robert James Clark

    Finally! UNI announces upcoming HD-DVD titles you can really sink your teeth into!

    Definitely agree there. My DVD purchasing had slowed down tremendously the last two years as the image of SD-DVD just wasn't sufficient after having HD channels in my theater. HD-DVD has excited me for home theater in a way I haven't felt in about four years. It's one of the best home...
  16. Robert James Clark

    Ron's HD DVD Review

    My A1 starts up faster since loading firmware 1.4. Cool.
  17. Robert James Clark

    Ron's HD DVD Review

    Ron, thanks for a great review. The Toshiba HD-DVD player combined with my CRT projector is one of the most pleasureable purchases I have ever made, and for a mere $500. I had planned on waiting for a universal player, but one title made it irresistable for me. I couldn't be more thrilled...
  18. Robert James Clark


    Thanks Herb. I've been debating over whether to buy or Netflix this one... I'll have to get it now, one way or another.
  19. Robert James Clark

    New Universal HD DVD titles

    Boy do I ever hear you. Most of those titles are must buy for me...
  20. Robert James Clark

    Is Best Buy Souring on HD DVD?

    My Best Buy still has their end display of HD-DVD with the demo disc running on a 42" LCD. Surprisingly, there was no display for BluRay. I had to hunt for the Samsung player (there were two mixed in the DVD player section with no price or sign displayed. I found the Bluray discs on a shelf...
  21. Robert James Clark

    'BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' Season 1 dvd challenge!

    For those of you, like me, who haven't watched Buffy, Walmart currently has a large display selling every season for $29.95 each. Pretty good deal...
  22. Robert James Clark

    Is Best Buy Souring on HD DVD?

    Once again, it seems you are jumping to chainwide conclusions based on hardly any evidence. Do you have any corporate statements from Best Buy management that support your supposition? At my Best Buy, the display is still on an end display showing excellent demos on a large display, easily...
  23. Robert James Clark

    Is Best Buy Souring on HD DVD?

    I would side with Walter's comments in this thread. As far as the thread topic, to say that Best Buy as a chain is "souring" on HD DVD based on one store's display is far-fetched wishful thinking at best. At my Best Buy the HD DVD display is the same as when it was introduced. I certainly...
  24. Robert James Clark

    My first digital projector, huge disappointment

    Keep in mind that the Infocus 5000 is the lowest end of 720p projectors and, while bright, has some of the worst black levels of all 720p models out now...
  25. Robert James Clark

    "The Flash" - A Worthy Blind Buy?

    Best reason to own the Flash series is the terrific Danny Elfman theme and the Shirley Walker score!
  26. Robert James Clark

    The Complete "The Lord of the Rings: score - with 5.1 DVD

    The 563. I emailed Pioneer, we'll see what they can do for me...
  27. Robert James Clark

    The Complete "The Lord of the Rings: score - with 5.1 DVD

    Paul, Thanks for the help! I'll give it a shot. I might have to switch over to my Samsung 941 in the meantime...
  28. Robert James Clark

    The Complete "The Lord of the Rings: score - with 5.1 DVD

    Well, it's just my luck that I would get the copy that doesn't work. Tried playing the DVDAudio disc in my Pioneer universal player and though I can hear music in the title section, when I play the disc it's completely silent! I've never had trouble playing any other disc on the Pioneer...
  29. Robert James Clark

    My experience at Best Buy

    Now why would I read someone else's supposed complaints about XM's music channels? I have had XM since June 2002 and am thrilled with it. Huh? Glad you're enjoying your Sirius, (just avoid misinformation)...
  30. Robert James Clark

    My experience at Best Buy

    That's exactly what I call disingenuous ... Again, enjoy your Sirius, just remember not to pass on misinformation...