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  1. Adam Nixon

    Disabling SVM on Toshiba 36HF72?

    Is it possible to disable SVM on the newer Toshiba direct views (such as 32HF72 or 36HF72)? I know that the HFX models have a selectable adjustment, I'm just trying to figure out of the others can. They're priced fairly well, and I'm considering a purchase provided it can be tweaked.
  2. Adam Nixon

    Take the $250 challenge -- can you suggest a system?

    My mother is shopping for an HTIB for my younger brother as a Christmas gift. This will be his first exposure to ANY home theater system, so he'll be absolutely thrilled with anything. My question is this -- is there SOMETHING in the $250 range, including speakers and processing (gulp!) that...
  3. Adam Nixon

    EZ Speaker calibration for morons?

    I've just purchased my first HT system, consisting of: Denon 1803 Energy Take 5.2 Energy Take 2.2 (for 6.1 back surrounds) Since I've never set anything up remotely comparable to this, is there a resource or method I should try that's equipment specific? I've searched under...
  4. Adam Nixon

    Robotech PS2 in progressive scan???

    Can anyone confirm if Battlecry is progressive for PS2? IGN is claiming that is in their PS2 review. They also felt that the PS2 version was superior to the X-box version.
  5. Adam Nixon

    HELP! New Wega video game calibration issue!

    Picked up a new Sony Wega 32HS500 last week, everthing looks fine EXCEPT for when I attempt to attach a PS2 or Gamecube to it. When using either composite or S-video connections, the picture seems to lean slightly to the right, and there is an ultra slim black line on the entire left side of the...
  6. Adam Nixon

    HELP! New Sony Wega calibration issue!!

    Picked up a new Sony Wega 32HS500 last week, everthing looks fine EXCEPT for when I attempt to attach a PS2 or Gamecube to it. When using either composite or S-video connections, the picture seems to lean slightly to the right, and there is an ultra slim black line on the entire left side of the...
  7. Adam Nixon

    4:3 burn in on a 16:9 set?

    I'm seriously contemplating the jump to a 16:9 RPTV. However, I'm VERY concerned about the potential for burn-in from a 4:3 source. "Stretch" modes are NOT an option, as a view distorting a 4:3 OAR as bad as pan&scan for 2.35:1 movies. After the obvious tweaks out of the box, how much harm can...
  8. Adam Nixon

    Is prog. scan 32-36" TV worth the extra cash?

    I'm on the verge of buying a new direct view set that will be used primarily for games and movies. What I'd like to know, for anyone who has an opinion, is if a progressive scan TV at that size makes a tremendous difference for the extra several hundred I'll have to spend. I know it's an...
  9. Adam Nixon

    Differences between JBL N24 and N24II??

    How much of difference does the N24II have over the orignal? The N24's can be had for dirt cheap now, and I'm wondering if the extra cash for the new version is worth it.
  10. Adam Nixon

    4:3 Progressive scan TV questions...

    I'm in the process of shopping for a new TV for my game systems. As such, I'm debating on whether I should cough up the extra cash for a progressive display, or if the "law of diminishing returns" is at work in this situation. I've read the other threads on progessive-enabled games, but I...
  11. Adam Nixon

    New 2002 Wegas???

    Has Sony released any info on the 2002 line of Wegas? If anyone has any info on the new models, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  12. Adam Nixon

    Time Warner Digital dishonesty

    I currently live in Wichita Falls, TX, and I grow tired of seeing advertisements for Time Warner Digital Cable. The reason -- each time they air, one of the talking drones uses the phrase "digital HDTV" in every single version of the commercial. Correct me if I'm wrong, but NO cable company...
  13. Adam Nixon

    Demoed GCN and X-box kiosks today...

    It was great to finally get my hands on these things in OKC, OK. Unfortunately, there were some problems... X-box: NFL Fever which had a good setup with nice sound and a reasonable screen size. Would have liked more games instead of just Fever, though. Controller is BULKY, to say the least...
  14. Adam Nixon

    Songs of A.I. question

    OK, this his driven me nuts since I saw this film. Can anyone list the songs played by Gigolo Joe's music box? I know that one is "Heaven," which was also in The Green Mile and countless other films. But WHAT is the name of the first song played when he is seducing the shy woman in his first...
  15. Adam Nixon

    Behold, the true power of the X-Box

    Given the success of the Gamecube thread, I thought I'd pick a couple of killer X-box screens to highlight. These are all X-Box exclusives. Most of these are just high res shots, I've heard nothing mentioned about HD. UNREAL CHAMPIONSHIP -- Awesome detail on the pillars. Graphically, it's...
  16. Adam Nixon

    Behold, the true power of the Gamecube

    Some of you may have already seen these, but the latest sreenshots of Star Wars:Rogue Leader are just utterly STUNNING. Ground troops on Hoth you can actually command! The best Bespin in ANY Star Wars game. This is NOT a cutscene, amazingly. Bump mapping implemented on the ice...
  17. Adam Nixon

    JBL S412s -- Anyone heard them?

    These are the 3-way towers with a 200-watt 12-inch sub. I heard they got a killer review in SGHT, I was curious as to what anyone on this board thought of them. [Edited last by Adam Nixon on July 24, 2001 at 02:28 PM]
  18. Adam Nixon

    Any real difference between new "S" and "V" Wegas?

    I'm getting close to making a purchase, and other than better speakers I can't seem to find much difference between Sony's "S" and "V" series TV's. The new "S" models do 16:9 vertical squeeze now. Anyone have any other observations? It doesn't seem worth it to spend the extra $100s for a "V"...
  19. Adam Nixon

    Have any of you heard the Energy Take 5.2?

    I'm considering either the Take 5.2, Klipsch Quintet, or the Atlantic T-70. Since it's the newest, I can't seem to find many opinions on the 5.2. If anyone has given it an audition, I'm curious to hear your impressions. I'll most likely be using the Onkyo 595 receiver.
  20. Adam Nixon

    Any info on the new Toshiba 50H81?

    I hope that's the right model number. Is this set 16:9, or 4:3? Any other info such as 3:2 pulldown, etc. would be appreciated. I'm debating between this set and the new 47WX49 from Panasonic.