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  1. Joseph Howard

    SciFi's Galactica 1980 MiniMarathon.... bleh!

    Ok, what is the deal exactly? Battlestar Galactica (original series) was, looking back through nostalgia colored glasses, an enjoyable show. Sure, it was often campy but it had some undefinable charm that made me watch and enjoy it. I liked the characters and the chemistry of the show. In...
  2. Joseph Howard

    NASA - "Mars" - Significant Findings News Conference Tomorrow.

    FYI---.... An article about tomorrow's news conference, plus the official NASA press release about the conference: Have a look at this article on Quote from the article: "There is a palpable buzz...
  3. Joseph Howard

    Aurora Borealis - Anyone?

    Anyone else see the northern lights last night? They were huge, red, green, and white in 1/3 of the sky here last night. (Very rare for Southern Maryland). Well, I can check that off the list now. Dr. Joe
  4. Joseph Howard

    Is SciFi on TV going the way of the dinosaur?

    I am becoming depressed. It seems that SciFi on TV (& cable for that matter) seems to be going into the crapper OR if it does have quality it dies in the ratings. I mean, think about it. There was some really good quality SciFi tried on air recently, but it has quickly withered on the...
  5. Joseph Howard

    Official "Bump" Game Discussion Thread.

    Post here if you have comments about the "bump" game. What's the bump game? Play the "Bump" Game. Post your ideas. If you find the game useless and annoying. Post ideas for new rules. Etc. Dr. Joe
  6. Joseph Howard

    A question YOU MUST read. Consider your reply carefully.

    I'm wondering. Who has the record for the thread posting that has the MOST views WITHOUT anyone posting a reply. I figure there might be another level to the "thread killer" phenomenon. Person #1. A person that posts to a long running thread immediately bringing the discussion to a halt...
  7. Joseph Howard

    "Another stupid question" - Was it zoinked?

    "Another stupid question" Thread I started yesterday is missing. I'm guessing it caused a problem. Because it appears to have been "zoinked, zapped, removed." Admins, did someone get carried away with its idea? If so, sorry. :b Ah well, I still have that "other thread." Dr. Joe
  8. Joseph Howard

    Are you one of the 35 members of the 97 club?

    So, how many of the 97 club are still around? What is the 97 club? Those who found and joined the HTF early in its web life. (Not counting the Delphi years). There are 35 members listed with this distinction. Just wondering who is left. Dr. Joe P.S. It is FINALLY dead.
  9. Joseph Howard

    Pssstt.... I think its dead.

    I think it might have finally died. Lost it is.... gone it might be. A cryptic note.... I know. Some will get my meaning.
  10. Joseph Howard

    Father Ted on BBC America?

    Ok, I stumbled upon a BBC TV show called "Father Ted." Father Ted is a catholic priest that resides on a small english island (Craggy Is) and works with (takes care of) a wacky bunch of other fathers. (Father Jack - a drunk, mean, wacky very old priest - AND - Father Dougal - a very naive...
  11. Joseph Howard

    "Seldom Posters League" & Lounge Dedication

    Do you seldom post? Do you read posts every day but hardly respond? Is your middle name "lurker," or "lurky," or "hides in the shadows?" Do you look at a long thread, know the answer to a question, almost post but then find someone has beaten you to posting the answer? Do you have a...
  12. Joseph Howard

    How did a twirling brightly colored RWB Pole become symbol for a barber?

    Anyone know? I got a haircut the other day and asked my barber why the twirling red, white, and blue pole was the symbol (in US?) for a barber shop. He did not know. Anyone?
  13. Joseph Howard

    I like 9? Promotion from Dish?

    Is this promotion still going? Or is it too late? I'm always a bit late in hearing about these things. Dagnabit. Dr. Joe
  14. Joseph Howard

    Who remembers "He Hate Me" - Anyone?

    If you watched the now defunct XFL, you might have noticed "He Hate Me." Well, "He Hate Me" might be on the field for the Eagles this weekend. Ain't life unpredictable?
  15. Joseph Howard

    Testing new Board Features

    What does this look like? And this? Boo! BLUE!!
  16. Joseph Howard

    A long ditty... of what?

    Translate the following.... cblydardehgotausndbusesnarownojodmztrkssmtcowssmtd ks. And, yes.... it does say "sumtn" (Hint hint ) Dr. Joe
  17. Joseph Howard

    Shortest Poem?

    The worlds shortest poem? Title: "Fleas" Adam Had-m Dr. Joe
  18. Joseph Howard

    A little ditty.... :)

    Willie found some dynamite, Didn't understand it quite. Curiosity seldom pays, It rained Willie seven days. Dr. Joe
  19. Joseph Howard

    The Cave: A Theater Obsession. Updated Theater Pics!

    Greetings fellow Theater Gurus. I suddenly got the urge to show off the current state of the home theater my wife and I affectionately call "The Cave." First, the home theater as it was....(in an apartment). Now to the theater as it is now....(in the new house). First, the front view. I...
  20. Joseph Howard

    Yesterday. It just isn't real to me yet.

    What happened yesterday. I keep thinking about it in terms of "that movie I saw yesterday," "the show on TV," "the terrible horror film."......sadly, even though I *know* that it was real, I keep slipping back into denial. I read the testimonials, the bios of casualties, the personal...
  21. Joseph Howard

    I admit it, I'm dissapointed with the Sony 700P. What else is coming?

    I'm wondering, what FUTURE players are in the pipeline before the Xmas season that look like good DVD machines? I'm looking for Progressive Scan, 2-3pulldown, no chroma bug, best chipset, scaling, and maybe either SACD/DVD-A? What is coming from Sony, Denon, and the like? Before anyone...
  22. Joseph Howard

    Where to get good deal on Bass Shakers?

    Ok, I've gotten the itch to tinker around in my home theater and thought I'd try a gimmick addition to the theater. I don't know, maybe I just like the idea of getting a massage during a movie... but I've decided on trying some bass shakers. Any good deals out there in home theater land? I...
  23. Joseph Howard

    HDTV, SDTV, DTV, & local CBS station craziness

    My local CBS station is funny in kinda a sad way. They started to advertise they had gone "DT" but were neglecting to tell anyone the station numbers for the "DT" broadcast in the commercials (this started back in December) So I called them up and asked, "what station number!!?" The...