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  1. Adam Wolkoff

    Best size-direct view

    Greetings: I'm putting together a system for my parents. They want a direct view TV and will be sitting 10 feet away or so, due to room constraints and preferences. 32 or 36 inch? TIA ASW
  2. Adam Wolkoff

    Suggestions on Direct View set?

    Greetings: I am tasked with selecting a decent tv for the folks. We are looking at 32-36" direct view, priced under $1000. Two recent possibilities include the Toshiba 36A41 and the JVC 36230/36260. Thoughts? Alternatives we've missed? Thanks much for any advice... ASW
  3. Adam Wolkoff

    another exciting test

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  4. Adam Wolkoff

    40X81-Operation w/o Remote? Help

    Greetings. This weekend my daughter initiated a series of events whereby the remote for my TW40X81 died of severe impact related injuries. The immediate problem (besides no remote) is that it appears the remote is the only way picture size can be adjusted. I don't see any menu provisions for...