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  1. Todd McF

    Demolition Man

    Sorry but I can't help liking this movie. How bad is the Transfer of the current DVD? Outland bad? Any hope of a reissue? I'm sure its up there on Warner's priority list
  2. Todd McF

    Jet Li's The One

    OK, I've seen this movie and only partially remember it. I wanted to rent it again but my local Ball Buster is selling off all the stock. Did anyone review this movie or the DVD? I thought it was a relatively large production. I remember kind of liking it (not a glowing endorsement) and I...
  3. Todd McF

    Solaris - Am I Alone on This One?

    Watched the remake of Solaris last night. I did not see the original but I knew the plot basics. I thought the movie was really great. I can't believe how little attention it has gotten. Where are the DVD reviews? I'm shocked noone here did a review. What a shame, its a great looking disk...
  4. Todd McF

    New SED Display Technology?

    Does anyone have an opinion on this Canon / Toshiba SED technology announcement? Here is a link to the Canon page:
  5. Todd McF

    Panasonic DLP RPTV Model Differences?

    I'm frustrated I can't find an explanation on the differences between these two DLP RPTV's. One is $5K more than the other though. PT-52DL10 ($10,000) PT-52DL52 ($5,000) I'm getting the impression that the $5K model is newer. Anyone? Thanks, - Todd
  6. Todd McF

    Neon Genesis Evangeleon - Help with End of Evangeleon!

    Spoiler based Questions Warning!!!! I've got some difficulty with the last few moments of this film - I was wondering if anyone could help out... I *think* I understand why he tries to strangle Asuka - because of the total rejection in the "kitchen" sequence, he attempts...
  7. Todd McF


    Where on earth is DragonSlayer? I would have thought that LOTR would prompt studios to cash in on some catalog titles. Is there any word on this puppy? Please don't tell me to do a search, I'm not getting any hits. - Todd
  8. Todd McF

    Dune (David Lynch)

    I heard that there is no SE planned, so I'm thinking of picking up this one. Usual question to current owners: How is the transfer (vid & sound)?
  9. Todd McF

    BladeRunner Transfer Quality?

    Given that Ridley Scott is going to butcher the classic ala George Lucas, I find myself suddenly about to buy the old directors cut. How is the tranfer? Color, black level, grain etc? How is the Audio? 5.1 at least? Thanks, - Todd
  10. Todd McF

    Star Wars and N SYCH? How is this movie not going to suck?

    Ok, thats it. I've seen the laughable trailer during LOTR and I was deeply pained by the dialog. I'm not attacking the actors, its the dialog that's cheesy. "Its all Obi Wans fault!" "Someday I'll be the best Jedi ever!" You've got to be f'n kidding me. Alright, now I read this about N...
  11. Todd McF

    Moulin Rouge & Romeo and Juliet?

    I am buy Moulin Rouge as a gift for my wife and I was wondering if I should pick up Romeo and Juliet as well (sight unseen for both of us). We loved Moulin Rouge, so will we love R&J? Same director right? Just as musical? I also heard of a R&J SE. Is that released yet?
  12. Todd McF

    BlockBuster and Universal

    Maybe this is old news, but I heard from a BB manager that all upcoming Universal Titles will be Pan and Scam only for rental. Fuckers.
  13. Todd McF

    The State of Sci Fi...

    Now this is *just* an opinion, so take it for what its worth. I watched Final Fantasy again and found it a bit more enjoyable the second time around. I heard of people falling asleep in the theater and I couldnt really imagine that until my wife fell asleep during the big New York attack...
  14. Todd McF

    TPM: Critical Weakness?

    I watched this for the fifth time yesterday, and my wife and I agree on what we think is the critical weakness of the film that leaves it, tragically, so flat. Its not the story. The story is there. Yeah, Jar Jar is a pest and the Jedi characters and the Queen where not developed - at all...
  15. Todd McF

    Pan and Scan Crisis....

    I'm royally pissed. I know people are bitching about Ball Buster Video, but wake up! What about Hollywhimp Video and NetFux? I can't afford to buy every frigging DVD I want to see, so I rent most DVD's. The Pan & Scan situation has reached a crisis level. Try and rent The Mummy Returns...
  16. Todd McF

    High Road To China...

    Any hope for this? I saw it many years ago but remember it as a good movie that would look great on DVD.
  17. Todd McF

    Anyone else notice The Family Man transfer?

    I settled in to watch this chick flick and debated whether I'd even bother powering up the sub. I did finally get up and hit the switch So they bothered with a DTS track for whatever reason. OK fine. Well, I was *shocked* at the video transfer. Its up there with Gladiator - and its a...
  18. Todd McF

    War DVD Opinions....

    OK, all this Pearl Harbour talk has gotten me on a war rampage. Here are some more obscure titles that I'm interested in knowing the DVD quality of etc... Midnight Clear - Does it even exist???? Paths of Glory - Pan and Scam??? Was it filmed that way? Tora Tora Tora - Hows the quality and...
  19. Todd McF

    WARNER: Bashki's Lord Of the Rings in P&S - A DISGRACE

    Warner should display a little more integrity in its business practices. The decision to ride the tailcoat of Jackson's LOTR and maximize market share with its Pan & Scan butchery is nothing short of pathetic. Warner's current business practices are a disgrace to the heritage of a once...
  20. Todd McF

    Speaker Stands - Sand or Cement Fill?

    Hi, I've been building 15 inch speaker stands with square oach risers (measuring 3x3 inches internally). I bought cement for fill, but I wanted to check to make sure that was the way to go. Should I just use the cement unmixed or go ahead and mix? Should I use sand instead? Any reasons...