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  1. BrianVan

    DVD Audio

    Is there a need to hook up the 5.1 composite outputs for DVD-A our will the same sound come through using either my digital or optical input? I'm kind of confused on this DVDA thing.
  2. BrianVan

    Speaker set up/ low frequency's

    What is the norm for setting up speakers? I mean, should I be allowing low frequency's to pass through to my center, fronts, rears and sub or should I restrict the low frequency's to just the sub?
  3. BrianVan

    Set screw connectors

    When installing set screw connectors to the ends of speaker wire, what is the best way to do it? Do I put the set screw directly on the bare wire or do I push the wire in as far as it goes and screw the set screw on the outer shielding?
  4. BrianVan

    QuietZone Acoustic Batts???

    Has anyone used these? Are they worth it or am I just as well off using regular insulation? These are made by Owens corning. Brian
  5. BrianVan

    H/K AVR7200 or AVR8000?

    I am undecided on which one to get. I want an upgrade(I currently have the Marantz SR5000) that will last me for quite some time. Any comments or suggestions as to which I should get? Brian
  6. BrianVan

    HT set up/ build help

    Hello, I am in the process of framing up my basement and would like some help with construction and placement for my theater system. What is the best thing to use on the walls, floor and ceiling for sound? As of now, my plans are to dry wall and plaster the walls, put a drop ceiling in, and...