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  1. Mike Thomas

    Parasound, Denon, Paradigm

    I have recently picked up the reference series by Paradigm, Ref 100's, cc , 20's and servo 15. I am using a Denon AVR5700 with 140w x 5 to drive the system for now. When I bought the new speakers I knew I was going to have to upgrade amp to drive the system properly. This would be my step...
  2. Mike Thomas

    Paradigm Ref. 100's or 40's

    I am very close to finally purchasing new speakers. I use them about 50%-50% for movies music. The delima is when I listen to two channel music I like to be able and turn up the volume to almost insane levels and would like quality sound without the speaker straining. Would the Reference...
  3. Mike Thomas

    FT: Denon AVR 2700

    I have a perfect condition Denon AVR2700 (80 or 85 x 5?),I used for about a year, I than upgraded to the 5700. This unit has been sitting in the closet in its box with all paperwork, original remote and original reciept. I would be willing to trade this unit for 25 or 30 good dvd movies...