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  1. Burke Strickland

    Isn't it time for another Houston Meet?

    It's time for another Houston meet, don't you think? We could get together at one of the few remaining HT specialty stores, (e.g., more high end than the "big box" stores that sell HTIB, computers, appliances and extended warranties) :>) and then go to lunch as a group. If you have suggetions as...
  2. Burke Strickland

    Houston HT Group Meet Saturday August 26, 2006 -- SVS Demo

    SVS is sending Houston HT Group member Wayne Pflughaupt a set of their new surround system speakers to review, along with a sub, the PSB12-NSD. From what they tell us, it's possible there will be a SB-12 Plus sub coming as well. So here's a rare chance for a few people to get a live demo of...
  3. Burke Strickland


    I this message "takes", I'll be amazed.
  4. Burke Strickland

    Houston Area HT Interest Group Meet - Saturday May 15th 2004

    Springtime for High Def The season is Spring, we’ll be meeting in Spring, Texas and we’ll be having lunch at a place where you can order a Spring Roll. And after you’ve seen the highly anticipated HD TIVO in the featured member’s home theater, you may want to spring for one of those yourself...
  5. Burke Strickland

    TWO Houston Area HT Interest Group Meets January and February 2004

    • If you say “SWEEEEET!” when you see and hear the gear at our first meet for 2004 it might be because we’ll be in Sugar Land. It might also be because the equipment is high value gear with high performance and you’re impressed with the way it looks and sounds. Richard Behling has kindly agreed...
  6. Burke Strickland

    ***Official SCARY MOVIE 3 Review Thread***

    Here's my take on Scary Movie 3 (SM3): it is solidly in the bad-taste-is funny, sight-gags-galore spoof-a-rama tradition of Airplane! (the same director did both). Unlike Scary Movie 2, which was a tired re-hash of the "original" Scary Movie, (which I enjoyed), SM3 treads new ground, parodying...
  7. Burke Strickland

    Texans may be breaking new law if license plate surround touches letters / numbers

    In Texas, it is not illegal to have a license plate bracket or surround. But as of September 1, 2003, it IS illegal to have one that covers up the design that tells what state it is from (including the name ”Texas”) and/or obscure the identifying letters and numbers. According to the story aired...
  8. Burke Strickland

    Holly Cole's "Shade"

    Four years after releasing her previous most-recent album, Holly Cole has returned to her jazz roots with a winning collection of "old favorites" and a couple of surprises that may well become jazz standards after her treatment of them. Although the song list is eclectic, they all have something...
  9. Burke Strickland

    Houston Area HT Interest Group Meet - Saturday, August 23, 2003

    The next Houston-area Home Theater Interest Group Meet will be Saturday, August 23, 2003. (Out-of-town HT enthusiasts are also welcome.) We’ll start at 10 AM and put a recently upgraded HT through its paces (new Samsung 50" DLP TV, along with a Zenith OTA HDTV tuner, as well as a universal...
  10. Burke Strickland

    Houston Area HT Interest Group Meet - Saturday, May 3, 2003

    We are planning a local Houston-area HT meet for Saturday, May 3, 2003. Since a lot of folks wanted to try out the D-Box HT tactile enhancement at Audio Concepts the last time we did this, but weren't able to make it for the demos, we'll go there again this time. They have a number of new movies...
  11. Burke Strickland

    Houston Area HT Interest Group Meet Mid-to-Late October 2002

    Several of us who are "into HT" and who have been meeting off-and-on for several years in the Houston area are planning an HT meet for mid to late October in the Houston area. We've tried several formats, and meeting at a vendor location for product demos (arranged with the vendor in advance...