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  1. brianacook

    Do cell phone towers present a health hazard?

    I recently found out that a call phone tower is to be erected on a hill behind our house. Since many communities oppose the towers saying that the emitted radiation can cause cancer, I figured I would ask the members of the HTF if this is true. Please base your answers on fact and not...
  2. brianacook

    Problem with HD on Toshiba 57H81. Please help!!

    My Dad just got a Scientific Atlanta 3100HD set top box today from his cable company. He has it connected via component video to his Toshiba 57H81. Prior to today, he had digital cable and would view everything in the "theaterwide 1" mode which worked great. Now, when he tries to watch any...
  3. brianacook

    HDTV connection question

    Are the "colorstream/conponent" inputs the only way to connect and external HD decoder (Scientific Atlanta 3100HD) box to an HD-ready (Toshiba 57H81) set? Brian
  4. brianacook

    Toshiba 57H81 coming today. Need help!!

    Unfortunately, it is my Dad that is getting this set today, not me. Since neither of us have owned a widescreen set, I have a few questions. 1. Could someone recommend some initial settings (contrast, etc) to use until I have a chance to use the Avia disc. 2. When viewing an anamorphic...
  5. brianacook

    screen dimensions of widescreen sets

    Does anyone know the screen dimensions (height and width) of widescreen sets? Specifically 56" and 65" ones. Thanks. Brian
  6. brianacook

    Difference between Toshiba 57H81 and 57HX81

    Just wondering what the major differences are between the Cinema Series and Theaterwide models. Thanks. Brian
  7. brianacook

    Need some HD-ready TV advice for my Dad!

    My Dad is talking about buying an HD-ready TV and I want to make sure he gets what he needs for the best price he can. Here are the details: He currently has a 42" RPTV that is quite a few years old. One or more of the guns are shot and the picture is horrible. Our cable company will be...
  8. brianacook

    How is the Scientific Atlanta 3100HD cable box?

    My cable company will be providing HDTV service in the near future. I got this off of their website and I was just wondering if the set-top box they are offering is a good one. This is a bit premature as I do not even have an HDTV (yet). Anyway, here is what they are saying. "When you...
  9. brianacook

    need to split mp3 file

    I'm looking for a good program that will split a large mp3 file (album) into smaller files (songs). The most important feature to me is ease of use. Thanks. Brian
  10. brianacook

    Trees Lounge fans, beware!!

    I just received the "new" version of Trees Lounge that was released yesterday. Although this version was supposed to have been identical to the prior release with only a price reduction, that is not the case. It is a full-frame version with no supplemental material. Brian
  11. brianacook

    partable mp3 player question

    are there currently any portable mp3 players other than apple's ipod that utilize firewire? i have seen none. since i am a windows user, i will have to wait for ipod to be made for windows or just get a usb player. any suggestions. brian
  12. brianacook

    CD-RW drive not recognizing discs!!

    A few weeks ago, I purchased a Sony VAIO PCV-RX540 with a DVD-ROM drive and a CD-RW drive. When I first tried to burn discs (using WIndows Media Player for XP), it wasn't working right. I discovered that I was trying to burn at 24x and the discs could only handle 16x. I reduced the speed...
  13. brianacook

    Help me find Yoshi's Story for my son!!!

    My son wants Yoshi's Story for N64 for Christmas and I cannot find one online. The few places I did find it, they were out of stock. If anyone knows of an online retailer that has stock, please post a link. Thank you!!! Brian
  14. brianacook

    best way to get analog home movies into pc?

    i just purchased a sony vaio and i would like to be able to load my old analog home movies into the pc to edit and then output to vhs. what is the least expensive way to do this? thanks. brian
  15. brianacook

    how do i clean a playstation

    my playstation is having trouble reading discs and i think it may just be dirty if that is possible. is there something i can buy to clean the laser or whatever? like a vcr head cleaner type product? thanks. brian
  16. brianacook

    need info on windows xp

    i am about to purchase a new pc that is coming preloaded with xp. can someone direct me to a website that gives the best overview of this new operating system? thanks. brian
  17. brianacook

    any sony vaio recommendations?

    i plan on purchasing a new pc this coming weekend and the sony vaio pcv-rx540 seems to be able to offer me the most bang for the buck i can afford. does anyone have this particular machine? any positive or negative feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks you. brian
  18. brianacook

    question about the movie "high fidelity"

    does anyone have a list of the songs/albums that were mentioned in the movie "high fidelity"? a link to the script would also work. brian
  19. brianacook

    happy days question

    does anyone remember that name of the gang fonzie was in when happy days first started? was it the same gang that bag was in? brian
  20. brianacook

    comcast digital cable

    i wasn't sure which area to post in, so i hope this is in the right place. a friend of mine who lives in philadelphia just got comcast digital cable installed. problem is, the cable box has no s-video output AND no output for digital sound, even though the box has the dolby digital logo on...
  21. brianacook

    eagles - rams matchup

    well, i'm all set for the eagles home opener this sunday. i will be there cheering on the green & white of course, but it should be a tough game. any predictions?? i think the birds will prevail, but it will be close. having troy vincent get hurt yesterday really sucks! brian
  22. brianacook

    anyone ever heard of "the badlees"??

    this is a local group from east-central pennsylvania. they have released a few records on a major label but never really went anywhere. i was just wondering if anyone else out there on the htf has heard them. if not, give them a listen. i'm sure some of their dongs are available on the...