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  1. Joel Vardy

    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    Finally some good news...been waiting for over a decade...hope a BD version is in the works as well since most interested parties will likely have this capability in the probable timeframe (09/10?)...hope there is some effort to produce some new extras (like the influence this film has had on...
  2. Joel Vardy

    Annie Hall question...

    I've got a high def version recorded on my DVR (probably from a HDNM broadcast). I wish they would bring it on BD sometime soon. I agree that the SD version doesn't do it justice...oh well...I may be able to record onto a DVD through component if no imminent quality version is forthcoming... Joel
  3. Joel Vardy

    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    Another year with no word? There is no doubt in my mind that if the interest would be consolidated that Paramount would feel some pressure and perhaps get a clue...The market is there... Joel
  4. Joel Vardy

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    I got an unusual surprise. They've refunded the shipping costs (which were considerable (over $20)... Joel
  5. Joel Vardy

    African Queen at Barnes and Noble?

    I've been tracking the 'development' of this title on DVD for many years. I also have the mediocre region 2 release with Cardiff's commentary. Paramount seems to have dropped the ball on this one and I don't hold out much hope of this being rectified in SD. It might, in some future...
  6. Joel Vardy

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    I've tried to find where to put the free shipping code...anyone able to advise? Thanks... Joel
  7. Joel Vardy

    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    Another year has passed with no word. By far, the most anticipated unreleased title for me. I believe someone once said that this will be the 'last' of the AFI list to be released -- which leaves the Jazz Singer ('27) yet to be released next... any word on that title? Joel
  8. Joel Vardy

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Did anyone get the lines of that old rock hit with the repeated line "you keep on going on..."? It seemed like Chase was telegraphing the ending...nicely done (especially with the additional song titles near the end -- on the diner jukebox menu)...the message was there... Joel
  9. Joel Vardy

    Ace In The Hole restoration - DVD Release on 07-17-07 See Post #66

    This is a major disappointment after several years of assurances (from combined studio sources and one of the mods) that this one was being actively restored. Licensing to Criterion would certainly make sense and would be a bit of a coup for them. Paramount has 'dropped the ball' once...
  10. Joel Vardy

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    Finally received my replacements yesterday -- after being among the first to call in. Better late than never. The process took about 6 weeks... Joel
  11. Joel Vardy

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    This 'process' has become quite frustrating. I have gone through the process of calling in and receiving the assurance of getting a call-back within 24 hours. Naturally, this did not happen. I then proceeded to call them to verify that they hadn't called me and give them my particulars. They...
  12. Joel Vardy

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    Just got my SASE today. Guess they shipped these things out alphabetically...I believe the number hand-written on the envelope maps to our ID and address. I put a return address on the back, just in case. I still don't expect to get the corrected versions before the end of the year... Joel
  13. Joel Vardy


    Glad to hear that 1900 has a good transfer (I picked it up from Amazon) since The Last Emperor may be one of the worst in my collection. I hear that non-R1 releases are much superior. I might have to break down one of these days for one of the imports unless we start hearing about a redo of the...
  14. Joel Vardy

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    Called yesterday to confirm that my name/address were properly filed. It was reassuring to find out that everything was in place except the mailings are still not sent after more than 2 weeks. They indicated that they would 'try' to get them out this week or next...Whenever anyone gives me this...
  15. Joel Vardy

    AFI missing titles

    I've sent several emails to Bill over the last few years with not a peep or response. I guess their information is old or was never as solid as they thought. It would be nice to have some updates or remove their dated speculation about these titles being readied for release... Joel
  16. Joel Vardy

    AFI missing titles

    So essentially, I see no reason to expect either title during the first half of '07 and perhaps for the remainder of the year. Looks like Jazz Singer may be one coming out sometime during the year, if at all, based on some of the speculation. If there was a fraction of the interest expressed in...
  17. Joel Vardy

    AFI missing titles

    I have posted this subject in past years but I thought this was worthy of another try since we are in December of '06 and roughly 10 years since the format was introduced. I'm curious about 2 titles still MIA from the 100 movies 100 years list. My main title of interest continues to be The...
  18. Joel Vardy

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    I called the first day of release -- never received a call back so I called in. Anyone get the mailers yet?
  19. Joel Vardy

    So who is sticking with SD DVD and why and for how long

    Very satisfied with SD for now. With over 2000 DVD's in my collection it would be prohibitive to replace a significant portion of it (as if there were that many titles available yet). Additionally, my HDTV does not have a HDMI port (it is a 3rd gen Mitsubishi RPTV -- WS55805) so upscaling is not...
  20. Joel Vardy

    Superman: The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

    Got the last tin from my local CC for $59.99 (obviously an error that went my way). Had just enough time to sample a couple of disks and they looked great!! Called the number mentioned and they promised to call me with instructions for the exchange by this am... Hope they uphold their promise --...
  21. Joel Vardy

    Weekly RoundUp 11-28-2006

    Bought Superman Ultimate Kit for $59.99 at CC -- clearly a mistake but one that I understand was made with all their sets. Their ads show $69.99 but the tag on the box shows it at $10 less. Joel
  22. Joel Vardy

    Weekly RoundUp 11-07-2006

    Got the target bonus disk with my Cars purchase. It seems like a reasonable deal (comes with its own case and is shrinkwrapped together with the 'normal' case). Though not overwhelming in content length the $4 difference seems to be worth it for me (even if it gets duplicated in some future...
  23. Joel Vardy

    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    I've been asking for this one for the 9 years of the format's history. Paramount seems to have 'dropped' the ball after insinuating that they were restoring it for 'imminent' release (or within a 'reasonable' timeframe). This is my most anticipated title -- yet I've been disillusioned about its...
  24. Joel Vardy

    With half of 2006 almost gone, which official upcoming DVDs excite you the most?

    Of course I am speaking for myself (and any comments and/or prognostications are purely intended to stimulate discussion). I had no intention of downplaying the enthusiasm around HD, though the initial reviews by The Bits gives me pause... and some relief, given my huge investment in standard...
  25. Joel Vardy

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The John Wayne / John Ford Film Collection (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Great collection of films for a very reasonable cost ($55 delivered from Amazon in my case with free 1-2 day delivery for being an experimental Prime member). Even if Searchers and Stagecoach would be only marginal improvements for the double dip I look forward to the extras. Joel
  26. Joel Vardy

    IT's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Restoration

    Thanks Ron, (and Paul) but wouldn't an update of 'progress' or perish the thought an imminent release be due after 2 years? Something tells me this project has either been put on 'hold' or dropped. I did Tivo a pretty good looking print recently (from a TCM showing) and I still have the...
  27. Joel Vardy

    IT's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Restoration

    I don't mean to hijack this thread. I also hope this restoration does happen before time expires on the aging process. My hope is also that the long awaited The African Queen gets some attention from Paramount. Anyone have any thoughts on this? The rumors seem to be just that 'rumors'... Joel
  28. Joel Vardy

    Steven Spielberg's Munich - 5/9

    Just went through the full movie + extras of the 2-disc LE and I have to say that the film was expertly and beautifully made and presented and the extras were extremely well done. I wish there was a 'play all' function on the 2nd disc but I'm quite happy with the treatment overall. I was...
  29. Joel Vardy

    Steven Spielberg's Munich - 5/9

    Just called customer service and they couldn't make the adjustment yet since the product is not shown as available right now. They did say that should the product become available at the $25.99 price within 30 days to call back and they would take care of the adjustment. I'll keep checking on...