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  1. Larry.P

    Question About "My Three Sons"

    The Lucy releases they licensed from CBS are NTSC, region 4, at least according to the Shock website.
  2. Larry.P

    The Carol Burnett Show - Complete Series on Shout Factory TV

    I've been watching and recording on FOLK TV. It airs in hour-long blocks, but is really 2 half-hours. These configurations are getting more complicated than Time-Life DVDs. Unlike ME-TV (which skips a bunch of episodes all together), the FOLK-TV airings have a half hour dedicated to every...
  3. Larry.P

    Kino Lorber has TV Titles from Universal...

    Nope. The insider said the show they are releasing had a previous US DVD release.
  4. Larry.P

    Kino Lorber has TV Titles from Universal...

    The Kino Insider mentioned earlier this week on another forum that the Universal TV series they are releasing on blu has already had a DVD release. That quashes a good number of the guesses/hopes on this thread - at least for now.
  5. Larry.P

    Our Miss Brooks on DVD

    I ordered volume 1 and volume 2 when they first came out. My volume 1 had disc 1's content on disc 2 and disc 2's content on disc 1. Even though I had all the episodes, it bugged me that the disc content didn't match the labels. I ordered a replacement set for volume 1 and the discs were all...
  6. Larry.P

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    I believe the episodes will be more complete than the ME-TV airings but less complete than the original broadcasts. CBS went back to the original negatives when they did the transfers. Unfortunately the negatives were cut.
  7. Larry.P

    TV on DVD news roundup

    'Act of Violence' was released by CBS (MOD) back in 2015
  8. Larry.P

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    It is the DVD version that has the statement: "Widescreen version presented in a "matted" widescreen format preserving the aspect ratio of its original television exhibition". This statement is not on the blu-ray box but likely (hopefully) still applies.
  9. Larry.P

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    The verbiage on the rear cover art posted at WBSHOP says "This 2-disc Blu-ray set features 23 of the best and spookiest capers".
  10. Larry.P

    The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1-5 On MeTV

    ME-TV (at least on both stations in Los Angeles) blows up the picture to make it more widescreen friendly. For me it makes it almost unwatchable.
  11. Larry.P

    Crowdfunding as a way forward for shows like The Defenders

    I can see it working for independently owned shows or shows being released through a minor label. I have a lot of respect for what Classic Flix tried to do with Blondie - and in the end they still delivered a quality product. It's a difficult sell to tell someone that a multi-billion dollar...
  12. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    It wasn't them, it was CBS - disappointing sales with their 3 trial runs of classic TV on Blu (The Honeymooners, Andy Griffith season 1, I Love Lucy season 1). Season 2 only came out because most of the work was already in the can when season 1 was released. CBS didn't know how to handle...
  13. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    The Lucy Show DVDs were a labor of love for all involved, and yes I know Mr. Maietta. There were only a few things I wish we had been able to change, but those sets were near perfect as far as I'm concerned!
  14. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    The credit goes to Tom Watson and Jonathan Angus.
  15. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    There are no plans for any "Lucy" Blu ray releases at this time. CBS could always decide otherwise.
  16. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    I was heavily involved with the original "Lucy Show" DVDs at CBS (worked with Tom Watson's team) and peripherally involved in the later I Love Lucy sets and blu rays. I was associate producer of the Lucie Arnaz interview that was used on this set (ported from "The Lucy Show" season 1). Just...
  17. Larry.P

    LUCY: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION featuring "Life With Lucy"

    Received my set yesterday and can verify that it contains the complete "Celebrity Next Door". Not only is the "strawberries" dialog present, but all of the footage that was presented as extra on the original DVDs is now put back into the show. There is even an additional quick exchange between...
  18. Larry.P

    Question about Make Room for Daddy (a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show)

    FYI for those who don't know, there is a beautiful HD transfer of this episode with original opening and cast commercial on the CBS blu ray release of The Andy Griffith Show Season 1.
  19. Larry.P

    My Little Margie - Complete First Season on DVD!

    I received this set a few weeks ago. They are DVD-R (not pressed). 13 Episodes across 2 discs. Cheap packaging. The episode quality is surprisingly good. Each episode runs 26 minutes plus some change. The "RE-TV" logo appears at the end of each episode which implies these are from the same...
  20. Larry.P

    I'm gazing again!

    Count me in as another hoping for "The Danny Thomas Show" to be next after "Joey Bishop".
  21. Larry.P


    "Our Miss Brooks" has the same issue. CBS is unsure if they have the home video rights outright or if there are issues with the Al Lewis estate.
  22. Larry.P

    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    I'm down for The Practice. They've had it streaming but I want it on disc.
  23. Larry.P

    Time/Life Press Release: The Carol Burnett Show: Carol's Lost Christmas

    The episode is on this set, but the entire Scrooge Finale has been edited out. You can see everyone in their Scrooge outfits as they say goodbye, though.
  24. Larry.P

    Love That Bob

    ... and "I Married Joan" is airing the next day on Decades.
  25. Larry.P

    The Real McCoys

    When I first saw the Classicflix announcement I got super excited because I thought they were releasing it on their own label and just maybe we were finally getting the full-length versions. Then my mind wandered that if they had struck a deal for that show then maybe they could do the Danny...
  26. Larry.P

    Vintage TV Series You Want To See The BD Treatment?

    From CBS: I Love Lucy with all of the original network broadcast versions The Lucy Show (they would still need to xfer season 4 to HD). Our Miss Brooks (unfortunately syndicated cuts). When I was working on the Lucy Show DVD sets, I was told that CBS was unsure of the legal issues with...
  27. Larry.P

    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    When I was helping with "The Lucy Show" Season 1 DVD set, we were going through original broadcast elements and there was a short promo for "Many Happy Returns" at the end of some of the episodes. Since then I have been wanting to see that series. I always liked McGiver.
  28. Larry.P

    Crystal Ball time once again!

    Even worse is the "faux widescreen" that ME-TV now uses to broadcast. I don't know why any fan of classic TV would want to watch an old show this way. I can't stand it. Major bummer.
  29. Larry.P

    TimeLife announces "The Lost Episodes" of The Carol Burnett Show

    I'm not sure if anyone has been able to purchase this without having previously purchased the set. I gave them my info and they were able to confirm that I had purchased the full Lost Episodes set already. I explained that I supported the release from the start, and would like the bonus disc...
  30. Larry.P

    DVD Review I Love Lucy Superstar Special #1 DVD Review

    One major plus with this release is that this marks the official DVD debut of the full uncut version of "LA at Last". The season 4 DVDs had the missing footage for this episode as a bonus, not integrated into the show.