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  1. Jeff_CusBlues

    Wanted: freeware program that will divide up mp3 file

    I've not used this program, but I've used Audacity to slice files and not had the pop problem. Just my .02.
  2. Jeff_CusBlues

    Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection - Oct 14, 2008

    Thanks for the list and links Paul. I got into DVD too late to get the three OOP Criterions and don't want to pay the high Ebay prices so this new set is wonderful for me. I'll definitely be buying it. Your post also reminded me I need the Criterion 39 Steps and Lady Vanishes as well as the...
  3. Jeff_CusBlues

    George Carlin dead

    The greatest comedian of all time IMO. He will never be duplicated. His 7 Words piece was also my introduction. There is far more though. I could never get enough and never missed an HBO special. I also saw him live twice. During a Carlin retrospective I saw rerun on HBO Comedy, Jon Stewart said...
  4. Jeff_CusBlues

    Going thru life being unnoticed

    Did somebody say something?
  5. Jeff_CusBlues

    Hunt for Red October - Universal HD - No Subtitles?

    The SD DVD contains the subtitles as a normal part of the movie (you don't have to turn them on).
  6. Jeff_CusBlues

    PCM vs. Bitstream (Denon 3808 and Panasonic BD30)

    I'm as perplexed as you Jack. I goggled UniPhier and it appears to be a hardware/software design architecture that makes it easier for customers to integrate different equipment (probably Panasonic equipment) by using similar/common design architectures. UniPhier doesn't appear to be related to...
  7. Jeff_CusBlues

    Toshiba DLP bulb failure 42HM66

    The extra year warrantee is only extended to TVs with certain serial numbers. If you got a free bulb, you probably fall within the serial number range. I also had a bulb failure on my 73" Toshiba DLP Cinema Series set. I only had 50 hours on my bulb. That was almost two years ago. My set is...
  8. Jeff_CusBlues

    Do people really carry this much debt on their credit cards?

    Agreed, maybe the median balance would be more meaningful in this case.
  9. Jeff_CusBlues

    biggass nasty SPIDER!

    Welcome to Indiana Darren. As I said above, I haven't used any of the new all purpose bug sprays, but I haven't heard anything bad about them either. Lowes sells a product called Bug-B-Gone that they advertise as a Diazinon replacement. I would try that. Buy the concentrate and mix it in a...
  10. Jeff_CusBlues

    biggass nasty SPIDER!

    I'm not sure about Chlordane, but manufacturers quit making and selling Diazinon voluntarily. It was never banned or made illegal. You are free to use up existing quantities. There are replacements out. I'm not sure how effective they are, but I haven't heard any complaints.
  11. Jeff_CusBlues

    biggass nasty SPIDER!

    Despite what was said earlier, spraying your foundation is a perfectly acceptable method. As long as you use the specified dosage and legal chemicals, it is not harmful. I talked to our county Purdue Extension office and they said the same thing.
  12. Jeff_CusBlues

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles-MOVIE VEHICLES THAT TRANSPOT YOU

    I like submarine movies a lot. I liked Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide and Das Boot. I'll add Run Silent, Run Deep. I have never seen Gray Lady Down so I might have to rent that one.
  13. Jeff_CusBlues

    Beanie Babys, pretty worthless as of April '08 I guess.

    Whew!!! I thought you meant you killed a revolutionary and buried him in back of your barn.
  14. Jeff_CusBlues

    Bull Durham - Collector's Edition

    Thanks, Casey.
  15. Jeff_CusBlues

    biggass nasty SPIDER!

    Get the liquid version of the bug killer you use on your lawn. The instructions should have a mixture for spiders (it is usually stronger). Put it in a pump sprayer and spray along your foundation. That usually takes care of them for a while. Here in Indiana, I get black wolf spiders in my...
  16. Jeff_CusBlues

    Bull Durham - Collector's Edition

    Based on your review, I would probably only be interested in the stripped down 2004 version. Is the 2004 transfer the same as the SE and CE? Thanks.
  17. Jeff_CusBlues

    Free poster offer inside the BONNIE AND CLYDE UE: where is it?

    When was it shipped? That is technically when it was purchased (and when you card is charged). Did this street on 3/25? If so, it looks like you only got screwed if your dealer broke the street date.
  18. Jeff_CusBlues

    Any other guys into cologne?

    I'm pretty old school and partial to the Calvin Klein scents. Obsession, Eternity, Truth, CK One, etc. I also like Ralph Lauren's Green Polo. For every day, I use Paul Sebastian (PS) a lot.
  19. Jeff_CusBlues


    I think penned is an accurate statement. Didn't Mr. Bugliosi write the entire book longhand on yellow pads? The yellow pads must take an entire garage to store. LOL
  20. Jeff_CusBlues

    Kind of a personal question - Have any of you tried online dating services?

    Any good relationship takes a while to develop. No matter how you meet, you need to take a while to discover if the relationship is a good thing for both of you. If you don't like or have trouble meeting people face to face, online dating sounds like a great thing. As long as you are patient and...
  21. Jeff_CusBlues

    Kind of a personal question - Have any of you tried online dating services?

    Cameron. What do you think caused you to be umatchable? J/K
  22. Jeff_CusBlues

    Saturday Night Live: Lost & Found In The '80s

    I don't ever remember anyone connected with the release of the SNL season DVDs saying the 80-85 seasons would be omitted. Did I miss something?
  23. Jeff_CusBlues

    films with Two spirit or LGBT Native Americans/Canadians

    Ah. And Two Spirit has a transgender meaning as well. I just googled the term. Two-Spirit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A little more explanation by the original poster would have been helpful. Good luck with your essay.
  24. Jeff_CusBlues

    Why do people get annoyed with montages?

    Damnit Mathew, you stole my joke.
  25. Jeff_CusBlues

    Clapton and Winwood at MSG

    Sounds cool, but I guess I just prefer the older school original version with the harp. Thanks.
  26. Jeff_CusBlues

    Just discovered George Carlin

    I always liked Class Clown. I first heard it when I was about 11 or so and have been hooked ever since. I saw him twice in the late 80s or early 90s and was not disappointed either time. I rarely miss an HBO special either. Thanks for the heads up.
  27. Jeff_CusBlues

    Clapton and Winwood at MSG

    I see they did Dear Mr. Fantasy. Does anyone know if they had a harp player also? I have the latest Clapton Crossroads DVD which also features Steve Winwood. Dear Mr. Fantasy is done without a harp and IMHO, it is missed.
  28. Jeff_CusBlues

    Lunar Eclipse

    We had clear skys here in Ft. Wayne, IN. My 11 year old son was waiting for this for a long time. He stepped out on the back porch several times to watch the progress and take pictures with his digital camera. Overall, he did a nice job taking the pictures. He also liked being able to stay up...
  29. Jeff_CusBlues

    I need help with new monitor

    I didn't mention this in my original post, but my card is integrated as well. I'm going from memory since I'm at work, but I think it is a Via S3G UniChrome Pro IGP. I searched for upgraded drivers, but came up empty. Ken - I am using XP. I'll try your suggestion tonight. Thanks.
  30. Jeff_CusBlues

    ARGH! I hate LCDs!

    I had one of the plastic screens over my old 4:3 60" Mitsubishi RPTV. It worked really well. It was recommended since I had small kids at the time. I now have a 73" Toshiba DLP. Since my kids are teenagers now, I really didn't think about a protective screen. We do play Wii games sometimes. How...