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  1. Lew Crippen

    What's the difference between Chorizo and Andouille sausage?

    Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and file gumbo; 'Cause tonight I’m gonna’see my ma cher amio; Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o; Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou. I agree that jambalaya does not have okra as an ingredient—then again, neither does file gumbo. But...
  2. Lew Crippen

    Advice on kitty proofing house..

    We have one cat who hates any car ride of any length. We used drugs for him when we drove to Mexico. One cat could care less and one finally protested late on the second day. Drugs for her too.
  3. Lew Crippen

    Make your own pizza - the Holy Grail?

    Make your own sauce for cheap and good.
  4. Lew Crippen

    HDMI cables for 60Hz/120/240?

    Don't spend the money. Look at the specs. 60/120/240 on the display has nothing to do with the transfer rate between the source and the display. Actually I'm pretty sure that you could not tell the difference between 1.2 and 1.3 rated HDMI cables (if indeed there is any). !.3 is the...
  5. Lew Crippen

    Power problems

    Agreeing with Robert: check the speaker connections at the receiver terminals. Also check to make sure that the connections at the speakers themselves don't touch each other (all 5 speakers).
  6. Lew Crippen

    PBS's American Masters: Hollywood Chinese

    I’m still thinking about some of the issues, but as a first comment, I was surprised at what I did not know. Even though I have some knowledge of movies, including the silent era, I had no idea that those early Chinese-American, silent movies existed at all. I hope that some still exist (other...
  7. Lew Crippen

    Reaper Season 2....

    I loved the premise of the show, especially the fundamental reason that Sam works at his dead-end job—because his parents never pushed him to achieve anything or excel because he was doomed at the end. Unfortunately the writing pretty much went downhill, with several episodes using scenes...
  8. Lew Crippen

    A Buffy The Vampire Slayer film, possibly without creator Joss Whedon

    I'm in agreement with Chuck. Love the series and the potential outrage will be even more entertaining.
  9. Lew Crippen

    PBS's American Masters: Hollywood Chinese

    Thanks Cameron--I just set my DVR.
  10. Lew Crippen

    New receiver old speakers

    Not necessarily. It is not so much the age of your speakers, but rather their efficiency and the (clean) power delivered by both your old and new receivers. Often more powerful receivers are actually better for your speakers because they don't clip during sudden volume spikes.
  11. Lew Crippen

    Criterion Press Release: August 2009 Titles (DVD/Blu-ray)

    These two are being released in Blu-Ray. The Last Days of Disco (among others) is getting the Criterion treatment but only on DVD.
  12. Lew Crippen

    Audio Problem Please Help

    Have you muted the sound on your TV?
  13. Lew Crippen

    Do you keep both formats of a film?

    I donate my DVDs
  14. Lew Crippen

    Directv plus DishNet

    The short answer is yes. The best method for connecting depends on your display. Most TVs have multiple inputs: HDMI, component, S-Video and composite. Just connect the DirectTV receiver to one input and the Dish receiver to another. If you would like more details let us know your specific...
  15. Lew Crippen

    Is the LOTR Blu-Ray due sooner than we think?

    Not so much a matter of belief, at least on my part. An opinion or belief would be if you wrote, "I think that Peter Jackson prefers the EE version of LOTR." But when a source is cited by you, this becomes an attempt at a statement backed up by evidence. Just as has been done by quoting...
  16. Lew Crippen

    Is the LOTR Blu-Ray due sooner than we think?

    Todd, when you quote a source, it is up to you, not the rest of us, to provide that source.
  17. Lew Crippen

    The Amazing Race season 14

    Very true Mike. And they had to overcome their lack of physical skills in a couple of instances in order to advance. As an aside, I thought that the sisters did really well in managing to recite the menu orders.
  18. Lew Crippen

    Is the LOTR Blu-Ray due sooner than we think?

    Of course there is the other side of business greed. Maximizing shareholder profit. Something corporations are obliged to do.
  19. Lew Crippen

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU

    Personally I'm hoping that more obscure titles get BD releases.
  20. Lew Crippen

    Is the LOTR Blu-Ray due sooner than we think?

    No problem with simply wanting anything. But that is a far cry from some of the rhetoric in many of the posts (including yours) discussing this issue. In the end, studios need to maximize profits--and so long as they are not misleading their customers (and in this case they are not) I see no...
  21. Lew Crippen

    Are tanning salons safer than they used to be?

    Actually the skin cancer capital is Australia. I had many friends there with mild to serious conditions.
  22. Lew Crippen

    Paramount boards the BD+ bus...

    Point taken, even though the international protection afforded by copyright laws are mostly honored in the breech in my neck of the woods. Nonetheless (and aside from the use you cite in your post) I have found very few of those who actually create things (music, videos, movies, software...
  23. Lew Crippen

    Paramount boards the BD+ bus...

    Some interesting points Ryan, but surely you are not suggesting that it is OK to offer copies for sale.
  24. Lew Crippen

    Paramount boards the BD+ bus...

    Equating the Declaration of Independence and not liking copyright protection and laws that attempt to control copying products is a bit over the top.
  25. Lew Crippen

    Arranging DVDs non-alphabetically

    I arrange by director. In the case of (a very few) multiple director DVDs (e.g. Criterion's double set of The Lower Depths, I catalog by the lowest director in the collating sequence. This solves the multiple genre problem and still maintains some order. To be sure, I tend to consider...
  26. Lew Crippen

    500 gigabyte discs

    Of course there are a few related items that can be put on one 500gb disk. You mention a few. There are others for cinephiles. For example, some might like the collected works of Jean Luc Godard on a single disk. Or every movie that Henry Fonda ever made. One could go on—but what’s the point...
  27. Lew Crippen

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Other for me is In the Mood for Love
  28. Lew Crippen

    No Video!

    This all depends on your available inputs and outputs. Let us know a bit more.
  29. Lew Crippen

    Is my set-up the best for my system???

    Hola y bienvenido Mark. Actually you won't have a region problem with Blu-Ray disks, because all of North America is in the same region (A). Actually region A includes Central and South America as well as some of East Asia, so you won't really have a problem. You can use your DVD player...
  30. Lew Crippen

    Digital Coax

    You may not be able to tell the difference between 1080i/1080p in any case. Before making any changes, set up your display and a source (e.g. BD player) that can deliver the same picture in both 1080i and 1080p. Check both to determine if you can see a difference (at the distance where you...