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  1. Chris Hovanic

    Pop-up Campers - any advice?

    A friend of mine and also a cousin twice removed have tent trailers. They both go camping between 8-12 a year with no major problems. They both take care of thier trailers though. I think that is the key even with a full size trailer, fith wheel. or RV you need to take care of them. I...
  2. Chris Hovanic

    Cheap web hosting/domain registration advice?

    I use Future Point Here is a breakdown of thier services Also note the free email addresses. They will register your domain for free when u sign up if you have not done so already. Thier support is all done via the web and email and they are very quick to reply. Good Luck
  3. Chris Hovanic

    Why does wireless networking hate me?

    Might adjust what channel your using. Your 802.11 b or g wireless system should be able to co-exist with the other 2.4ghz stuff you have. I can connect to my linkysys which is in the front most corner of my garage from anywhere on my property (10,000 sf lot) that includes upstairs in my...
  4. Chris Hovanic

    What the best software to use these days for posting picture galleries to the Web?

    One option is to start a blog at and use Picasa to upload pictures. Works real well but you would not have the ability to catagorize your pictures. I use Gallery to orginize my pictures on the web. Im pretty sure Gallery will not install to your comcast "Free...
  5. Chris Hovanic

    Counting to 10 at twenty months old. Parents please chime in...

    I find myself amazed all the time with my son. I have no idea really what level he should be at. He is 3-1/2 now. 2 weeks ago he brought home colored pictures with his name on them that were written by him. Im thinking... "should he be able to do that at 3?" I congragulate him and encourage...
  6. Chris Hovanic

    Is that conterfeit Mini Cooper commercial meant to be a joke?

    That commercial had me rolling on the floor... it kinda had me going for a second... Anyone have a link to the commercial?
  7. Chris Hovanic

    Leerrrroooyyyyyyy Jeeennnnkkinnsssss!

    lol... Its taken some time but made it to the HTF.... Im sure it was staged but funny none the less. The funny part to me is the guy planing the battle. He gets so annoyed that they have to go kill the boss for leeroy. The reason its so funny is Ive played this game with 2 people that are...
  8. Chris Hovanic

    Another DIY rack

    yea... nice rack someone had to post it
  9. Chris Hovanic

    wireless range & high-gain antennas...

    Try differnt channels as well... u may be picking up interferance which is killing your signal. Adjust the antena's that sometimes help as well. If you have a spare dish laying around you can build one of these . These pics are the one I built and it works realy good though its highly...
  10. Chris Hovanic

    Custom Closet Gear Rack

    As luck would have it... While talking to my dad the electriction. He happend to have a rheostat (sp?) all wired up and ready to plug in. Im going to plug that in and see how 1/2 speed will do. I also came across some wire managment arms for a server rack that I am going to atempt to make...
  11. Chris Hovanic

    Custom Closet Gear Rack

    Well after a long time of wanting and planing I almost have my gear rack built. The only thing left to do is band the edges of the shelves, figure out the cooling fans and work on cable management some more. Here are some before pics Here are the after pics The 3 cooling fans are...
  12. Chris Hovanic

    Car top cargo holds

    Thanks for the info guys.
  13. Chris Hovanic

    Car top cargo holds

    Well were planing a road trip to Disneyland this summer and Im looking at purchasing a Car top cargo box. I have found info on Thule and Yakia and was looking for some opinions of these products. I think we are going to stick around 16 cubic feet. (how many duffel bags will 16 cubic feet...
  14. Chris Hovanic

    Child care: Should I use a neighbour?

    and ask how many other adults are in the home while your kid is there? When she answers... "Well, my sisters boyfriend comes over to fix this or that every other day and he really likes the kids. He likes to have them help fix things in the back room." Run, dont walk, as far away as...
  15. Chris Hovanic

    Love at first bite

    [in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice] GROSS!! [/in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice] couple bite off each others fingers And I thought getting my wifes name tattooed on my body was a no no!
  16. Chris Hovanic

    anyone bought the Canon SD400 yet?

    We have 2 digital canons (S500 and Digital Rebel) and the Rebel 35mm SLR. All Three are excelent and take great pictures. You would not go wrong buying the SD400
  17. Chris Hovanic

    This nightly tradition of barking dogs must end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My neighbor approached me a few weeks ago about our dogs. My female dog barks at the rattles in her head. My dogs spend the day outside in their kennel while we are at work. When we are home the dogs come in the house. I was unaware of the dogs barking all day and bothering the neighbor. The...
  18. Chris Hovanic

    Wow...that's all I have to say!

    Sweet ball handling.
  19. Chris Hovanic


    Damn them hangers lol
  20. Chris Hovanic

    Ugh, eBay DVD Pirates.

    What these twinkies do is get their feedback up to about 30 positives Prob using other fake accounts to buy thier fictional goods. Then they start lurking to sucker in 5-10 people. Thats when the negative feedbacks start coming in. Same thing happend (on a smaller scale) to my wife. With my...
  21. Chris Hovanic

    Liars, know any?

    I have someone in my family that is like this... Seen it, done it, or is scheduled to do it next week. This person will agrue that the sky is not blue on a cloudless, sunny day in August. I keep my wife and kid away from him as much as possible and when we are at the same family function I limit...
  22. Chris Hovanic

    Anyone have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

    Well I think im sold... but two questions. I currently have a $250 Kenmore upright with a freakin long attachment hose that allows you to stretch it up to 30 feet or something stupid like that. The problem is that if you start stretching the hose and yyou don'tthave the upright positioned...
  23. Chris Hovanic

    How do you clean the garbage disposal in your sink?

    I cut up lemons and drop 1 or 2 cut up lemons in while its running. Dont drop them in all at once. The whole kitchen smells great.
  24. Chris Hovanic

    Customer loyalty = discounts?

    I think most discounts are for the new customers. Take Cell Phones, Cable and satellite. i've been with the same Cell Provider for over 10 years (though the name has changed two or three times) You think they would give me a free upgrade to a phone that costs them next to nothing? No Way...
  25. Chris Hovanic

    Mount Saint Helens is smokin!

    We (wife, kid, dogs and I) were taking a walk when some guy came running out of his house in his bare feet to see if he could see it. We probably would have missed it if he had not come out.
  26. Chris Hovanic

    Mount Saint Helens is smokin!

    Well she erupted again last night Volcano Cam The big blast in 1980 the plume went up around 15 miles... just amazing.
  27. Chris Hovanic

    Help me with ideas for a prom suit.

    I dont think u could ever go wrong with this look. Have fun with it!
  28. Chris Hovanic

    Car insurance arbitration

    It seems to me that "your" (or anyone's) insurance company is looking out for themselves and no one else. I dont trust insurance companies, hence my synical statement. I would not trust my insurance company to "go to bat" for me. Back in December I was backed into by a truck delivering stuff...
  29. Chris Hovanic

    USB only printer to Parallel only PC

    i have a belkin usb to LPT adapter. Not sure they make it anymore. this is what I found on their site Click the link right here!!!! or you can always get a USB PCI card. Scratch that... yea NT4 will not support USB so Im not sure if the Belkin product will work or not. Plug the thing...
  30. Chris Hovanic

    how do you pronounce "canare"...

    Back when I was looking to build my own cables I went to a local speciality installer to see about geting some canare cable. They pronounced it "kuh-narr-ee"