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  1. Adam Tyner

    Fox: Please Drop DTS-MA for Dolby TrueHD

    ...but it doesn't mention DTS-HD MA anywhere in there. DT-HD stands for "Dolby TrueHD" -- all of the specs I can find on Google for the Battlestar Galactica set (, for example) list TrueHD as an option.
  2. Adam Tyner

    The Contract

  3. Adam Tyner

    I still blame the studios....

    After the fact, yes. It wasn't much of a 'format war' between DVD and Divx, but there was one nonetheless.
  4. Adam Tyner

    A Conversation with Universal Studios Home Entertainment

    These hybrid discs were announced pretty early on, although nothing ever came of them. If I remember correctly, a small percentage of traditional DVD players couldn't handle these single-sided hybrid discs, and even 2-3% of DVD players is an impossibly huge number. There would be one layer...
  5. Adam Tyner

    A couple of surprises from Clerks II - HD-DVD

    Here are two that say they aren't. Admittedly, one's by me. DVD Talk Home Theater Spot It's not out of the realm of possibility that two of the reviewers you cited were parrotting High Def Digest's claim. It's possible that the extras are presented in 1080p on HD DVD, but if it is...
  6. Adam Tyner

    A couple of surprises from Clerks II - HD-DVD

    I believe the inability to upconvert over component is exclusively for material on DVDs, not HD DVDs.
  7. Adam Tyner

    A couple of surprises from Clerks II - HD-DVD

    I'm fairly positive that the documentary was produced in high-definition, but my personal impression is that the HD DVD doesn't present it that way. (...or if the documentary is in 1080p on HD DVD, The Weinstein Company did something bizarre like downsample it to standard definition then scale...
  8. Adam Tyner

    A couple of surprises from Clerks II - HD-DVD

    Quoting Peter Bracke isn't the strongest evidence. It's so far from looking HD to me that I can't fathom how anyone could think that it is. Maybe it's just me. :shrugs:
  9. Adam Tyner

    A couple of surprises from Clerks II - HD-DVD

    The documentary (and all of the extras) are in standard definition unless I need to get the prescription on my glasses revisited. It's 16x9-enhanced, without a doubt, but it doesn't come close to approaching even lousy HD quality.
  10. Adam Tyner

    Does the "Black Dahlia" HD-DVD exist?

    Right -- despite the Best Buy ad and an onslaught of rumors, The Black Dahlia was never officially announced. It's one of the only Universal releases since they started releasing day/date titles on HD DVD to be snubbed, for whatever reason. (American Dreamz is the only other one, I believe.)
  11. Adam Tyner

    Double Dip rumours on "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" are NOT TRUE!

    What's the source of this image? I was just called gullible when I posted this to another forum.
  12. Adam Tyner

    Army of Darkness is an HD DVD Abomination

    I didn't do a direct comparison between the two, but the HD DVD matches what I remember about the Universal HD presentation closely enough. I can't imagine why they wouldn't share the same transfer since Universal HD first aired the movie less than a year ago.
  13. Adam Tyner

    Full Metal Jacket (Blu-ray) Review

    Neither HD DVD nor Blu-ray released Full Metal Jacket. Warner did. There is no technical limitation preventing them from doing so, although for what it's worth, two of Warner's most recent HD DVD releases -- Caddyshack and The Searchers -- include the original monaural audio, and presumably the...
  14. Adam Tyner

    A Few Words About A few words about... 16 Blocks -- in High Definition

    For what it's worth, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has its extras on both sides, so perhaps this won't be something we have to suffer with much longer. 30/9 combo discs (30 gigs on the HD DVD side; 9 gigs on the DVD side) are reportedly in the wings, and if those ever do come to market, that may...
  15. Adam Tyner

    Microsoft leaked list: title-by-title analysis

    A compressionist who's worked on some of these Warner titles is a regular poster to the AVS Forum, and since he was able to list the average bitrate of the T3 disc, presumably that means it's very close to release.
  16. Adam Tyner

    Fake Terminator 2 Blu-Ray Review pulled from web

    That's for The Terminator. The problematic review (although that one was written by the same guy and could very well be total B.S. too) is for Terminator 2.
  17. Adam Tyner

    First BD titles under scrutiny: The Fifth Element and others

    I'm aware, although I'm not talking about 720p displays, so I'm not sure why you're bringing this up. I'm talking about discs encoded at 720p, of which there are none at present. Perhaps that is outdated, though.
  18. Adam Tyner

    First BD titles under scrutiny: The Fifth Element and others

    I don't have the manual in front of me, but I seem to remember it saying that 720p output should be used when the native resolution of the HD DVD is 720p. 720p HD DVD == 720p output 1080p HD DVD == 1080i output I guess the point is to never use the player's scaler.
  19. Adam Tyner

    First BD titles under scrutiny: The Fifth Element and others

    DaViD: A less-detailed post from Stacey Spears The post in question by darinp2
  20. Adam Tyner

    Sony to delay BDP-S1 player until October?

    It could be that Sony Style was only allotted so many players for pre-order, and that first batch has already been reserved.
  21. Adam Tyner

    Who is going to win the Format War and why?

    Bill Hunt? Peter Bracke? The fact that their thoughts so closely reflect the majority of the impressions I've read does seem to point in a particular direction. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's so, of course. I haven't seen anyone claiming that Blu-ray is inherently inferior in...
  22. Adam Tyner

    Who is going to win the Format War and why?

    Are you referring to DTV TiVo Dealer? If so, there's no "claiming" going on whatsoever, and it's not anonymous. That's Robert Zohn from Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY. Value Electronics has, according to Robert and at least one press piece I could quickly dig up, sold 2,000 players --...
  23. Adam Tyner

    Who is going to win the Format War and why?

    I have no idea if there's any merit to this, but the long-standing rumor I've heard is that Toshiba is heavily subsidizing the cost of HD DVD hardware, and Sony is heavily subsidizing the cost of Blu-ray software.
  24. Adam Tyner

    Who is going to win the Format War and why?

    Right. Goldhil's Chronos has still yet to materialize, and Magnolia Home Entertainment's titles are nowhere to be seen. BCI reports that at least two of their August releases -- Night of the Werewolf and Vengeance of the Zombies -- are "on hold". HDNet has four HD DVDs available for pre-order on...
  25. Adam Tyner

    Who is going to win the Format War and why?

    I'd be more than happy to fork over obscene amounts of money to Synapse, Blue Underground, Criterion, and Anchor Bay as soon as they have their first HD releases ready.
  26. Adam Tyner

    Question about the HD-DVD lead-in promo

    I can't remember off the top of my head if the combo discs do, but all of the other Warner discs I've seen include it. It is skippable, though.
  27. Adam Tyner

    Question about the HD-DVD lead-in promo

    Both titles you listed are from Warner. Constantine isn't a Universal release, and Universal doesn't really have a promo preceding their titles.
  28. Adam Tyner

    HD DVD player's upconversion quality?

    It's pillarboxed.
  29. Adam Tyner

    RCA-HDV5000 player!

    The RCA player is by all accounts a rebadged Toshiba, so the dimensions are very similar. RCA's website lists the dimensions as 17.32" x 4.53" x 13.94". I'm too lazy to measure my HD-A1, but the dimensions are listed on Wikipedia as 17.72" x 4.33" x 13.39". Compare:
  30. Adam Tyner

    Blu-Ray 5th Element -> Possible Bad Transfer.

    Widescreen Review is, as far as I know, the only source making such a claim. I'm just about 100% certain they're wrong. Another indicator -- flip over any HD DVD disc confirmed as being dual-layer and you'll see two barcodes on the inner ring -- one bar code for each layer. The combo discs...