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    You know what I find beyond disgusting? Someone trying to shove their views down my throat. I'm sure if I tried, and not very hard, either, I could find something that you like which I don't. Shall I go on a rampage to get that banned? So you have no choice and have to do what I think is best...
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    3D Blu-ray Review Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D Blu-ray Review

    Don't feel too lonely--my daughter & I really liked parts 2 & 3 also, as well as this one. I do like the first one the best, though.
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    Interview Richard Anderson interview and win a copy of The Six Million Dollar Man the Complete Collection

    I loved this show when I was a kid and haven't seen it since. I even had the 6MDM action figure with the removable bionics! Those didn't last long, though. I think my sister stole them. Would love to win this set--count me in!
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    Tax question

    I'm sorry about everything that's going on for you. I'm not a tax expert, and I think she may be wrong about this year's taxes but I have legally filed as Head of Household when I was still married and he had to file married filing separately. My circumstances were different, though. We had...
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    Throwback Cola

    Me, too, and this is my opinion, exactly! I don't really like the throwback Dew, but the Pepsi is good. That's what my son says, too. But he likes diet drinks and I don't, so maybe that's why he likes the throwback Dew?
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    Survivor - Heroes vs. Villians (season 20) official discussion thread

    The second link you provided has this comment, "A Special Survivor airing on Thursday, February 4, 2010" just below the 8:00pm PT/ET only on CBS line. That's probably why The Futon Critic has 2/4 as the start date. It doesn't say what this "special airing" is, but I don't want to miss it so...
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    Survivor - Heroes vs. Villians (season 20) official discussion thread

    I don't have any actual info. on this, but The Futon Critic currently says it's February 4.
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    Green Smearing on laserdisc DVD and yes, Bluray!

    No, it is not. As noted above, this thread is for the green magic marker trick. Or perhaps green cream cheese and bagels? Maybe green eggs and ham?
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    Survivor - Samoa

    Could he get caught up? There are several seasons I missed because I was working swing shift that I thought aren't on DVD yet. Is there somewhere I could catch them?
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    CSI (Las Vegas)- season 10

    Maybe, I don't remember for sure--I was more distracted by their jittery camera shots. I'd have to look away several times just to get through the show and almost gave up. They don't do it as much now, though, so I can keep watching. But now that I think of it, it seems like yes, they did...
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    CSI (Las Vegas)- season 10

    I've only seen the Miami part of this so far, and +1 to the above (except I only watched a few eps of Season 1). Everything they did seemed like a big joke, or yes, a parody. Do they have any competent staff at all? While I appreciate their wanting to tie the episodes together, and I get that...
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    Bones Season 5

    My DVR didn't record it, either. I knew it wouldn't (since it wasn't on the schedule until the last second--I had checked the guide at 6:45!) and had planned to switch over at 8 to see if it was really on and hit the record button. Unfortunately, other things conspired against me and I forgot...
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    Dollhouse - season 2

    My DVR has an episode scheduled to record tomorrow and then lists another on 10/30 which says Part 1 of 2. Are you saying the 10/30 ep. won't air until December? Bummer. I like this show!
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    Survivor - Samoa

    Very true. The second he picked the "comfort" over "function" I told my (16yo) daughter the women on his tribe will be happy, and all the men will be pissed. Cut to the reaction shot and that's exactly what happened. However, as much as we might love our fluffy pillows, in a game like this...
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    Help with Kitten training

    I know it's already been suggested, but first have the kitten checked for a UTI or kidney infection--if this is a new problem it could be medical even though you don't think it is. Second, you should probably have a box for each cat. Some cats don't like to share. One of ours will, the other...
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    Shark cage diving

    I went shark diving at the end of '04 in Hawaii. Saw sandbar and galapagos sharks just like you will. There were a lot of sharks the day I went which was really, really cool. The experience was AWESOME! Definitely one of the "things I wanted to do before I die" as well--along with diving...
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    Have You Had Shingles?

    Johnny--I don't know what kind of other places you have in your area, but here we have a Bi-Mart & a Safeway that both offer vaccinations, and the shingles vaccine is one of them. Our office actually advises patients to have this done there as it is MUCH cheaper than having it done here. The...
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    Have You Had Shingles?

    I'm not a Dr. either (but I do work for several). The shingles vaccine is used to reduce the risk of shingles in adults over 60 who have previously had chicken pox. It is not against chicken pox. Although there is now a vaccine for that as well. Notice is it to reduce the risk, not eliminate...
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    Dang it! I did NOT know this and just now saw this (THANKS!). I've set my DVR for any others but missed the two mentioned above. I would have liked to see them all since there were only 8 of them. Oh, well. Maybe Hulu? (can't check at worked as it's blocked) Or maybe the CW will follow...
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    Borders 40% OFF Til Saturday Only.

    We went to our local Borders this past weekend and their "clearance" had just gone to 50%. It was a very small portion of the CD & DVD inventory, though, and little that I wanted. It's only on the "red tagged" merchandise which seemed quite random. S2 of CSI, but none of the other seasons? One...
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    Survivor: Tocantins

    That's exactly what I hope will happen. Her name is in fact Debbie and she's one of my two randomly-picked-out-of-a-hat people in our office Survivor Pool. It's only for a few dollars, not a million, but I still want to win! (My other pick was Sydney and I was very sorry to see her go, too, but...
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    I had LASIK done in September of '00, so over 8 years ago now. Best money I ever spent on myself. I couldn't wear my contacts for 1 week before surgery, and didn't have any glasses, so that was pretty difficult. Co-workers were nice enough to give me rides to/from work though so I didn't have to...
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    Calls for delaying digital TV switchover

    It doesn't even say w/in what timeframe people have to request replacements for their expired coupons. It seems that the people on a waiting list are going to be on there for an indefinite amount of time . . .
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    Calls for delaying digital TV switchover

    While this is a real issue, I don't see a 4-month delay as helping. What's going to be different in June? Are they going to make the paths better? Are the cliffs going to be leveled? Are locations that don't get reception in February going to get reception in June? If so, feel free to delay. If...
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    Big Bang Theory - season 2

    That's not what I got out of that scene at all. She has never been very bright, (although fortunately they have written her as smarter now than she was in the first couple of episodes). He has always been a lot smarter than she is and they both know that. It seemed to me that she broke up with...
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    Credit Card Fraud- it's that time of year, unfortunately...

    Just happened to me as well. Got a call from my bank and someone had tried to purchase a $700+ airline ticket on an international flight. Apparently, they had also used my cc# to purchase ~$2 of stuff right before and since that charge was small it went through w/o a problem so they knew the #...
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    Pushing Daisies - Season 2

    This was one of my very few "must see" shows. I watched all of last season, more than once, and still bought the DVDs the day they came out (which I never do). I still have a lot of other shows that I watch, but I don't care if they pile up in the DVR--I'll get to them eventually. This one...
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    Why is texting so expensive?

    And that is exactly why my two kids do not have texting at all. We also have Sprint and they are both responsible enough that neither would go over if I limited them (they have never gone over on phone minutes on our shared plan either), but you pay for outgoing AND incoming messages. Do you...
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    According to my DVR next week is still a re-run. The really weird thing is they're now showing it 2x a night on Sundays--and they're both re-runs. We've already had 3 weeks w/o a new episode, two of those weeks it's been on twice on Sunday, and now next week again w/2 reruns. For a show that has...