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  1. Scott DeToffol

    AV Receiver: time for an upgrade

    I made the call and got the Pioneer VSX-LX503. After a few hours of setup, I'm very impressed. I think I waited too long to upgrade :)
  2. Scott DeToffol

    AV Receiver: time for an upgrade

    After 17 years, I think I'm due for an AV receiver upgrade. I've been happy with the 5.1 performance of my trusty Nakamichi AV-10, but I want something new and fun. Here's what I'm looking for: Ample power to drive my B&W 603 S2s and Velodyne FSX-12 sub. I plan on running 5.1.2 by adding front...
  3. Scott DeToffol

    Looking to access old account

    And I'm back. Thanks a lot @Mike Frezon!
  4. Scott DeToffol

    *** Official SUPERMAN RETURNS Review Thread

    I liked the movie. Routh was well cast. I agree that there wasn't much to like in Lois. I liked Spacey as Lex, but I'm sick of him as Superman's villain. I hope the next one gives us someone new and challenging. The action scenes were very well done and the flying was a big step forward over the...
  5. Scott DeToffol

    *** Official BATMAN BEGINS Discussion Thread

    I loved it. The movie really worked for me. I felt BW's struggle to reconcile his conflicting feelings about his parent's death. I liked how the young BW was emotional, but not hysterical - it plays well with the future Batman's ability to keep his very strong emotions in check, if just barely...
  6. Scott DeToffol

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    I think this point is really what bugs me about the film. I simply don't buy that wanting to save Padme's life takes Anakin to the Darkside. Not only to the Darkside, but to being a Sith. Lucas didn't think this was enough either, so he through in a few other reasons (to end the war, pissed at...
  7. Scott DeToffol

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    It didn't pay off for me. I don't buy Anakin's fall. I don't buy that Jedi's are so powerful one minute and then don't even put up a fight the next. The Frankenstein ending with the earth shattering yell produced a chuckle from me, not dread. Prime example: Anakin causes Mace Windu's death...
  8. Scott DeToffol

    130,000+ people die due to tidal wave in Asia...

    Wow. You can kinda see that people are caught so off guard, even as it is happening.
  9. Scott DeToffol

    130,000+ people die due to tidal wave in Asia...

    Video of tsunami hitting Patong Beach in Thailand: Video here Any others?
  10. Scott DeToffol

    TOY STORY 3 (merged thread)

    Here is the potential writer of Toy Story 3, James Herzfeld, saying he just turned in his draft and giving some pretty detailed info. Disney's is planning a theatrical release and doing this without Pixar. There are some spoilers in this interview. Interview
  11. Scott DeToffol

    Wire speakers in series? Mount on electrical box?

    Fantastic information! Thank you Wayne and Brian. As usual, a few points of clarification are needed. First, my friend is opening his first retail operation and cost is a huge issue, that's why I'm helping him instead of a professional. It sounds like wiring the speakers in series is...
  12. Scott DeToffol

    Wire speakers in series? Mount on electrical box?

    I'm helping a friend wire his retail store with five speakers in the ceiling. The ceiling is way up there, probably 30 feet high. We have access to some scaffolding this weekend, which will make the wiring job easier. The ceiling will remain exposed. These speakers will only be used for...
  13. Scott DeToffol problem.

    Looks ok to me. They redesigned the site a few weeks ago.
  14. Scott DeToffol

    Six Feet Under 4.05 "That's My Dog"

    This was a very powerful episode and hard to watch. I didn't like what was happening. I wanted it to stop. The writers did a fairly good job with the events of the hijack, even with some obvious plot problems (David should have driven off). The actors, especially the hijacker, were fantastic! I...
  15. Scott DeToffol

    The Iron Giant SE? When for R1?

    The Iron Giant Special Edition was announced for last year, then it was pushed out. Does anyone have a clue when the Region 1 version is coming out?
  16. Scott DeToffol

    Release Date for Extended Version:Return of the King??

    "Before Christmas" is the official word. Most people say sometime in December.
  17. Scott DeToffol

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    I really liked this episode. The dream sequence was extremely well executed. There were many deep references for fans of the show and fans of movies. And it really felt like a dream. I feel like we are really getting to know Tony as he gets to know himself. This is an extremely painful...
  18. Scott DeToffol

    How do I extend the range of my wireless network?

    I have an older Linksys AP and was getting pretty bad range with the Linksys PCMCIA card on my laptop. Then I bought a Cisco Aironet 352 Wireless card on ebay and I get GREAT reception from all parts of my house. So it may be your card, not your AP.
  19. Scott DeToffol

    Wilco "A Ghost is Born" Now Streaming...

    Nice find, thanks!
  20. Scott DeToffol

    Unreal Tournament goes GOLD

    I pre-ordered and hope to have it by the end of the week.
  21. Scott DeToffol

    Top 100 DVD Census 2004 - THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    Great list! I'm putting some of these on my wish list. 100-81 (4) 80-61 (6) 60-41 (8) 40-21 (8) 20-1 (12) Runner's up (2)
  22. Scott DeToffol

    Trailer for new Japanese live action anime adaptation CASSHERN

    Very interesting, looks high budget.
  23. Scott DeToffol

    Top Albums of 2003

    I had to edit my original post to include Drive-By Truckers "Decoration Day" because it is rocking me. I had the pleasure of seeing their live show on Friday and two days later I'm still buzzing. Great show, great rock-n-roll band. If you like live rock music make sure to go see them when...
  24. Scott DeToffol

    Possible first date soon...... Looking for some female and male advice.

    If you're nervous about being nervous, you might want to prepare a bit for the uncomfortable silences that are bound to happen. You could prepare a few light topics of conversation that you can bring up if you find yourself stuck with nothing to say or questions to ask. If things go well and...
  25. Scott DeToffol

    How far can you hit the penguin (game)

    567 573 576 My best non-skipping hit (darts into the snow): 498
  26. Scott DeToffol

    Sunglasses - I need some good ones

    I love my Maui Jim sunglasses. They have some of the best lenses available. They protect against multiple angles of glare including bounce back from the inside of the lenses.
  27. Scott DeToffol

    WTB - Used HD OTA Receiver

    I'm about to sell my Samsung SIR-T150 OTA-only HDTV receiver. How much are you looking to spend?
  28. Scott DeToffol

    Atom Films releases Hi-Def movies online

    Atom Films has announced films available online in full screen and some available in Windows Media Hi-Def at 720P. Check it out here
  29. Scott DeToffol

    What will be the biggest flop of 2004?

    Pitch Black 2: The Chronicles of Riddick
  30. Scott DeToffol

    Wharfedale Bi-Polar Bookshelf Speakers $60

    NickSo! Don't contaminate HTF with the AGP badness! Ben's Bargins is a great site accept for the twelve-year-olds trolling the discussions.