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  1. Jeff Bamberger

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    Resurrecting the ol' beast...... On my ist gen Panasonic A120 on my old TV (27" analog Sony), I don't remember seeing too much sync issue. With that setup, I was using a composite connection. So I pulled MR for the first time in....years...and the first time since I have my new Vizio 37"...
  2. Jeff Bamberger

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    In the US Press Conference, Phil mentioned that "the Lamb thing" with PG and SH is still a possibility. At the prices tickets cost, I'll just hold out for that possibility......
  3. Jeff Bamberger

    Help Wanted: Oscar Peterson Trio

    I just recently was introduced to the Oscar Peterson Trio and absolutely loved what I heard. What do folks consider to be the must have CDs from the OPT and why? Thanks ahead of time for your help!
  4. Jeff Bamberger

    XM use on an airplane?

    Is one allowed to use a satellite radio on an inflight airplane? I'm pretty sure some airlines pipe in some of the channels, but I didn't know about a portable device receiving a satellite stream........
  5. Jeff Bamberger

    4 Weeks Free Online Movie Rentals

    Is this a one time use code? When you follow the link you see an image of the form/card that was probably sent in the mail.....I wonder if this is a code that anyone can use or if it was intended to be a one time use. If anyone cna use the code, I may do this as most of the online rental...
  6. Jeff Bamberger

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    Ok. I't a Go!!!! European stadiums in the summer of 2007. Banks said Genesis also planned to extend the tour to the United States with 20 dates in September. Link to webcast here didn't work for me: Webcast working link here:
  7. Jeff Bamberger

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    I ordered the DVD yesterday around 4pm. It made it's way to Dallas by 5 this morning. There is an outside chance of it getting to me tonight, but I would guess I'll have it by mid-morning tomorrow. Can't wait!
  8. Jeff Bamberger

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    From While I, for one, would like to see PG tour with them, I will still be very happy to see them tour again. Last time I did was the "Mama" tour. I hope they play a mix of eras.......If they play Duchess, I would be happy......If they...
  9. Jeff Bamberger

    Total Recall THX reviews?

    Maybe this version will have more of Sharon Stone??????
  10. Jeff Bamberger

    trouble with tivo series 2

    My $.02..........And I am surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but ......whichever option you end up choosing, I would make sure you put your TiVo, and any computer/HD based component, on a UPS/backup system. I don't do it for having access to material during an outage. Rather, these devices...
  11. Jeff Bamberger

    Help me understand Tivo features & price

    Hi, A little further information for you regarding the monthly service fee....IIRC, Best Buy is not offering a service fee of $14.......That's a weird number. Generally, there are two options for monthly service. If you buy a box from TiVo, you get a bundled price. Essentially the bundle...
  12. Jeff Bamberger

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    I am very, very excited to get the Donner Cut of S2. I will consider upgrading my S1, only if the video is vastly improved (at leats as far as SD goes). I don't need the extra extras and the theatrical version. What I am also hoping is that letting Donner redo S2 will maybe mean that some...
  13. Jeff Bamberger

    Dave Matthews Band live on XM

    I also left voice mail with a program director over at Network Live.......
  14. Jeff Bamberger

    Dave Matthews Band live on XM

    FYI.....I called XM Listener Care.....they know nothing about this. I just sent an e-mail to the webmaster for the DMB web-site.....I'll post if I get any information.....
  15. Jeff Bamberger

    Dave Matthews Band live on XM

    Has anyone figure out what channel yet? I cannot find anything on the XMRadio web-site. DMB's website notes the event, but doesn't note what channel....... Help.... I really want to record this!
  16. Jeff Bamberger

    Rock Star: Supernova

    When I saw "loving google" I thought you were posting links of Brooke. Liked the pics of Storm, but I did google Brooke and thought this one was kind of funny..... [Edit: I just looked at all of those Storm pics. I am convinced now that she will win. She can sing, she can rock hard, and...
  17. Jeff Bamberger

    Opie and Anthony Returning to Terrestrial Radio

    I'll throw my hat into the camp of "it's a win win situation". I think XM will make out best if O&A heavily promote the content that will be on from 9-11, thus making people want to listen, which should, over the long haul, bring more non-subscribers into the fold. We'll see. BTW, as a...
  18. Jeff Bamberger

    Love my new XM Pioneer Airware

    Jed, Yes, a larger recordable space would be nice. But I don't really see myself as ever really needing something like the Inno down the road....I have my iPod to house my music collection. I might set up more recording sessions if I had the space, but I'm making do with what I have. Can't...
  19. Jeff Bamberger

    Love my new XM Pioneer Airware

    Ooops, double post, sorry.
  20. Jeff Bamberger

    Love my new XM Pioneer Airware

    No problem Ron. I agree, I noticed a lot of negative posts in here. That's fine. It is what it is. When you get something like this as a gift, you truly appreciate it. I guess I would have been happy with Sirius too, but I am very psyched to be able to listen to the Red Sox (sorry) wherever I...
  21. Jeff Bamberger

    Love my new XM Pioneer Airware

    I just got a Pioneer Airware XM2Go for my 40th birthday. I love it. Mine got shipped with one of the old bad batteries, and I'll have to wait for the replacement to come, but that's no biggie for me.....I have my home and car docks all set up. I am also getting a 3-bar full signal in the car...
  22. Jeff Bamberger

    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    Just revisiting the ol' thread to see if anyone has any new biggie. Still like my DTS version, even if there is minor synch issues......
  23. Jeff Bamberger

    Anyone have the Belkin Boombox for Delphi RoadyXT® or Audiovox Xpress® ????

    My wife may be getting me XM (possibly the Delphi ir Audiovox) for my 40th next month and possibly also the Belkin Boom Box. I cannot tell by the pics on the XM site, but does the back of the Boom box have a jack for an additional antenna in? This would allow us to use the boom box in her car...
  24. Jeff Bamberger

    Special Limited Offer on upgrading SkyFi2 to optical output capability

    Does ziggy play guitar? Sorry, I had to ask......
  25. Jeff Bamberger

    American Idol - Season 5

    I heard that Queen will actually be the "backing band" for the performances on Tuesday. Now, someone's earlier post about concert dates this week might complicate the truth of this, but it will be greta if it is true. Edit: I did just look at Ticketmaster and they are in fact performing...
  26. Jeff Bamberger

    Don't expect your Blu-Ray player to dress up your rack..

    Please look at the links on They have some nice shots from CES that show some better looking players.....
  27. Jeff Bamberger

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    I am SO there if this happens.
  28. Jeff Bamberger

    Dolby TrueHD - will it put DTS out of business?

    As long as Spielberg is connected with DTS, they will never go out of business...