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  1. Leila Dougan

    Mortgage advice please (Small budget...)

    I recommend talking to someone local. There are a lot of federal, state, and local programs to help people buy their own homes, particularly for first-timers. An internet company, or one located far away, will not know everything that's available to you so you really need to find someone local...
  2. Leila Dougan

    postpartum depression

    I want to thank each and every one of you for your responses. You've all really given me a lot to think about. I'm also sorry it's taken me a few days to respond. A couple of things. . . The studies done on PPD indicate that while hormones are a part of it, it's more because of a...
  3. Leila Dougan

    Can I live in a condo?

    Perhaps your best bet is to rent something short-term (6 mos or so) while you search for a house. It'll be much easier to do when you already live there and 6 mos will give you enough time to find a house you'll like.
  4. Leila Dougan


    We don't, but some places act like they do
  5. Leila Dougan

    postpartum depression

    Five months ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. She's wonderful, doing just fine, and an absolute joy. But it seems, unfortunately, that I have developed postpartum depression. I'm under care of my OB, on medication, and will be seeing a counselor this coming week. So those details are...
  6. Leila Dougan

    Legally Blind?
  7. Leila Dougan

    Ipod Troubles?

    It sounds like the problem is more with your PCs USB ports than with the iPod. I have the problem more with my laptop than with my desktop and that's because the ports are on the back and they get bumped more easily. Other potential culprits could be daisychaining too many devices or using a...
  8. Leila Dougan

    Is there any way to make a mock webpage?

    If you want your fake page to display instead of a specific page, you can add it to the host file.
  9. Leila Dougan

    Digging up Dad

    Thanks for updating the story, Grant. Your story has really left a lasting impression on me and I've thought about it frequently ever since I read it 3 years ago. It sounds like you've got some closure, at least. If anything new transpires, please update this thread again, k?
  10. Leila Dougan

    Wedding Present. Help!

    We'll just have to agree to disagree. Three years ago at my wedding, I received numerous cash gifts. These were the BEST! I put them towards the downpayment for a house and lemme tell you, I appreciate it immensely. All of the "unique gifts not on the registry" ended up on eBay. Either they...
  11. Leila Dougan

    A large dvd collection isn't just for watching anymore.

    My large DVD collection has take on a new function as well! I can just set my 3 mos old baby girl in front of my DVD shelves and she'll stare at them very intently for a long time. It's all the different colors. . .lots to look at!
  12. Leila Dougan

    Please help me identify what is happening with my phone (land line).

    Typically, they'll give up after a while and double check the number their dialing. I'm sure they're sending out zillions of faxes each night, it just takes time for someone to notice this particular one isn't going through. If you are able to, just turn off the ringer at night so it doesn't...
  13. Leila Dougan

    Legal Question about Best Buy/Computers?

    I would think that if you really wanted the PC, they'd offer an even exchange without any fees associated with it. If, of course, the problems were the only reason you were returning it I don't see why you wouldn't like that offer.
  14. Leila Dougan

    Why is aluminum foil shiny on one side?

    When I'm in a rush to make a baked potato, I cook it in the microwave until it's about 2/3 done, then throw it in my toaster oven for the remaining time. The skin still cooks up nice and crisp and it's well cooked throughout. . .in about 1/4 the time.
  15. Leila Dougan

    How much money should we save?

    Thanks for the advise, GordonL! I definitely don't mind doing my own research, especially since it'll save me some money from having to pay someone to do it for me. I'm not too adverse to risk and I know that it's the long-term trends that are most important. I've got the time so I can weather...
  16. Leila Dougan

    Mandatory Employee Party...

    If your employer is so tyranical, why are you party to it's practices? By working there you are furthing it's cause, no? And if you continue to work there despite your disagreement with it's cause, then what motivation do you have besides your paycheck? So, they are spending $50/person for...
  17. Leila Dougan

    How much money should we save?

    I don't have any words of wisdom since I'm trying to figure this all out. So far the only real answer I've gotten to the "how much to save" question is "as much as you can". Well. . .I hope that is enough for me. I come from a family of longevity - My grandparents are well into their 90s yet...
  18. Leila Dougan

    Hardware Review HTF REVIEW: Harmony 880 Remote

    I completely understand that. But why not just have a piece of software you install? Then, you can tell the software to go check for updates if you need it. And if it comes across a code it does not have, there's an option to notify Logitech so then can build it into the next update. All the...
  19. Leila Dougan

    Hardware Review HTF REVIEW: Harmony 880 Remote

    I'm interested in this remote but I have some reservations about all the configuration being done via a website. I keep having visions of Logitech using information on our setups for less than ethical purposes. Configuration via computer is a nice feature but truthfully I don't want them to see...
  20. Leila Dougan

    How to sign new credit card back?

    Around here it doesn't seem to matter. You get asked for your ID no matter what
  21. Leila Dougan

    How over the speed limit would you have to be to not qualify for traffic school?

    LOL Yeah, these things do vary by state. And that's only what I've been told, but who knows what goes on behind the scenes. I mean, I've only had one ticket so I'm not worried about it but for all I know I was told bad information. It's been known to happen when dealing with large...
  22. Leila Dougan

    How to sign new credit card back?

    You should definitely sign it. You can add "see ID" if you like, but it needs to at least be signed. Accordign to Visa and Mastercard, the card is not valid unless it is signed. In addition, your signature is acknowledgement of the contract you with Visa/MC. According to Visa, if the card...
  23. Leila Dougan

    How over the speed limit would you have to be to not qualify for traffic school?

    I know what expunged means. And that's what I was told what would happen. Last year I needed to find out all of the violatios they had on file for me and I was told "zero". They said that there was a record I attended traffic school (only allowed to go once a year) but they had no record of a...
  24. Leila Dougan

    How over the speed limit would you have to be to not qualify for traffic school?

    And therein lies the beauty of traffic school. When you choose to go, the ticket is expunged and you don't get any points at all My vote is to go whenever you're given the opportunity.
  25. Leila Dougan

    How over the speed limit would you have to be to not qualify for traffic school?

    This is how it is here, except the last part about "going to court" was really "going to the courthouse". I never had to actually be in court. Basically, my ticket said to call such and such a number at a certain day/time. When I called, some woman said to come to the courthouse at another...
  26. Leila Dougan

    How over the speed limit would you have to be to not qualify for traffic school?

    I imagine every place is different. Now, when I attended traffic school there were a few kids in there who got busted for drag racing on city streets. One said he'd been caught going 80-90 MPH or so. Perhaps this was an exaggeration, but I also know that the street he was busted on doesn't...
  27. Leila Dougan

    what are you thinking....???

    So now I'm wondering how many of us are members of TCF?? I'll share my username if you share yours. . .
  28. Leila Dougan

    what are you thinking....???

    . . .did Ted get the idea for this thread from another forum? Another forum I visit has a long-running thread exactly like this.
  29. Leila Dougan

    Woman gains TWO pounds, files lawsuit!!

    I see both sides of this, really. I think it's pretty irresponsible for the National Dairy Council to boast that drinking more milk will help people lose weight. It might make some people lose weight, it might make some people gain weight, and on others it may have no effect at all. It's been...
  30. Leila Dougan

    Bubble Girl

    That's really creepy. Ya know, I sat there and watched for for about 5 min before I realized you could actually move her around! Even stranger that way. . .