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  1. Jari K

    International Sergio Leone Blu-ray thread

    I would say it's literally impossible to get a film like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly "right" on Blu-ray, unless it's fully restored from scratch (negatives). And even then, the overall color scheme would probably be debated. Nothing wrong that Kino releases the film. It's not that the...
  2. Jari K

    PS4 Pro Owners Thread (was PS4-NEO)

    One interesting point is that in stores, 4K models are actually taking over the shelf space. They will try to sell you that 4K model, regardless do you "need it" or not (meaning here, that can you actually watch 4K content etc). So this is how it starts - the "older" 1080p models are being...
  3. Jari K

    PS4 Pro Owners Thread (was PS4-NEO)

    Well, the "format war" still plays a big part in gaming (probably less than before, though) and Microsoft has announced that Xbox One S and the upcoming "Scorpio" will support UHD. So for some people "in the trenches", PS4 Pro is "inferior" product and all that jazz. Even when many of these...
  4. Jari K

    PS4 Pro Owners Thread (was PS4-NEO)

    Wow, 4K PS4 with NO UHD BD support? I did not see this coming. And this is coming from Sony - the company that originally introduced (with the help of others, of course) the Blu-ray format, included it to the PS3 (with great success) and supported it all these years. And c'mon, Sony has released...
  5. Jari K

    Disappointed in WWE Wrestlemania Anthology

    (thread bump, didn't want to create another one for this) Another set of re-releases is probably coming and the rumor is that they will "supposedly be untouched and in its original form, presented similar to the WWE Network". We'll see, since you never know when it comes to WWE. Just FYI...
  6. Jari K

    Night of the Living Dead on Blu?

    New restored Director's Cut with a new 9 minute zombie scene originally cut by the distributer? I like the sound of that. Maybe they can finally resurrect this film from the PD hell. About time.
  7. Jari K

    One Eyed Jacks on Blu-ray

    I believe this was a "public domain" title. How did they resolve the copyright issues? Just curious.
  8. Jari K

    New Finding Nemo?

    At least it seems to have one disc only, so no 3D-version (nor DVD). With animations, re-packages often drop the 3D disc.
  9. Jari K

    Korea: The Unknown War (1988 Thames/WGBH documentary)

    This is actually released on Blu-ray (just an upscaled SD, I'm afraid), but it's not the 1988 Thames/WGBH documentary that I'm looking for: About the 1988 doc... Interesting thing is that the U.S. version of the...
  10. Jari K

    International Finnish war movie "The Winter War" (Talvisota,1989) restored in 4K

    Sure, it's a miles better than anything we've seen previously (truth to be told, the old masters on DVD and TV have been pretty s**tty) and it's taken from the new 4K master, but the German disc is said to be too "pale" (meaning, that they brightened the picture somewhat when they mastered the...
  11. Jari K

    Korea: The Unknown War (1988 Thames/WGBH documentary)

    Is this documentary released on DVD, anyone know? Where can I see it? IMDB: Review: Also, can you recommend other documentaries about the Korean War? "The...
  12. Jari K

    International Finnish war movie "The Winter War" (Talvisota,1989) restored in 4K

    Just wanted to point out, that one of the finest war movies from Finland, "The Winter War" (Talvisota, IMDB: ), has been restored to 4K by KAVI (Finnish National Audiovisual Institute). Here's the article about the restoration (sadly only in Finnish, but...
  13. Jari K

    Walking Dead Season 6

    I believe he wasn't originally scarred in the series, that's why I was asking. First I thought that maybe he was part of the group that Carol and Maggie "torched" during their escape, but that's unlikely. I guess we'll find out in the next season as Walter pointed out. Well, she's tough for...
  14. Jari K

    Walking Dead Season 6

    I believe Negan is a smart enough (at least based on the season finale he wasn't all-out psychopath who just wants to rape and kill - please do not reveal any spoilers from the original comics, guys) to see the potential on Rick and his core group. Sure, they can still be dangerous, but by...
  15. Jari K

    Walking Dead Season 6

    This is an interesting comment, since to me the season 7 will be dramatically different. I mean the group (or the family, or the commune, etc - whatever the best word is since there are other people in the town also) is not "safe" anymore, they don't control their own fate, they'll lose food...
  16. Jari K

    Anyone here in Poland?

    Sorry to bump this old thread (it's probably best to ignore the older posts), but I didn't want to create another thread for my question since the topic is perfect. Anyway... At the end credits, what does the "Opracowanie plastyczne" actually mean? Is it "visual design", or does it mean...
  17. Jari K

    Buy before its gone vs. secondary market.

    UK BD set should be region free and it has a few additional (minor) extra features also.
  18. Jari K

    Criterion Press Release: Mulholland Dr. (Blu-ray)

    I want extended "steamy" scene w Watts and Harring with optional alternate angles. (Kidding)
  19. Jari K

    Die Hard Limited Edition Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I'm pretty sure they'll release this set without the tower at some point.
  20. Jari K

    Barnes & Noble Semi-Annual 50% off Criterion Sale

    International shipping seems to have increased. If you buy, let's say 7 BDs from the sale, the shipping to Europe is around 46$. Oh well...
  21. Jari K

    International The Man With The Golden Arm Blu-ray

    BD review:
  22. Jari K

    Films that should have won the oscar for cinematography

    This list is endless. Blade Runner (DOP Jordan Cronenweth) instantly comes to mind.
  23. Jari K

    The Dead Next Door (3-disc UE - BD/DVD/CD, Indiegogo)

    Indiegogo is closing soon. I believe 10 hours left:
  24. Jari K

    International The Train coming from Arrow UK

    "NO difference at all, not even 2%." Hmm, let me see. In your opinion TT's release is top notch, brilliant etc. Now you say that Arrow's release is virtually identical. And we all know that Arrow is also loaded with extras. You're actually giving some nice, positive PR to Arrow's release, thanks!
  25. Jari K

    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    MisterLime, just wondering.. Did you try to get an interview from Mr Norris for the upcoming (and maybe future) Blu-ray releases?
  26. Jari K

    American Sniper (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    This was a great film. Simplistic maybe and all that, but I believe the film achieved its goals. Bradley Cooper's performance was truly Oscar worthy. Any news on the extras? Maybe some documentary of the real Chris Kyle?
  27. Jari K

    Looking for Kid Scary 1950s Horror/Scifi film seen on TV in early 1960s

    "Use the zoom feature on your TV to approximate the correct framing." C'mon Bob, you know that it doesn't work like that. First of all, by "zooming" (from your tv set) you'll just lower the resolution and there are no guarantees that the "zoomed" ratio is the correct one. I mean would you use...
  28. Jari K

    International Arrow Films/Arrow Video - Blu-ray distributors of classic, world, horror and cult films

    Arrow is kinda old school. Loaded with extras also. You really feel that you'll get your money's worth.
  29. Jari K

    Boardwalk Empire Season 5 (Blu-ray) (DVD) Available for Preorder

    The framing looks a bit too "tight" in this season in many shots. Anyone else noticed this? Now I have no idea how this originally looked (BD is my first time) and no, it's not "overscan" in my tv, but still.
  30. Jari K

    Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown and Bon Voyage Charlie Brown coming in 2015!

    I guess the term "P&S" usually applies to 4:3 versions of "wider" aspect ratios like 2.35:1. Often 4:3 versions of 1.85:1 films are open matte. Or just "cropped".