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  1. todd s

    Time After Time ABC Season 1

    I only watched a bit of the pilot. Just curious to those who watched...Was wondering how they could drag the plot out for a season. If anyone could give me a quick synopsis about the show? Thx
  2. todd s

    Grimm Season 6 - the Final Season

    Interesting way they ended it.
  3. todd s

    Autographed mattes

    Travis, it depends. I do send to agents. A lot go to tv show or movie sets. I subscribe to a production list that shows many production addresses for films. Most A listers do not sign, but some do. Just got back a reply from Cate Blanchett. Will post some more mattes later.
  4. todd s

    Autographed mattes

    Thanks...I have about 30-40 more. Lots of tv shows and movies.
  5. todd s

    Autographed mattes

    I make my own custom cards and then I make the mattes to frame them. Here are a few of them....
  6. todd s

    The Young Pope (HBO - Jude Law)

    I watched the first episode and just don't know what to think. Am I missing something?
  7. todd s

    Lethal Weapon

    Dave, Your opinion is how I felt also. I actually really enjoy the show.
  8. todd s

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 (2016-2017)

    I do hope they make some kind of reference to the Netflix Marvel heroes. How can Shield supposedly be looking for Inhumans and other powered people. Yet, make no mention of the heroes in NYC? Especially, after in Luke Cage he is on tv.
  9. todd s

    "Timeless" on NBC

    I haven't seen the 2nd episode yet. I also know this might sound strange. But, what if some of the small changes they are making is part of the "real" timeline? That is why the terrorist was reading her notebook. Like I said I have not seen the 2nd episode. So my theory could be moot.
  10. todd s

    Westworld (HBO)

    I am thinking the country girl (Wood) is a take off of the original Yul Brynner character.
  11. todd s

    Designated Survivor (ABC>Netflix)

    Like someone mentioned before. They should have been a few other people (ie-Congressman, Scotus Judges) who survived because they didn't go. It would have been interesting to see a lone surviving Scotus Judge. 3 episodes in...Definitely looking like a US based coupe attempt. Which makes...
  12. todd s

    "Better Late Than Never"

    I figure the next location will be South America or Africa.
  13. todd s

    The Good Place - Season 1

    My wife and I only made it two episodes. Just seemed off for me. My only thought was that she is in the "Bad Place". She is a mean spirited person in real life...whats a good way to punish her? Put her in a place where she is surrounded by good people and it drives her crazy. On a side...
  14. todd s

    Westworld (HBO)

    So it looks like the country girl is taking the mantle of Yul Brenner's character from the original.
  15. todd s

    "Timeless" on NBC

    Impressed that they actually allowed a change in history. Usually, time travel shows fix things at the end. Also, I know it would end the show. But, the reasoning behind not just having them go back to before he steals the timeship and stop him them is not good. On a side note. Really...
  16. todd s

    "Better Late Than Never"

    I know the show ended. But, did anyone watch this show? I have to say it was one of the funniest shows I have seen in a while. Great chemistry from the cast. Just heard it was renewed.
  17. todd s

    Designated Survivor (ABC>Netflix)

    I did like the tension and horror felt by everyone. I do like how Kirkman is unsure of himself. Do like that he is not completely the meeting with the Iranian Ambassador. I didn't like the stereotypical General who is ready to commit treason. Also, I really hope they don't make...
  18. todd s

    Star Trek 3..The Five Year Mission Begins

    Again...Why not show Andorians and Tellarites? :( Tino, I did get a pin...Even though I went to the regular showing. ;)
  19. todd s

    Preacher: Season One

    The girl killing the mayor. I guess she wanted him out of the way when Tulip said she could have Jesse. :)
  20. todd s

    Hell On Wheels Season 5 (Final Season)

    Enjoyed the series...Felt like a few of the endings were a bit rushed. I am surprised that with President Grant's help. Bohannon couldn't at least go try to find his wife & son.
  21. todd s

    Justice League (2017)

    Need Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)... Trailer has be excited to see it.
  22. todd s

    Star Wars Rebels - Season 3

    When the show first aired. I was underwhelmed. It was the same group on the same planet....seeming to do very little (for the rebellion). That all changed with season 2. I am lucking how they are showing how the rebellion grew (ie-B-Wings, Y-Wings, etc).
  23. todd s

    Star Trek 3..The Five Year Mission Begins

    Another tiny nitpick... They showed a few aliens on the Enterprise and on the star base. Yet, I did not see any Tellarites, Andorians or Caitians. Missed opportunity.
  24. todd s

    Star Trek 3..The Five Year Mission Begins

    Saw it...enjoyed it. Couple of things...
  25. todd s

    Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    Hopefully, we will get some specifics about the show...cast, time period, etc.
  26. todd s

    Star Trek 3..The Five Year Mission Begins

    They could replace Checkov with Lt. Arex (from the animated series), Lt.Kevin Riley or Lt.Kyle
  27. todd s

    Star Trek 3..The Five Year Mission Begins

    I never heard about Orci's script. Can you elaborate or do you have a link to the story? Thx. I really didn't like the idea that Vulcan was destroyed.
  28. todd s

    The Legend of Tarzan

    Saw it the other day. It was enjoyable.
  29. todd s

    The Last Ship Season 3 (TNT)

    This. I know it may not be as action packed as having international battles with foreign governments. But, it would be cool to see how they rebuild the US. I am curious how many people in the US and the world are left. Speaking of "The Postman". I would like to see how the world changed...
  30. todd s

    Game of Thrones Season Six (2016)

    Did Rickon ever see the "In-Laws"? "Serpentine Sheldon!". Seriously, why would you run in a straight line? Especially, after you see him shooting arrows at you.