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  1. Allen Ross

    Small monitor sugestions

    I am upon my next project. I am looking to build a pair of mini monitors, two way actively crossed. I am looking for extension on the lowend but nothing to big for the enclosure, I know I am asking for best of both worlds but I know there a some ideas out there. I was looking at the Adire...
  2. Allen Ross

    My Lcc Is Complete!!!!

    YEAHHHHHH!!!! Built to Adire specs, with MDF enclosure painted with Rustolium satin black. With 3/4" Baltic Birtch 13 ply for the driver board, used a BEHLEN Solar-Lux™ Stains in red mahogany that some one recommended from and 7 coats of wipe on satin poly from...
  3. Allen Ross

    Tempest HORN LOADED

    Finally Looks like adire has come up with a nice plan to horn load a tempest. from the site the box is going to be around 36X36X18 with extension from 35-200 at 97 SPL and max 125, THD is around 3%. Looks like those IB guys have some competition, build 4 of these in to a wall and i'd say you...
  4. Allen Ross

    Adire Lare Center Channel

    Well I got the 30 pound package today. Looks like this will be a great project, I already completed the XO, just need to solder it. I am planing to create a nice grill for it (it will be my first grill) and I already bought some nice neodymium magnets off ebay. Also I am tossing up the idea...
  5. Allen Ross

    Series II Advents to new HE 10s?

    My rents have a pair of the old Series II Advents. the cabs are in amazing condition, not a major scratch anywhere. The only thing is the tweets are blown and the surrounds are toast. I know theres a big following for old advents but I think its time to upgrade the components. So I have been...
  6. Allen Ross

    Experence with these ports?

    Hey All, I just got the new PE clearance catalog and after perusing it for a bit i noticed these really nice ports. has anyone bought any of them and what has their experience been with them. I don't have any plans that need them right now, but for the price its kinda hard to pass up. I am...
  7. Allen Ross

    Bunk Voice Coil, what are my options

    Okay i finished my 10 by 4 cab the other night and upon firing it up i noticed a buzzing sound, checked the drivers and pin pointed the one that was making the buzzing sound. I placed some pressure on the edge of the cone by the surround and noticed that the buzzing went away. This leads me to...
  8. Allen Ross

    Construction in progress

    I am working on an interesting sub cab that will incorporate 4 MCM 10" drivers, you might have remembered me talking about them a few times, well i finally settled on a design, its about 2.5 cuft box, with the driver board being 24"x24", and about 13 inches deep. As of right now i am working on...
  9. Allen Ross

    Brute Force Frat Speakers

    Okay i have a friend in charge of the audio system at his frat and he has turned to me for advice on what to do. Their system as it stands right now is really really pathetic, an old pair of 3 way 15" KLHs that have been used and abused for way way to long, its makes me shudder just to look...
  10. Allen Ross

    Why are PR so expensive?

    If you think about it the most complex and intricate piece on a speaker is the motor, not only for the alignment but for the cost of the magnets. And yet if you take that away, why are we still left for paying 90-125 bucks for a 15 cone, basket, surround and spider?
  11. Allen Ross

    Got 4 subs, now i need an enclosure

    T/S Prams fs = 23.7 Qts = .22 Qes = .23 Qms = 6.68 Vas = 3.01 cuft Xmax = 12.75mm Sd = .038 m^2 no = .48 % SPL = 89.36 dB/Wm Pt = 175 W These are 10" drivers that i picked up from a friend that got them from MCM when they blew them out, I posted about them a while back, but with...
  12. Allen Ross

    BFD Question, technical

    Quick question, its been thrown around that the BFD adds a time delay of a millisecond, can anyone else back this up? I can't seem to find it in the manual. Also we all know that the BFD messes with amplitude, but what does it do to phase? does it also adjust it, similar to a 31 band EQ?
  13. Allen Ross

    A 10" that really wanted to be a tempest

    linky I got 4 of these from my friend last night, at 30 bucks apiece i don't think they will be that bad. Granted these will be used mostly for music, but they will have huge slam to them. We put two in a box with a volume of about 2.2 cuft and a port get this 80 inches long with a...
  14. Allen Ross

    cheap decent drivers

    Okay its Xmas time (or at least i want to get it done and over with) and everyone wants a new sub, At least i think my parents want one, or I know they want one. Oh hell i just want to make another But seriously we have a small and i mean small Yamaha 8" 75 watter that does okay but its...
  15. Allen Ross

    Folded Horns?

    How come this isn't widely used with subs and giant stacks (mains) in home theater? From what I have read it greatly increases the sensitivity of the driver. The only draw back would be a rather large box with a huge mouth. I know it won't get that deep nothing really below 30, but i...
  16. Allen Ross

    Bose 901 repairs

    I have a buddy who has a pair of Bose 901s that he found the the basement of the frat where he lives and one of them is dead, i am suspecting blown drivers with gone surrounds, So i was wondering where i could locate some replacements, and seeing that i am only doing one i don't think he wants...
  17. Allen Ross

    XXX where can i find one?

    I have scoured the internet and turn up nothing, i have seen them mentioned on other forums i have found on google but not vendors to sell them. BTW i will be using this in a nice Caprice Classic and i am still deciding on a drive, its down between the new Orion H2, XXX, i would love to...
  18. Allen Ross

    Best 27 inch or under, TV for 600 or less

    Okay i am on sort of a budget here, but i think i could swing about 600 bucks. I am in a dorm so space is a concern, i would love to get a nice 36 incher but it would just be too cramped, plus i don't want to have to carry around all that weight ever year or so. So i think i will be pushing it...
  19. Allen Ross

    Cleaning pots

    I know how to clean dishes, I am talking about potentiometers, i recently picked up a Crown IC 150 Pre Amp off of Ebay and the Volume pot is rather scratchy and i was wondering if this is can be a little DIY project, i would love to save the 200 bucks it would cost me to ship it to a...
  20. Allen Ross

    Yippy Skippy, new Toy yeahhh

    Well as i have mentioned before. I was going to invest in a router table, and not a bench top either, i wanted a full on router table that will be able to take anything i throw at it, so i did some research and was looking at Woodcrafts table line, and Bench Dog seemed to have really nice set...
  21. Allen Ross

    Linkwitz Transforms

    okay i have seen these mentioned with sealed subs, like so. I am just wondering what they do, if my memory is correct it lowers the FS and something else. Can a BFD do the same thing? i guess it couldn't if it isn't eqing it. How is it implemented? So let me have all the juicy details...
  22. Allen Ross

    Finishing Baltic Birch 13ply

    Okay i am a little sick of spray painting MDF and don't have the cash (as of now) for a nice vanneer so i am thinking of building my enclosure for at set of Pi Studio Speakers, out of baltic birch 3/4 13 ply. My only hesitation is finishing these, i heard the baltic birch blotches when it...
  23. Allen Ross

    A different kinda of hidden subs

    Okay we all know about the simple box sub, the sono sub, and the coffe table sub. But i thought of a really freaking cool (at least i think it is) way to hid a nice big size box. Remember back in the 50-70 or so, when they had the turn table amp speaker combo? it was about 4 feet long about...
  24. Allen Ross

    Yaaah, I got a Crown DC 300A II

    I just won it on ebay, i paid 185, shipping is still uundecided, it is in its own rack mount enclouser. It is in emaculant condition. I plan on using it to drive a new set of mains, that i will be building this summer, i am looking at Kit 281s or a version of Pis loudspeakers. but untill...
  25. Allen Ross

    Reading Materials

    I have been getting the hankering to get more serious about DIY, now that its the summer i have more time/money on my hands so i am looking at some reading material. So what would you recomend, i think this would would be a blast, i would love to learn more about the componets/design of an...
  26. Allen Ross

    Differance RCA/Component

    Is there any difference between just regualar Audio RCA cables and Componet cables other then the color? If my logic is correct i would believe that the Componet cables should have less capacitance so it can get a higher clarity signal then the RCA. But i could be wrong, anyone with more...
  27. Allen Ross

    Okay i got a tempest but i want more

    It rocks in movies don't get me wrong but i find i listen to music a heck of a lot more, so i am looking for an alignment that will be 100% music compatible. By that i mean won't bottom out with the bass drum hits like my tempest does. From my knowledge that i have gained here i am leaning...
  28. Allen Ross

    For you EE freaks :P

    Okay I am only a Freshmen EE at UMaine and I have been getting the hardware itch recently, (must be all the assembly code I am learning) and I want to start my first real EE project. Seeing that this will be my first I don't want do anything too much, so I have decided to build a Speaker...
  29. Allen Ross

    Mods on a Reciver

    Okay my buddy in the dorm room accross from me, the guy who got me into DIY audio, is adding on to his list of ongoing projects, with modifications to his fideck (SP) amps along with his roomates cheap sony amps. What he is doing is bascily trippling the capacitors on the rail, going from...
  30. Allen Ross

    Behringer Fedback Destroyer Pro (Updated)

    Well i got it do day and god this thing is sexy i love the brushed aluminum. I will post some nice high rez pics for those that haven't seen one befor. No off to RS for the 1/4 to RCA and the SPL meter. Today is a good day