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  1. DeanWalsh

    Heads up.... UK Terminator 3 to include a DTS track!

  2. DeanWalsh

    First Gran Turismo 4 screens!

    All I'll say is wow... can't wait to see more on this. http://games.kikizo.com/news/200305/001.asp
  3. DeanWalsh

    Rygar Impressions

    Just got the JAP release of Rygar and I can say initially I'm pretty impressed. Those dissapointed with Devil May Cry 2 may want to try this game out, it plays similar to Devil May Cry and the graphics... wow, they actually rival DMC for it's huge, lushly ornate enviroments and the bosses are...
  4. DeanWalsh

    Which US stores will be selling the uncut PS2 version of BMX XXX?

    Actually I should've phrased that question 'Will ANY US stores be selling the uncut PS2 version of BMX XXX? After news of it being banned here I decided I should get it (call me stubborn but banning something is an easy way to get me to buy it!!! I hate the idea of suits telling me what I can...
  5. DeanWalsh

    Ratchet & Clank

    I just played the demo of Ratchet & Clank and I must say this game has some of the best graphics I've ever seen! You can't help but be impressed in the Metropolis level as you walk to the balcony... think Jak & Daxter meets The Fifth Element... HUGE towering buildings and flying cars going in...
  6. DeanWalsh

    Auto Modellista - Fantastic!

    I just got the JAP import of Auto Modellista and I must say Capcom got this one right that's for sure! The graphics are brilliant, and the gameplay is great... for those that like arcade style handling that is (I prefer this!). Being that this game is being marketed as an arcade style title I...
  7. DeanWalsh

    Resident Evil DTS

    I just bought the r3 of Resident Evil released by Edko, and it has a 754kbps DTS track. It sounds absolutely incredible! :D
  8. DeanWalsh

    PAL XBOX Dumps HD Support... NOOOOOO!!!!

    PAL gamers get screwed once again. Looks like I'll be getting an NTSC box then. :angry: :angry: :angry: I've heard PAL Gamecube won't have Prog scan support either.
  9. DeanWalsh

    The Patriot Superbit

    Being that this 2-disc set is movie only, with the feature spread across the 2 discs, I was wondering if the dts track will be full bitrate on this release. For the length of the movie, 2 discs would be more than enough for high bitrate video and a full bitrate dts track ala Dance With Wolves...