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  1. phenri

    Obscure Classic TV Shows - Post Your Favorites!

    A few years ago I had Get TV in my viewing market, so I watched as many Felony Squad episodes as I could. It soon became one of my favorite classic TV shows. Unfortunately, the network disappeared without a trace. This is a series I would love to have on DVD.
  2. phenri

    THE SMITH FAMILY (1971-1972) from VEI, May 1

    I've been waiting for this show to be released for years. I remember watching it when I was a kid. There was a scene when the Ron Howard character surprises a group of thugs trashing the high school and gets beat up. At least that is the way I remember it.
  3. phenri

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    For me, it depends on how much I like the show. Barnaby Jones has always been one of my holy grails, so I would have purchased it with syndicated cuts or not. I feel the same way about My Three Sons. Only some of the episodes are cut, so making the purchase is worth it for me. It is the only way...
  4. phenri

    Warner Archive: Bronk (Jack Palance)

    The discs are burned DVD-R.
  5. phenri

    The Practice (1976) from Warner Archive on 7/16/2019

    I don't think Warner Archive produces pressed DVDs anymore for older, short-lived shows like this one.
  6. phenri

    TV on DVD news roundup

    After checking out the new releases, I'be preordered Bronk. I haven't seen any episodes of this since the mid 70s.
  7. phenri

    Question About "My Three Sons"

    I'll take MOD over nothing, any day. If this is the way that CBS is able to release this series and it is uncut with original music, I'll take it!
  8. phenri

    Question About "My Three Sons"

    I've preordered volume 1, hoping that music replacement will not be a problem. I never purchased the first two seasons due to the music debacle
  9. phenri

    The era of TV shows on DVD is coming to an end

    I'm one that purchased the I Spy re-release. Before this came out, Seasons one and two were still inexpensive, but Season three was going for around $100, so I saved myself a bunch of money.
  10. phenri

    The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary. Might we finally see a Brady Blu-ray

    Greg's Triangle was the television debut of Rita Wilson, who ended up winning the cheerleader competition.
  11. phenri

    Crystal Ball time once again!

    I remember watching this show when I was about eight years old, and I haven't seen it since. I'd love to revisit it again. There was an episode when some thugs were trashing the high school after hours, the Ron Howard character was there for some reason, and the street toughs grabbed him and...
  12. phenri

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    I used to watch Laramie on Grit TV when our market had that network a couple of years ago. What a beautiful looking show! The timeless release quality of this is so bad, I'm unable to watch it. I would love to see the remastered version on DVD.
  13. phenri

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    Barnaby Jones, please.
  14. phenri

    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    VEI went out of their way to send me a replacement case for my Dan August order when the one I received was badly damaged. They sent it to me in time for Christmas. I have high praise for them.
  15. phenri

    77 Sunset Strip / Hawaiian Eye, etc.

    I just preordered this. Thanks!
  16. phenri

    Inside Mill Creek's Bewitched full-series release

    The "dancing sticks" closing logo is very rare on DVD. I have it on Route 66 and Hazel, and that's it. Does anyone know if this is included on any other releases?
  17. phenri

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    I just ordered mine directly from VEI. It shipped yesterday and it is on its way.
  18. phenri

    Universal Studios & Warner Brothers Reissued DVD Sets

    Where is Season 2 of Quincy? I've been waiting a year for that one to be re released.
  19. phenri

    How about David Cassidy Man Undercover on DVD?

    If Shout! Factory continues to release Police Story seasons on DVD, we could at least get the pilot movie.
  20. phenri

    Rarest Westerns

    I'm sure the Travels of Jamie McPheeters has music clearance issues, since some of the Osmond children appear in the show and sing songs.
  21. phenri

    Dan August - The Complete Collection

    This is the best news I've heard in months. Get TV left my market before I could see any episodes. I'm getting this as soon as it is available!
  22. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    This is the first time I received DVD-R discs for a multi season series from Warner; and I have been ordering from them since the beginning. This must be a new trend for WB. I'm guessing they will be issuing only burned DVDs going forward.
  23. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    I'm with you. I'll take burned discs if that is all that is offered. I ordered directly from WB to insure I receive pressed discs if they are available.
  24. phenri

    Where is "Hill Street Blues" & "St Elsewhere"???!!!

    I'm glad for members here who can view this. I don't do streaming. Disc only for me.
  25. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    I think that is a good plan, because Amazon only sells burned-on demand versions of WB shows.
  26. phenri

    Anyone else disappointed in the 2018 Holiday Season TV shows on DVD & Blu Ray Announcements?

    I think if the Murphy Brown reboot is successful, someone will tackle the music clearances to release the original series.
  27. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    It doesn't matter. Even though it is listed as MOD, WB will send a pressed disc set. I've purchased many from them. I'll be surprised if the discs on this set are burned-on-demand.
  28. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    I have found that some one-season shows that WB sells are burned, and multiple season shows are pressed discs. I expect Mr. Novak Season 1 purchased from WB to be pressed.
  29. phenri

    Anyone else disappointed in the 2018 Holiday Season TV shows on DVD & Blu Ray Announcements?

    I'm mostly disappointed with Warner Brothers. I think the only classic title I've purchased from them all year is A Man Called Shenandoah. Their classic releases have really slowed down.
  30. phenri

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    For years I confused James Franciscus with both Tony Franciosa and James Farentino.