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  1. Tech-Savvy

    Show Off Your System! The HTF Theaters Thread

    Well I had a vision when I started it, so I just worked towards my vision, and I surprised myself in the end by it coming out nicer than I thought it would. My daughter is a huge Back To The Future fan, so that stuff was for her.
  2. Tech-Savvy

    Show Off Your System! The HTF Theaters Thread

    Hey everyone, new guy here. I thought I would post pix of my 7.4.4 home theater I just finished a couple weeks ago. I started on Jan 1st and finished the end of March. Not too bad for building the whole room in the evenings and on weekends. Projector is the LG HU810P Screen is a tensioned power...
  3. Candy.jpg


  4. BTTF.jpg


  5. Back 2.jpg

    Back 2.jpg

  6. Back 1.jpg

    Back 1.jpg

  7. 08 Front.jpg

    08 Front.jpg

  8. 07 Entrance.jpg

    07 Entrance.jpg

  9. 06 Outside wall 2.jpg

    06 Outside wall 2.jpg

  10. 05 Outside wall 1.jpg

    05 Outside wall 1.jpg

  11. 04 Back Sheetrocked.jpg

    04 Back Sheetrocked.jpg

  12. 03 Front Sheetrocked.jpg

    03 Front Sheetrocked.jpg

  13. 02 Framed.jpg

    02 Framed.jpg

  14. 01 Start.jpg

    01 Start.jpg

  15. Tech-Savvy

    Hey from MN

    Hey everyone, I thought since I just finished my home theater, that I would join the forum that I have been lurking on for awhile. I program industrial machinery for companies all over, for a living. I am a tech nut, and try to keep up with all the latest technology. I am Navy veteran who was...