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  1. Diana M

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    Hi Mark, I would start with Fumbling Towards Ecstasy for my first Sarah M CD Diana
  2. Diana M

    Big-screen newbie needs advice!

    HI Ryan, I think the Pioneer SD-533HD5 is a very good buy I saw the 64 inch version at Costco and it looked amazing even in a not so good setting I think the 53 inch is priced around $1700 The 64 was $2000 at Costco Pioneer's seem to be thought of very highly at most home theater...
  3. Diana M

    Just came back from seeing/buying new Sony rear-projection LCD

    Hi Phil Thanks for your review, I haven't seen the new GWIII yet, but I'm really interested in it What store did you see the new XBR950 in, and how much was it for the 70 inch model? Diana
  4. Diana M

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    Sarah Mclachlan Finally a new CD on Nov. 5th, I can't wait Diana
  5. Diana M

    Your top 5 favorite X-Box games

    Buffy - Very satisfying kills, easy but fun fighting skills Oddworld - Lots of depth and very creative Halo - What more can be said? Splinter Cell - Just tried this out, so far love it Diana
  6. Diana M

    ***Official Buffy Box Set Season 1 - 7 Discussion Thread (Spoilers ahoy!)***

    (quoute)My vote for worst season 4 episode is Where the Wild Things Are. I never minded Beer Bad or Something Blue too much.(/qoute) Where the Wild Things Are is the worst episode ever imho also At least Beer Bad had some amusing moments Have you learned anything from this? Buffy...
  7. Diana M

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Jeff thanks, do you know where I can find a script for that episode (the one with Darla)? that's the only one that I have missed this season Diana
  8. Diana M

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    So I take it that Jasmine was one of TPTB or at least working with them, and Angel picked the wrong side in the apocalypse after all Lila looked liked she was gloating:D Diana
  9. Diana M

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    My guess is that Angel thought that it was too much of a liability to bring Connor along and try to guard him, he had to keep the rest of the gangs safety in mind Diana
  10. Diana M

    The "Buffy/Angel" All Spoiler/Speculation Thread

    Since the coming episodes of Angel are going to have a God-like figure supposedly named Jasmine, I'm thinking that maybe the new character on Buffy (Caleb) will also be God-like, maybe the other 2 members of Glory's trio of Hell Gods I'm also happy that Gina Torres is going to be on Angel, it...
  11. Diana M

    Best TV Show Of All Time

    Twin Peaks
  12. Diana M

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Angel is up for best show against WKRP in the polls area and is losing :frowning: Angel fans cast your votes Diana
  13. Diana M

    Best TV Show Of All Time

  14. Diana M

    Best TV Show Of All Time

    All in the Family
  15. Diana M

    Best TV Show Of All Time

    Second Farscape & Angel
  16. Diana M

    Best TV Show Of All Time

    Second Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  17. Diana M

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    The Bionic Woman Cagney and Lacey St. Elsewhere Soap Diana
  18. Diana M

    Firefly 11/07

    I enjoyed that episode, I was hoping the leader of that nasty group was going to give Jayne a reason to take him out Drew Z. Greenberg also wrote Him, which aired last Tuesday Diana
  19. Diana M

    Please Watch Firefly tonight

    Those of us who follow and enjoy Buffy and Angel really appreciate Joss Whedon and his talents As far as, "Our Lord Whedon" I believe that's just Jeff having a bit of fun and finding the humor in life Diana
  20. Diana M


    I enjoyed the show and the characters Wish Mal hadn't done the great deed so early in the series to show that he's really a wonderful guy, but it's probably due to the episode changes Did anyone else see a lot of the Buffy characteristics in Mal, the sarcastic remarks and quips and the...
  21. Diana M


    I'm going to check this out tomorrow Just because of Joss Here is a good review from a Boston paper Link Removed
  22. Diana M

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Jason, didn't they suck Sah-Ja into a bottle, or did I miss him getting free again? I'm much more upset about the prophecy being fake as I thought Wesley and his defense of the baby was the best part of the show, and it kind of cheapens that now I have to admit Wesley has become my...
  23. Diana M

    Projectors in New Hampshire Area

    Hi, I live in Dracut MA, which is near Nashua/Salem New Hampshire I guess I could also take trips to Boston area(about 45 minutes away) I'm considering getting an LCD or LCOS FP but I don't know of any AV stores around here that display them There is ensemble, but the one in Nashua is...
  24. Diana M

    Experienced opinions please, down to two RPTVs

    I've been researching these rptv's for the past 4 months, Sony XBR, Pioneer Elite x20's, Pioneer 3hd5, and Mits Platinum and Platinum plus The Pioneer Elite comes out on top but it also costs a lot more than the regular Pioneer and I don't think it's worth the price difference I Give the...
  25. Diana M

    Experienced opinions please, down to two RPTVs

    I have to give the nod to the Pioneer, I just think the pq of the Pioneer is superior Diana
  26. Diana M

    50" Or 57" ???

    I would go with the 57 inch set, I bought a 60 inch Pioneer about 6 years ago and I have never wished that I bought the smaller set I will eventually upgrade to the 64/65 widescreen The only other alternative is to go with the smaller set and upgrade if it's not big enough, but that could be...
  27. Diana M

    Poll - Should "Angel" get his own thread?

    I vote yes for Angel having it's own thread I think the show has established itself this year as an excellent show, and finally has some direction and character development Wesley is now my favorite character on Angel hope he makes it! Diana
  28. Diana M

    Toshiba 32AFX61 or Sony KV32FV27?

    I'm having trouble deciding between these 2 sets I like the sound of the Toshiba (it has the new cyclone bass and 33 total watts of power), and I don't plan on hooking up speakers any time soon, as this is not our main set I like the darker cabinet of the Sony and the ability of the set to...
  29. Diana M

    What do I need for HD?

    What do I actually need for HD? I want to upgrade to an Upgradable or an Intergrated RPTV Then would I need an special dish from direct tv (or some other satelite co.)? Do I need a separate receiver if my tv is intergrated? What is the best to buy right now intergrated or upgradable...