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  1. Peter Overduin

    60" LG Infinia 1080p Broadband THX Certified Plasma TV compared to 60" Sharp LC60LE820 Quattron

    Hello all;   I am close to purchasing a new 60 inch TV and both the units mentioned above have perked my interest. 3D is not currently something I am interested in.   I am wary of Plasma just because of the history of these units, and wonder if I am not letting a long term bias against...
  2. Peter Overduin

    The Baja Peninsula on Motorcycle

    Hi everyone...I am contemplating and in the early planning of travelling the entire Baja on motorcycle in January 2011 and wonder if anyone here has done it or has info that could assist me in the planning. I know! I'm from Canada and January ain't no riding weather...I mean to put my bike...
  3. Peter Overduin

    When you say or hear, "I need you"

    We all know "I love you." Of course, we all understand love differently, but what I am interested in particularly, is what does "I need you" mean differently from "I love you." Is it the same, only said differently? Is a deep need akin to love but somehow fundamentally different? I know...
  4. Peter Overduin

    Feature-length Anime films

    Are there any web sites that focus on feature length anime films? I have not been much of a fan of the TV/episodic anime in general, but have enjoyed and bought almost 20 feature length films, the latest being 'Appleseed Ex Machina." I would love to find a listing or web site that focuses on...
  5. Peter Overduin

    Sharp BDHP2OU - Anyone have this BD player?

    Howdy folks...wondering if anyone has it and what they think of it. As well, it does not appear on the coupon list for the 5 free BD movies but am told by my preferred retailer it is an eligible player. Any comments appreciated. Thanks
  6. Peter Overduin

    Farscape - A buying convolution?

    I have not seen so many different box sets, vlumes, collections, versions and assortments of a TV seried before. Am interested in buying Farscape, potentially, but can make absolutley no sense from places like Amazon and other retailers as to how to buy this show. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Peter Overduin

    July 1st - 5 Free BD movies...let me get this str8

    I am planning on buying the BD10a which will come bundled with 5 BD movies....then I "send in" or whatever the process will be, the reciept and get 5 more BDs? Here's a link to the story: http://www.highdefdigest.com/news/sh..._Promotion/725 This reminds me of being in a No Limit Texas...
  8. Peter Overduin

    Emma Shaplin

    Hi...I am looking for English Translations of Emm's music, particularly 'Eterna' the beautiful song on the DTS sampler and her album I think of the same name? I have gone thru several translation programs but they don't give the full translation. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Peter Overduin

    FS: Paradigm Monitor 5s (v2) w/stands and DVD turnstyle

    The speakers, stands and turnstyle that holds about 300-400 DVDs all in great shape! $275 CAD if I deliver to you somewhere in the lower mainland of BC (Chilliwack to Burnaby area) $250 CAD if you come and pick up.
  10. Peter Overduin

    Superbit to go into Moratorium

    Don't have all the details, however, Sony is going to place all Superbit titles into Moratorium. I can only suspect it has to do with BD, however, who knows what Sony thinks. Certainly, my Superbit of Fifth Element is as good as or better than the BD version. Just find the timing...
  11. Peter Overduin

    International Retailers for HD-DVDs?

    I have noticed several titles like Reign of Fire that are avaialable on HD DVD in international markets that apparently will play on on current HD players. Any recommendations for international retailers who ship to Canada? Thanks
  12. Peter Overduin

    HD A1 and Subwoofer Problem

    I thought this topic had been previously discussed but cannot find it. I have a Denon 2803 and the HD A1, which is connected via analog cables to the reciever. I cannot get the sub woofer to work. From a previous thread, I did set all the speakers to 'Large,' the crossover at 120 and distance to...
  13. Peter Overduin

    "Pirates" HD-DVD play back issues on HDA1

    Yeah...ok...you know the one I am talking about :) It loads; shows on the display as a CD and then not only won't play, but freezes it so I have to unplug the player to reload and open the tray to get it out. Anyone else that has this HD title having issues? Thanks
  14. Peter Overduin

    HD-A! - "HDMI Error 1"

    Hi, my player won't play anything now, all I get is the above message. I t was playing disks ok (well...I only one so far MI3) but now nada. I have last year's Sony 60" Grand Wega with HDMI in and is 1080i, so not sure what's happenin now. Any thoughts? Thanks
  15. Peter Overduin

    Switching to Analog on Denon Remote

    I just bought an HD-A1 and hooked it up to Analog for audio. However, the remote doesnt seem to have a button to switch to analog audio and I have to switch it at the receiver. Any suggestions as to how to get the reciever to either switch automatically to an analog input from the HD-A1 player...
  16. Peter Overduin

    HDMI Switcher Recommendations?

    I have the Sony 60" Grand Wega with one HDMI input and is capable of 1080i display. Not being ready to invest in a new display, but about to have at least 2 or 3 video units with HDMI out (PS3, HD-A1, etc.), can anyone recommend a good 3 or 4 to 1 HDMI switcher? Thanks
  17. Peter Overduin

    HDMI 1.3 announcement...I dont get it

    So....here is an article from an outfit that seems to be on top of things most of the time and they seem to be making a big deal of HDMI 1.3 being released when Toshiba has already released 1.4 Any thoughts? http://www.avrev.com/news/0706/06.hdmi13.shtml
  18. Peter Overduin

    Re: *** Official X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Review Thread

    Major wwarning!!!!! DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE ***ALL*** THE CREDITS ARE DONE....a very very interesting 30 second clip you MUST see.
  19. Peter Overduin

    WTB: "Chrono Trigger" for Super Nintendo

    Hi; am interested in buying this game...am plus 3 trader and long time forum member. Thanks!
  20. Peter Overduin

    SG Atlantis: worth buying now or wait for blu ray?

    I have the first 6 seasons of SG1 on DVD and enjoying them immensely...i also see that Atlantis is one of the first series to come on blu ray and wondering if it is worth the 50 bucks now...or wait? Assuming of course i buy blu ray; given all the grey areas not sure even abt that so if its a...
  21. Peter Overduin

    SACD and DVD-A Sites in Canada?

    I am wondering where the places places are in Canada to buy SACD and DVD-A...both retail and online. I know there is Future Shop, etc., however, these locations, both online and in store, have poor selections and often only the most popular stuff of the day. Would appreciate knowing where you...
  22. Peter Overduin

    Blu Ray Slide Show

    This link is to a slide show that is quite nice...though I dont recommend the retailer where it is hosted. https://www.thecnl.com/CES2006BluRay.pdf
  23. Peter Overduin

    Things erotic and HT related - (mostly)

    OK...so I am looking for info on several specific things and hope the higly cultured and refined can help me:) First...looking for a compilation of tunes or cds that are great background to ..um...intimate ecounters. Individual titles/songs or complete albums would be appreciated. What's...
  24. Peter Overduin

    Sony Wega KDF60WF655 - Looking for feedback

    Yesterday, my Hitachi 57S500, only 18 months old crapped out. I have the Sears extended service agreement and advised them I lost confidence in the TV and did not want it repaired. They took it back and today I chose the above Wega. Given the suddenness of my buying decision (spent 3 months...
  25. Peter Overduin

    The Essential Barclay James Harvest?

    I used to follow this group when I lived in Germany in the 80's, and then they went 'rock' and I lost interest. Recently heard the 'Hymn' and thought I would revisit this once awesome group when, at one time, they were ELO, Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp all rolled into one with a superbly rich...
  26. Peter Overduin

    Home Page Hijack

    From time to time, I run into situations where my home page default is hijacked by some sort of program or tool bar add on. Normally, Spybot or Adware will take of them and eliminate them. Right now, I am stuck with one that seem to be totally unable to get rid of and seems impervious to any...
  27. Peter Overduin

    Info wanted for Canon Rebel G underwater housing

    Hello folks. I am a diver and would like to get a underwater housing for my Rebel G SLR film camera. Not a lot of knowledge in this area, so would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  28. Peter Overduin

    Emma Shaplin Multi-Channel CD/DVD?

    I have recently been introduced to hauntingly beautiful music of this artist. The Italian Enya, I call her. Any fans out there that can tell me where to find a SACD/DVD-A disk? Hard to tell from traditional on-line retailers that I think themselves do not always understand how to list a...
  29. Peter Overduin

    Huge Music Deals

    If you enjoy christian or classical music, there are some awesome deals to be had here. http://www.christianbook.com/html/st...html?p=1020739
  30. Peter Overduin

    Scuba Diving in Coastal BC - Need some Research Ideas

    I am an avid diver, and have recently been researching the Gold Rush Trail with an emphasis on the inland water ways from Harrison Lake to Anderson Lake. I have become aware that there are several wrecks, including an as yet unidentified locomotive and some smaller boats in Anderson Lake...