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  1. Adrian P

    How to uninstall, install?

    I have a 1998 Acura Integra GSR with a Clarion head unit that I need to uninstall. I am replacing it with the Pioneer DEH-P7700MP. Do I need any special tools to uninstall or install? Can anyone recommend a website that had decent instructions (specifically for a 98 Integra)? Thanks in...
  2. Adrian P

    Upright Citizens Brigade

    I noticed Comedy Central started playing Upright Citizens Brigade in the early afternoon on weekdays and was wondering if anyone knew they they were going to play all the seasons or just random episodes. Only season 1 has been released on DVD and I would love to see season 2 and 3 again...
  3. Adrian P

    Witch Hunter Robin Box Set

    I have been interested in getting a box set of this series and found this link: www.discountanimedvd.com/dvd_detail.asp?dvdno=5475 This set is really cheap compared to buying the volumes... Anyone know any websites with a review of this box set?
  4. Adrian P

    Where to buy DVD other than Region 1

    I am about to purchase my first region free player and was wondering, what are some good cheap websites that deliver to the U.S.? Also, I know there are numerous discussions that compare DVD's from different regions but is there a website that identifies the best DVD? (one that compares all...
  5. Adrian P

    Audio from DVD player or receiver

    I wanted to know if anyone could clarify something for me. I am interested in getting a new DVD player (leaning towards the Zenith DVB318 HD DVD). This is only a $200.00 player so I am sure the audio is not too good. My receiver is an NAD T762. If I was to use analog from the DVD player...
  6. Adrian P

    Who is responsible?

    Posted this in another forum but thought I would try here too... Many months ago, I purchased my Paradigm speakers at a local A/V store. I also purchased speaker stands for my Studio 20's at that time. While I loaded the stands in my car, the salesman noticed the bottom of one of the stands...
  7. Adrian P

    Pixies tour and DVD!

    Any Pixies fans out there? According to www.FrankBlack.net : Pixies Warm-Up Tour Completely Sold Out Cult of Frank (10:30 PST) The last Pixies show on the North American warm-up tour has sold out. The Prairieland, in Saskatoon, Canada, which doubled its capacity due to the high demand...
  8. Adrian P

    Xbox DVD drive

    I have been having problems with my Xbox (Thompson) drive not being able to read discs. This is especially annoying since I just bought Ninja Gaiden and I get an error within minutes of playing... My options are: 1) Send it in to get repaired for $100.00. 2) Tell Microsoft I know it is...
  9. Adrian P

    Kids in the Hall DVD

    Has anyone purchased or know of a review of the 1st season of The Kids in the Hall?
  10. Adrian P

    Best 4:3 HD for $1000?

    A friend of mine is looking to spend $1000 for a 4:3 direct view HD (I know a 4:3 tv is not true HD...) I have tried to convince him to go widescreen but he refuses... Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Adrian P

    Nintendo to Debut New Game Machine Next Year