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  1. Simon Howson

    WHV set to release NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS May 4th

    Now this is more like it. WHV set to release No Time for Sergeants on May 4th: http://classicflix.blogspot.com/2010/01/no-time-for-sergeants-in-may.html No word on extras yet, but I hope Andy Griffith did a commentary.
  2. Simon Howson

    Hard to find Universal Westerns coming to Region 4 - Australia

    Tell Them Willie Boy is Here: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/809454 I believe this is the first official release of this film on DVD anywhere in the world. Texas Across the River: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/809455 Seminole: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/809452 Only other...
  3. Simon Howson

    WarnerArchive.com to release: Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, Bourboun Street Beat et al

    This Variety article mentions that warnerarchive.com will also be releasing DVD-Rs of some TV shows:
  4. Simon Howson

    Classic release numbers so far in 2009 compared to 2008

    The Classicflix blog has made an interesting post comparing the number of classic releases at this stage of this year and last. Not surprisingly releases are down by nearly 18%, but surprisingly Warner is up by 6. The original post is here: http://classicflix.blogspot.com/2009...core-card.html
  5. Simon Howson

    More Warner Director Showcase releases - 26th May

    Lookin' to Get Out (Director's Cut) Revolution Revisited (Director's Cut) Beyond Rangoon Zabriskie Point (Yay!) M. Butterfly RRP $19.97 each DVD Times - Directors’ Showcase: Take Four (R1) in May
  6. Simon Howson

    Magnificent Obsession (TV broadcast) - Cause of blue blotches? (See screen caps)

    Hi Mr Harris, Recently I watched Magnificent Obsession from a digital TV broadcast. The image was generally very good, but unfortunately some scenes featured blue blotches of colour near the centre-left of the image. Initially I thought this could be a strange lens flare artifact, but it...
  7. Simon Howson

    WANTED: Warner Home Video Westerns Collection Vol. 2

    The WHV Westerns Collection was one of my favourite releases of this year. The set is partly a Robert Taylor set, as he appears in three of the six films. I am hopeful that this set sold well, and that Warner follows it up with a similar box in 2009. If they do, they could do worse than...
  8. Simon Howson

    Sony / Legacy website to suggest and vote for CD reissues

    Sony / Legacy have created a great new website where users can suggest and vote for CD reissues: Customer Feedback for Legacy Recordings :: Reissue Requests forum You have 10 votes, either contributed anonymously or via a personalised account. It costs 1 vote to make a new suggestion...
  9. Simon Howson

    Best catalog / library DVD releases of 2008

    I just noticed that there are no more 2008 catalog releases left that I want to order. So I thought I'd get in early and list some of my favourite classic releases of this year: Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume Two Kismet Bonnie and Clyde: Ultimate Collector's Edition Fall of the...
  10. Simon Howson

    Is 'High School Confidential' 2.35:1 widescreen?

    I'm wondering if anyone has the Republic DVD of High School Confidential, and is it widescreen? Specifically I'm interested in the copy that has the following UPC: 017153148954 I had a look at the DVD profiler entry which says it is 2.35:1 widescreen (non-anamorphic), but the back cover...
  11. Simon Howson

    Criterion set to release Anthony Mann's THE FURIES (1950)

    The Criterion Collection email newsletter for December gives a strong hint that they will be releasing Anthony Mann's strange Western / Film Noir / Tragedy hybrid film - The Furies (1950). So with El Cid from The Weinstein Company in January, that's another two Anthony Mann films down.
  12. Simon Howson

    RHCP Stadium Arcadium CD & LP mastering comparison

    Many people are dissapointed with the sound quality of the last three RHCP albums on CD. In this thread I have provided some MP3s that compare the CD version of Stadium Arcadium, with the the same excerpts taken from the vinyl LP version. The transfer from LP to digital was performed with a...
  13. Simon Howson

    PETITION: Red Hot Chili Peppers CD Remastering, Reduce compression & no clipping!

    The petition is located here: http://www.petitiononline.com/RHCPWBCD/petition.html After wide spread annoyance at the poor audio quality of the Rush album Vapor Trails, it seems that their record company is soon going to release a remastered version of that album. In that spirit, I have...
  14. Simon Howson

    Post layer change problems with Casino 10th Anniversary

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with the new version of Casino, particularly after the layer change, or from about 1h38m onwards? The copy I got was from Canada, and I have had problems with the disc around this point on three different players (Samsung, Sony...
  15. Simon Howson

    'Beneath the 12 Mile Reef' - Best Version?

    I'm looking for the best public domain version of Beneath the 12 Mile Reef. My main criteria is picture, rather than audio quality. Ideally one that is letterboxed as close to the original 2.55:1 aspect ratio as possible, and that has an otherwise generally good image, colour etc. Locally it...
  16. Simon Howson

    Laura Fox Film Noir not for sale in Canada!?

    I contacted my favourite DVD e-tailer DVDSoon.com regarding the release of Laura as part of the Fox Film Noir collection. They replied saying it is not listed on their website because the DVD is not going to be released in Canada, only the U.S. I am just wondering if someone else has heard this...
  17. Simon Howson

    Was 'Pinky' by Kazan released? Or Cancelled?

    I'm wondering if anyone received a copy of the film Pinky? It was meant to be released by Fox on I think January 11th. However the place where I ordered it said that its releases was cancelled.
  18. Simon Howson

    MGM Scorsese Box

    I'm a bit confused about the new MGM Scorsese set due out in February. Some online retailers show that the set will contact the Special Edition of Raging Bull, where as others omit this entirely. Obviously it is the standard thing where they are initially unsure what a box will contain. But...
  19. Simon Howson

    EAST OF EDEN - Legal Issues still? Can someone ask?

    Hi, In April 2000 a chat was conducted with Warner, where they were asked about a DVD release for EAST OF EDEN (1955). The answer was it was unable to be released at this stage for "legal issues". Search for "East of Eden" on this page: thedigitalbits.com/articles/2ndwarnerhtfchat.html I...