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  1. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    Trust me, the image is crystal clear on the projector. I'll grant you that most standard def DVDs don't look that great blown up to 110" (even upconverted with my XA2), but HD material is jaw-dropping. Here are a few screenshots I took with a crappy handheld digital camera (which is...
  2. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    Thanks! I'm trying to obtain a pinball machine for the lobby right now, so that'll probably be next.
  3. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    I've got a 20-39 CS downstairs in the family room. That was my first SVS, and it's flat-out awesome. I'll bet two of them sound insane! :eek:
  4. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    I love it--the image is fantastic (note: I had it ISF calibrated). The blacks are deep and very detailed, and the colors are vivid and bright without looking unnatural. I have two complaints about the 1080 UB, but they are fairly minor: The convergence is a tiny bit off. This is only...
  5. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    Thanks, Don. There is still a lot more that I want to do (both in the lobby and in the theater), but the idea is to build on what I have without getting too opulent. I don't have the budget to place form over function (at least not too much!)
  6. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    Pretty small, actually: The theater is just 15'4" long by 12'1" wide, and the lobby is roughly 12'10"x15'1".
  7. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    I've wanted a dedicated home theater and lobby area for almost a decade, but never had the space to make it happen. My wife and I recently had a new home built, and my long-time dream having a dedicated home theater and lobby has finally be realized. Everything is functional, but I plan to...
  8. John Stone

    What's the Deal with the HD Audio Tracks?

    I've also read that, but this past weekend I played around with the 5.1 analog out and did not experience the same thing. Bass was also where it should be (verified all with an analog SLM). After a lot of testing, I ultimately switched back to a digital connection. I really enjoy the added...
  9. John Stone

    NEW HD-DVD owners: Please post your reviews here for members considering purchase!

    Up until yesterday I have been using the Samsung HD960 (a standard def 1080p up-converting player), which I purchased about 6 weeks ago. The HD960's up-conversion to 1080p was very, very disappointing. I've also had problems with brief picture freezes and terrible amounts of macroblocking/noise...
  10. John Stone

    What's the Deal with the HD Audio Tracks?

    Until this week I've remained on the outskirts of HD/BD format war. I've been casually watching the drama unfold, all the while promising myself that I would not invest in either technology until there was a clear victor. The positive reviews of the HD-XA2 finally knocked me off the fence...
  11. John Stone

    please say it ain't so! Possible, probable, burn-in.

    :frowning: It sure sounds like it. I have a 53" Panasonic RPTV that's about 4 years old and I just noticed the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago while watching "Ice Age 2", which has a lot of white in it. My wife and I have always been careful to never leave the TV on a...
  12. John Stone

    Photos of yourself

    Don't forget cheep beer. I was trying to get my beloved Schlitz beer can pyramid on the floor to show up in the picture, but me and my wife-sister couldn't figure out how to make the dang camera take a bigger picture. :confused: Anyway, back to my pornos....
  13. John Stone

    Photos of yourself

    I guess I fall into: "4) Holding a baby Photos" :D
  14. John Stone

    Post your Theater for Simon Cowell

    :frowning: I blame my wonderful wife, Lisa, for that horrible color. She did that about 8 years ago, and we both agree it's time for a change. Now it's just a matter of clearing out the room and doing it. Since we are the only people who go in there, it's been a very low priority. I get made fun...
  15. John Stone

    Post your Theater for Simon Cowell

    To the best of my knowledge those were both purchased before there even was a HT Market; however, as you probably noticed, I'll be needing a third unit sometime in the near future. I'll buy it through the HT Market for sure. :emoji_thumbsup: They say each wall unit will hold 702 DVDs, but...
  16. John Stone

    Post your Theater for Simon Cowell

    I know, I know... time for a new TV. I've also replaced the receiver/amp and HDTV box since these photos were taken.
  17. John Stone

    Joined the gym

    No, my schedule is a little more cardio-centric when I'm cutting: I lift 4 days per week and do cardio 7 days per week. I separate cardio and weight training sessions by 9-10 hours. Monday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic) Tuesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic) Wednesday...
  18. John Stone

    Joined the gym

    I think that's an unfair generalization. It's really up to the individual. Some people require the atmosphere of a gym to get motivated to workout, but often the drive to and from the gym turns into an excuse to not go at all. Some people (like yours truly) hate going to the gym, and are...
  19. John Stone

    Trees Lounge fans, beware!!

    I see I replied to this thread back in 2002. Back then, my OAR zealotry was so thick that I considered ANY film not in its original theatrical aspect ratio - even "open matte" films - to be "pan and scan". This was probably because I knew there was always the possibility that the telecine...
  20. John Stone

    Drop 50 pounds in 12 months--Reasonable?

    50 pounds of fat loss (notice I said "fat loss" - not "weight loss") is very obtainable in one year. For most people, 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week is about the most that can be safely removed without muscle loss. A lot of people choose to go on crash diets and lose far more weight than 2...
  21. John Stone

    DVD Storage Cabinets

    The Can-Am units are very slick, but I just can't justify the expense - especially because my DVDs are kept in a spare room and are never seen by anyone. My DVD storage units are a pair of MA-1520s, which I purchased online from The Jungles: http://www.thejungles.com/thejungles/mulwal15.html...
  22. John Stone

    And under your tree this year?

    - Amazon gift certs - Dumbbell rack - Pair of 90 pound and pair of 100 pound hex dumbbells - Another 300-pound Olympic barbell set - 2 Captains Of Crush grippers - 2 sets of 4 platemates (1.25 and 2.5 pound) - 7 CDS - Boxers This is the first year I've not received a least one present...
  23. John Stone

    Am I the only one buying DVDs faster than I can watch them?

    I was almost caught up, but I purchased almost 50 DVDs last month and that set me back a bit. As of this morning I've got 60 titles in my collection of 968 DVDs that are still unwatched. I like having a backlog, but I don't like it to get much bigger than it is now. Complete stats...
  24. John Stone

    Best Buy online threatens me

    Sounds like things have not improved at all since I last ordered from bestbuy.com I'll spare everyone all the gory details, but something very similar to what you describe happened to me. Best Buy shipped me someone else's order (a large order), and getting everything worked out took FOREVER...
  25. John Stone

    The Big Lebowski: CE - 10.18.05

    They've failed to achieve. It's one of my all time favorite films, but I'm not double-dipping this time.
  26. John Stone

    Old Universal discs no longer play !?

    I checked all Universal discs that I own that were released in 1998, and a couple from early 1999, as well. I checked past the layer change where applicable. All the following play fine. Timecop (1994) (shut up, just shut up...) Nutty Professor, The (1996) Casino (1995) Apollo 13...
  27. John Stone

    Frank Miller's Sin City Recut & Extended

    I bought the first release blind, even though I knew a special edition was in the works. The movie blew me away, and I'll happily double dip. Can't wait!
  28. John Stone

    Atkins files Chapter 11

    Compared to what, water? Carbs and proteins each contain 4 calories per gram, fats contain 9 calories per gram.
  29. John Stone

    Just hit 501 DVD titles in my collection

    Funny you should mention that. I smoked 2-3 packs a day for over 10 years. When I quit smoking back in October of 2000, I decided that I would reward myself by taking the money I was spending on cigarettes and put it towards DVDs. The deal I made with myself was that there was to be absolutely...
  30. John Stone

    Portable Air Conditioner Unit

    I bought this one from Amazon. Just over $400.00 and 12,000 BTU. It's on the way to me right now. I live in Florida, and I lost power for a total of 7 days last summer thanks to the hurricanes. It was miserable. This year I got a 5.5 KW generator, also from Amazon (free shipping!) My...