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  1. Jassen M. West

    2 in wall speakers as center channel

    It's been a long time HTF, nice to be back. Finally got a house that I can have a dedicated theater room. Here come the questions. I would like to have in wall speakers across the front mounted behind the projector screen. Mounting the center channel might be a problem as there is a stud right...
  2. Jassen M. West

    Uninvited dog question

    Here is my situation. My wife and I bought a house 5 months ago. Family members immediately started talking about how they would bring their dog over to play in our yard. We asked them politely not to bring their dog when they came for the first time to see our house but when they showed up sure...
  3. Jassen M. West

    Radiohead- Choose your own price.

    I tried searching but found nothing. Radiohead is allowing fans to pick their own price for the new album "In Rainbows". The name your own price option is only for downloaded music. This along with Trent Reznor's shout to fans in Australia to "steal it", when it comes to NIN music, shows a...
  4. Jassen M. West

    Visit the Fortress of Solitude

    http://news.nationalgeographic.com/n...crystals-cave/ Proof of Superman being here! ;)
  5. Jassen M. West

    High Tension Power Lines

    Does anyone here live near high tension power lines? My fiance and I are looking at buying a house. One of the many we have seen looks perfect, 1.45 acres of land, remodeled, nice lawn, fair asking price. The thing preventing us from placing an offer on it are the power lines running across the...
  6. Jassen M. West

    Troops requesting silly string

    "Among the dangers faced by the military fighting in Iraq are booby traps. Nearly invisible wires trip the explosions, but soldiers and marines have found Silly String is one way to spot the sinister mechanism without setting off the trigger. Sixth grade teacher Jane Maugeri demonstated...
  7. Jassen M. West

    Stop online radio

    Two or three people at work listen to online radio and its killing our bandwidth. I can tell when they get to work because incoming email slows to a crawl. How would I go about blocking just the internet radio? thanks
  8. Jassen M. West

    Comic coloring: opinions

    Can I get some opinions, CC, general thoughts on the coloring of this page: thanks
  9. Jassen M. West

    16-Year-Old Dies From Allergic Reaction

    How did they know it was a nutty bar if it had no label?
  10. Jassen M. West

    Dodge Caliber SXT

    Just picked it up last night. I love it so far. I've gotten the Harley riders staring at it as I drive.
  11. Jassen M. West

    More car buying advise

    Is starting a month before I'm ready to buy too early? I sent an email out to a local dealer about getting into a car next month. Basically looking for rough pricing and describing what I was looking for. I've read that dealing with internet sales is much easier than actually going in to haggle...
  12. Jassen M. West

    Build a PC

    I'm looking for suggestions for a PC to build. It's primary use will be Adobe Photoshop CS2, macromedia, some 3d modeling with Maya. Feel free to list a budget pc along with a medium range pc. I was thinking something along the lines of a AMD64 3400+ , 2GB Corsair Ram, 200 GB hard drive, DVD...
  13. Jassen M. West

    Outlaw Audio

    Whatever happened to Outlaw? I remember them having a huge following here. Does anyone have any of their receivers? Do you like it?
  14. Jassen M. West

    My PC case in the newegg contest

    It's called the 64 Cubed case about half way down the page next to another cube case design. the case is about 14" x 14" x 11" and houses a full ATX board. I have a feeling the R2D2 on the page will win though. 64 Cubed Case link
  15. Jassen M. West

    2006 Subaru Impreza line

    What does everyone think of the new look for the Impreza? http://www.tuningnews.net/news/05062...preza-2006.php I like from certain angles but at times it looks too much like a Suzuki. Also whats with the Hitler moustache type grill on new cars. I think Audi's are now ugly because of...
  16. Jassen M. West

    Its about time, Mac related

    http://www.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125...tml?tw=rss.PRV Is this only the begining? Are Mac users vulnerable?:D
  17. Jassen M. West

    Miss Congeniality quote

    Can someone post the "Miss United States" speech given by William Shatner at the end of the movie. The "She's beauty and she's grace.. she's Miss United States" at least I think it goes like that. Thanks
  18. Jassen M. West

    USB only printer to Parallel only PC

    The place I work at just bought a new printer. The problem is the printer has a usb connection and the PC that its going to connect to has Windows NT installed. The PC does have usb ports in the back but microsoft chose not to support usb in windows NT. The printer does have a network...
  19. Jassen M. West

    Custom PC case-grounding

    I just finished having my case powder coated and tomorrow I will be filling it with parts. I just thought of one thing though how are cases grounded? Do they have to be grounded or does the power supply take care of that? Its an all aluminum case painted texture black. It looks like it will work...
  20. Jassen M. West

    Grado SR80

    I just ordered a pair of these, anyone own them? How high should my expectations be set. I was looking at the SR 60's but after reading reviews I decided to bump up to the 80's. They will mainly be used for computer gaming. Thanks,
  21. Jassen M. West

    Order from overseas

    Is it ok to order computer parts from overseas? I'm looking at pre-ordering a motherboard from the UK. Unless someone knows where I can get an Abit AX8 , Asus A8N , Gigabyte K8NF-9 nForce4 or a MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum nForce4 Ultra pre-ordered in the U.S. Thoughts on the Gigabyte and MSI brands...
  22. Jassen M. West


    Can anyone tell me if a SATA II drive will work on a motherboard that has SATA. Whats the difference? I'm looking at the ABIT AX8 board and it seems like I can get a SATA II drive cheaper than a SATA drive. thanks edit I just notice the SATA II drive interface is SATA 150. I would still like...
  23. Jassen M. West

    Weird Abit NF7-S?

    Can someone measure this board and tell me how big it is I can't seem to find the dimensions anywhere online. Thanks Jay
  24. Jassen M. West

    Download legality question

    Is it legal to download t.v shows? I hope asking this isn't breaking any rules. I ask because everyone has the capability to record the show to V HS and some of us are able to record straight to P.C. Also, I don't mean shows that are out on D V D I mean new shows.
  25. Jassen M. West

    AD Aware SE personal

    I tried downloading and running ad-aware SE personal and after a couple of seconds of running it activates the RPC shutdown. I thought it was the blaster worm from a year ago but the shutdown would only start after ad-aware was running. I uninstalled and ran spybot with no problems. Any ideas as...
  26. Jassen M. West

    Question about amp and sub compatability

    I have a Visonik V2408 amp http://www.visonikcaraudio.com/sub/s...uals/V2408.pdf and and Audiobahn AW1251T http://www.audiobahninc.com/frame2004.html can someone who knows more about car audio take a look at these and tell me if they will work together. I got a great deal on both so i bought...
  27. Jassen M. West

    quick launch and search bar windows XP

    Every time i turn my computer on both the quick launch and search bar appear in my task bar. I turn them off every day but they keep coming back. How do i get rid of them for good? thanks, jay
  28. Jassen M. West

    Virus scanner for windows NT

    I began a search today for a virus scanner that will install on windows NT. Norton 2004 and 2003 only support Windows 98,2000, XP, ME. Same goes for Mcafee. What can I do to protect an office full of Windows NT pc's? We are behind a Cisco Pix firewall but email can still be a problem. thanks
  29. Jassen M. West

    Restrict Explorer

    Does anyone know how to prevent Internet Explorer from opening in Windows XP. I know someone that wants to limit their sons internet activity through AOL. They don't want him to be able to open explorer. I know windows runs on explorer so I wasn't sure how to make it work. Net nanny is another...
  30. Jassen M. West

    Good Counter Strike servers

    I was playing on a Virginia based server this passed weeked as a CT. We were on Dust 2 and I had just walked into the room that leads upstairs and then out to a bomb location. As I walked in I saw a Flashbang coming down but I reacted to slow and it got me, knowing the room I ducked behind a box...