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  1. John Stone

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    I've wanted a dedicated home theater and lobby area for almost a decade, but never had the space to make it happen. My wife and I recently had a new home built, and my long-time dream having a dedicated home theater and lobby has finally be realized. Everything is functional, but I plan to...
  2. John Stone

    Want to get in shape for 2004?

    I know there are a bunch of my fellow HTF'ers who would like to get in shape this year, so I thought this might help. On January 6, 2003 I was pretty much at rock-bottom, both physically and mentally. I decided to improve my life by changing my eating habits, working out and adjusting my...
  3. John Stone

    Thinking seriously about Axiom; couple questions

    I've been looking at several brands of speakers (Energy, Def Tech, Axiom, Dahlquist, Ascend...) and have pretty much narrowed my choice to Ascend and Axiom. Both of these brands enjoy excellent word-of-mouth, but I am leaning towards the Axioms mostly because they look better. Of course sound...
  4. John Stone

    I finished my dedicated home gym!

    As some of you know, over the last eight months I've become a complete fitness nut after being fat and unhealthy for many, many years. In the eight months since I started my fitness program, I have completely outgrown my existing equipment. Because my dedication has not waned--in fact it's grown...
  5. John Stone

    Help! Panasonic HDTV cutting off sides of image

    I have a Panasonic PT-53WX42 HDTV and a Panasonic DVD-RP62 DVD player hooked up to it via one of the component inputs. While watching the new "Terminator 2" Extreme DVD, I noticed that when the Terminator is scanning objects (red-tinted image with miscellaneous data in white lettering), the...
  6. John Stone

    Oscar (1991): Will DVD be OAR??

    Does anyone know if OSCAR (1991), which arrives on DVD 5/6/2003, is going to be in its OAR? None of the usual places has any information on the aspect ratio, and I'm afraid this may be yet another Disney "family full-screen" release...
  7. John Stone

    Citizen Ruth: OAR?

    I was about to pull the trigger on this week's order, when I realized that "Citizen Ruth" doesn't have aspect ratio specs anywhere that I could find. Since this is a Disney release, I'm understandably worried. Does anyone know if this release will be OAR and 16x9 enhanced? Thanks. --rant--...
  8. John Stone

    Question For David Lambert

    Hi David, If anyone has a solution to my problem, it's you! I purchase DVDs at least once per week, and I get most of my DVDs from Best Buy and DVD Empire. If my order has a lot of catalog titles, then the question of who to order from becomes a no-brainer and DVD Empire always gets my...
  9. John Stone

    "The Ref (1994)" is coming 3/4/2003!

    Finally! According to the bits: "March 4th - Blue, White, Red, Blue in the Face, Smoke and Stepfather II, The Duke, Blank Check, Heavyweights, Man of the House, First Kid, A Kid in King Arthur's Court, Basil, Gone Fishin', Boys, The Ref, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Born Yesterday, Green Card, One...
  10. John Stone

    I'm so sick of snapper cases

    My latest shipment from DVD Empire was a mess. It's not their fault--it was, as always, packed very well--it's Warner's fault. There were 10 DVDs on my order, 5 of them are snappers. The non-snappers are all fine, but every one of the snapper DVDs has issues. All you snapper fan-boys that think...
  11. John Stone

    9/24 is almost here...

    Did everyone save their pennies?! :) I just placed my largest new-release only order ever (12 titles) with DVDEmpire. With the five dollar off coupon (code #449868) and free shipping, my order came to just a hair over $200.00. That's not bad since most of these are "A-list" titles with tons of...
  12. John Stone

    Any network/security admins feeling extra tired this week?

    I sure am. Remote root exploits have been announced within the last few weeks for several of the most widely used DMZ network services: Apache, OpenSSH, and now the resolver libraries used in the nearly ubiquitous ICS BIND (among other things). It's been crazy trying to get all the servers I'm...
  13. John Stone

    An American In Paris: Which version?

    Aside from the packaging, what are the differences, if any, between the MGM DVD and the Warner re-issue of "An American In Paris"? Thanks.
  14. John Stone

    Better Off Dead & Top Secret in July?

    According to The Digital Bits Rumor Mill, it looks likely! An official announcement should be made soon. BoD is my holy grail DVD. :)
  15. John Stone

    My family room setup

    I finally got my rather humble Link Removed almost done. This setup is going to be used for "casual" movie viewing and watching extra features. I'm working on converting a spare room to a dedicated home theater, which is where I will spend most of my time. :) The dedicated theater will have a...
  16. John Stone

    Can anyone identify this film?

    I vaguely remember watching a particularly strange movie on television in the 1970s. I was just a kid then, so my memory of it is pretty hazy. I'm hoping someone might know what the name of the movie is. Here's what little I remember: I'm pretty sure it was a black and white film. I remember a...
  17. John Stone

    Hitchcock fans-help!

    I've recently discovered the wonders of Hitchcock and I want to start adding Hitchcock films to my DVD collection. I've only seen a few of his movies so far, but I have a feeling that I'm eventually going to want most of his stuff that is available on DVD. With that in mind, I did some searching...
  18. John Stone

    PARAMOUNT: Thanks for the Beverly Hills Cop Series!

    I picked up the box set today and just finished watching the first movie. The transfer, music and sound were all excellent. I couldn't be more pleased, great job! I also watched all the extra features (except the commentary, which I'm looking forward to) and they were all very well done and...
  19. John Stone

    Snow White Free DVD Offer

    Has anyone received their free DVD from Disney? I wrote and mailed my $1.99 check on 10/9/2001 and it still has not cleared the bank and I have received nothing. I followed all the instructions carefully, so that's not the problem. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
  20. John Stone

    SVS 20-39CS Review

    I've had my SVS for a few days now, and just wanted to post some comments on the 20-39CS. I had not planned to post "yet another review" on the SVS, but I think something about these things compels their owners to tell the world. :) First I want to detail my experiences with providing power to...
  21. John Stone

    SVS and wife - help!

    I'll be ordering an SVS 20-39CS tomorrow morning and am really excited about it. I've been reading lots and lots of reviews online, and have been sharing quite a few choice quotes with my wife Lisa (unfortunately for Lisa, her computer is in the same room as mine). Just about everything out of...
  22. John Stone

    How many AFI Top 100 films do you own?

    How many http://www.afionline.org/100movies/ ------------------ John http://www.twowiresthin.com
  23. John Stone

    Spies Like Us/Three Amigos

    Has anyone heard anything about the Spies Like Us/Three Amigos Warner 2Pak? According to Amazon it will be released on November 20, 2001, but there are no technical details listed. The currently released DVDs of both films leave a lot to be desired: Three Amigos is widsecreen, but it's a poor...
  24. John Stone

    First HT - Need advice please

    I am in the planning stages of my first dedicated HT. Unfortunately my house lacks an optimally sized empty room; The best I can do is only 13'2" x 12'9". I had originally planned to use a 57" Toshiba RPTV (57HX81), but with it I will lose over 2' of valuable space. So, after reading many of...
  25. John Stone

    Crossroads (1986)

    I would really like to have Crossroads on DVD. It has an excellent score by Ry Cooder and Steve Vai, and it's a pretty entertaining movie to boot. Anyone else miss watching this one? It was one of my most-viewed VHS tapes in the late 80s.