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  1. 69-er

    Onn Android TV Low Volume Problem

    I've done a little bit of searching but haven't seen anything similar to my problem. My Onn's volume level is very low but only on certain apps. On every other volume problem I have seen the volume is low on all apps. What do you suppose would cause only some of the app's volume to be low...
  2. 69-er

    No Signal From TiVo Bolt to Denon AVR

    I tried Google and forum searches for this problem but I don't know if I am using the the correct search terms. After installing a new Denon AVR, I can't get any audio or video signal from the Bolt to the receiver. If I disconnect the the HDMI cable between the two units and reconnect...
  3. 69-er

    Setup Disc: DVD or Blu-ray?

    I am finally going the extra mile about getting the most out of my LCD TV. Since I am still somewhat new in the technical aspects of HD setups, I think I will be buying Disney's WOW disc. However, I have two format choices. Since I still don't own a Blu-ray player, I was thinking about getting...