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  1. Darren Gross

    LG BP-550 - Internet Connection Pop-Up Message won't go away.

    Hi. I've had the LG BP-550 for a little while now and until recently, I've never had a reason to ever set up the internet connection on it. I needed to, in order to watch youtube videos to fix a sync issue, which I've taken care of. Now, I don't use this as a streaming player, and am not signed...
  2. Darren Gross

    Looking for assistance on sync issues- reference discs & scenes- Denon AVR X1600H

    I recently purchased a Denon AVR-X1600H. I previously had a 1906 which had no HDMI inputs, etc. so I thought it was time for an upgrade. The problem is nothing looks in sync to me. I'm using high-speed HDMI cables and eventually gave up and have nearly all my devices plugged into the TV and am...
  3. Darren Gross

    "TWILIGHT" BD audio problems

    I just watched the Target Blu-ray edition and there are severe audio problems. The track is plagued by recurring audio dropouts on the DTS HD MA track, many times throughout the program. I'm running it on the Panasonic DMP-BD55 , with a fresh firmware update, through analog outs. I've also tried...
  4. Darren Gross

    EL CID Jan 08 SD-any word on an HD release?

    The Hollywood reporter piece a few days ago mentioned a standard DVD release for late January 08...no word on an HD DVD release though...
  5. Darren Gross

    AS THE WORLD TURNS makes history: daytime's first gay kiss...

    While there has been a lesbian kiss on another soap and back in the 80's/90's a peck on the cheek for a dying lover, today's ATWT is going to be the first unabashed kiss between two men... A news piece about the kiss ET aired a couple days back and its getting huge hits on youtube, but save...
  6. Darren Gross

    BABYLON 5: LOST TALES...Please make more!

    BABYLON 5: LOST TALES hit shelves last week and what a welcome release it is. It's done on a very small scale with only a few characters. It's a bit talky, but the acting is solid, the stories are interesting and the computer effects several notches above the level of the TV series effects...
  7. Darren Gross

    Was 300 SPARTANS originally a multi-channel theatrical release?

    Given the era, I would imagine it would have been released 4-track Magnetic stereo. Anyone know?
  8. Darren Gross

    Tech question- What are the kbps and mbps for the HD audio formats?

    Particularly DTS HD Master Audio Dolby True HD Dolby Digital Plus PCM 16/48 PCM 24/48 and for comparison, Dolby Digital DTS Thanks! D
  9. Darren Gross

    DUNE is out...who knew?

    Just found it in the general A-Z Hd section at best buy. I wish the street dates for these things was made more prominent or they were displayed more excitingly. As the expression goes, it feels like these weren't released...they escaped! :-)
  10. Darren Gross

    Is the HD DVD camp dropping the ball in marketing?

    I've been a bit concerned lately at the lack of any marketing push with HD DVD, particularly in Best Buy. Each week, there's a featured page on Blu-Ray with players for sale and new titles, in their weekly flyer. In addition, there's a nice end-cap display of a Blu-Ray player and HD TV...
  11. Darren Gross

    Does the Blu-Ray RESERVOIR DOGS restore the missing dialogue?

    A few lines were missing on the previous DVD release: 0:28:32 MR. WHITE: "I think he just passed out" 0:38:23 MR. BLONDE: "Joe" 0:51:33 MARVIN NASH: "I haven't been looking" MR. PINK "Shut the..." Can anyone confirm whether the new Blu-Ray corrects the ommissions? Thanks! D
  12. Darren Gross

    Hey SAMSUNG, how about a firmware upgrade to turn off the damn blue lights?

    It was cool at first, but it'd be nice to watch a movie without having to drape magazines over the front panel, so I'm not being bathed in bright distracting blue lights! And, of course, once the front is covered up, the remote is no longer in communication with the player. What a pain in the...
  13. Darren Gross

    Decisions! If you had both Blu-Ray and HD DVD players, which disc would you buy?

    Let's say a title was available in BOTH formats, which is beginning to happen. Reviews tend to equate the two quality-wise. So, if you had both players, which edition of the disc would you buy? The Blu? the HD DVD? Decisions, decisions!
  14. Darren Gross

    Retromedia announces FROM BEYOND THE GRAME isn't this a Warner title?

    Perhaps it was a limited license but Warners has released this on VHS eons ago through laserdisc in the last decade. Retromedia is pretty grey market, so who owns this?
  15. Darren Gross

    Any plans for SUPERMAN and ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN serials?

    Warners released these on VHS back in the day. Anyone know if these are slated for DVD release?
  16. Darren Gross

    Wake up Lions Gate! ULTRAVIOLET & BASIC INSTINCT 2 unrated only on DVD?

    What a bone-headed way to launch their first waves of Blu-Ray titles. Your average consumer who has a choice between unrated versions of both those new titles are not being given great incentive to spring for Blu-Ray. Blu-ray=better picture and sound quality than DVD Blu-ray= features...
  17. Darren Gross

    WB- Please STOP using cheap glue on the security seals!

    Love the HD-DVD titles I've seen so far but half of them have security seals with such cheap lousy adhesive that the gummy residence is near impossible to remove from the case once the sticker is gone. Some of the security stickers are fine but about half I've bought so far have been stricken...
  18. Darren Gross

    Any plans for FALCON CREST on DVD?

    Love to hear if its in the works. Thanks!
  19. Darren Gross

    Help! How do you manually change the speaker levels on the Denon 1906?

    I just moved and after I did the auto system setup and calibration, the back right seaker was way too low in volume, so the receiver boosted it up to +12db to match the other speakers which are around the 0 and -0, naturally. Well while cleaning up the speaker wire, I found a connection was...
  20. Darren Gross

    Any recommended speaker stands for Energy Take 5?

    None of the current Energy stands are designed for these speakers, which have an unusual mount- essentially they would slot into a screw head on the back. I've seen plenty of stands that screw into the bottom, the back etc. but this is an odd one, and the guys at Ken Crane's were a bit...
  21. Darren Gross

    Film Soundtracks on DVD-Audio...There are only two?!

    I'm sure there must be a few others, but to the best of my knowledge, the only orchestral soundtrack scores on DVD-Audio are A.I. and The Fellowship of the Rings 4 cd/DVD-A set. Is that all there are? And if not, any recommendations for a DVD-A retail site that has a solid soundtrack...
  22. Darren Gross

    Will current Surround Sound receivers be able to decode the new HD sound formats?

    I've read a bit that they'll sound much better and won't have any of the compression issues, BUT will you need to buy a new receiver to decode the HD and Bleu-Ray sound formats?
  23. Darren Gross

    What is the disc pricing going to be?

    How much are Blu-Ray and HD-DVD software going to be? I think that this factor will determine the success or failure of the formats moreso than any other. It all depends on how high a price jump is going to be set between DVD titles and the same title in High Definition.
  24. Darren Gross

    Any plans for Boleslawski's LES MISERABLES (1935)?

    While it blasts through the novel like a long trailer, you can't beat that cast and Laughton and March are top notch as usual. Anyone got any skinny on Fox releasing this thing on DVD?
  25. Darren Gross

    Do I need a Coaxial or Optical cable in order to hear discrete DD and DTS signals?

    Somehow I missed this piece of info. I've been setting up my new Denon AVR-1906 and plugged in all my audio output from my DVD player via the two red and white RCA cables. It never displays DTS or DD 5.1 on the display and only says analog... and the rear channels are not discrete. I tried...
  26. Darren Gross

    Does the Bass get shifted to the satellites if a subwoofer isn't attached?

    I've just bought a Denon 1906 surround receiver and Energy satellite speakers but will have to wait a month or so to get the subwoofer. If I play 5.1 mixes through the system, will the low frequency sounds disappear or would the receiver detect the missing speaker and channel the bass sounds...
  27. Darren Gross

    Any comments on the Denon AVR 2106?

    I had been planning on buying the AVR 1905 once upon a time and it looks like the 2106 is a couple notches better. I'm surprised I haven't found any reviews or owner comments on the forum. Any comments for or against? Thanks!
  28. Darren Gross

    Energy: Encore Act 6 or Take 5. Which to choose?

    While the Take 5s are discontinued, they're still available from a few dealers. The Encore is a tad bit more expensive but the center channel looks unimpressive... Any recommendations on which to choose? Thanks! ;)
  29. Darren Gross

    Can I connect the OPPO 971H's DVI output using a DVI to component adaptor?

    If so, what kind will work AND will it pass through the upconverted video? I've got a TV with a component input and VGA inputs. These are the only ways to pass through progressive signals. I'd hate to miss out on the upconvert and truer blacks of the OPPO because of the component...
  30. Darren Gross

    Have a PAL player bought in England, what connection/adaptor do I need?

    I live in the US. I've got a multi-standard TV and its got a standard US power plug. The PAL DVD player does not... I've looked online and there appear to be dozens of different power adaptors and what-not... What do I need to plug the PAL player into the US socket? Thanks!