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  1. rconner15

    Losing Picture on LG OLED55B7A

    Hi all, I'm having issues with a recently purchased LG OLED55B7A. When viewing content through my xbox one x or apple tv 4k, the picture occasionally goes out, displaying a gray screen. I've attached a photo that shows the condition. The issue is intermittent, and may go a week or two before...
  2. rconner15

    Hooking up my first home theater!

    So I finally did it. I purchased my first 5.1 surround sound system! All that's left now is to hook it up. So, a little backround first. I purchesed some Dali lektor 2 speakers with a lektor OCR center. The surrounds are DCM in ceiling speakers. The receiver is a Sony 2400 es. So on to my...
  3. rconner15

    Newbie Looking for a Surround Sound System

    Hi, I'm a first timer looking for some advice on buying a surround sound system for my family room. My budget is around $1500. Just to get a good idea of what I need to get, I went to StarPower in Scottsdale, Arizona and had them put together a quote for me. The sales guy was nice enough and...