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  1. Diana M


    I'm going to check this out tomorrow Just because of Joss Here is a good review from a Boston paper Link Removed
  2. Diana M

    Projectors in New Hampshire Area

    Hi, I live in Dracut MA, which is near Nashua/Salem New Hampshire I guess I could also take trips to Boston area(about 45 minutes away) I'm considering getting an LCD or LCOS FP but I don't know of any AV stores around here that display them There is ensemble, but the one in Nashua is...
  3. Diana M

    Toshiba 32AFX61 or Sony KV32FV27?

    I'm having trouble deciding between these 2 sets I like the sound of the Toshiba (it has the new cyclone bass and 33 total watts of power), and I don't plan on hooking up speakers any time soon, as this is not our main set I like the darker cabinet of the Sony and the ability of the set to...
  4. Diana M

    What do I need for HD?

    What do I actually need for HD? I want to upgrade to an Upgradable or an Intergrated RPTV Then would I need an special dish from direct tv (or some other satelite co.)? Do I need a separate receiver if my tv is intergrated? What is the best to buy right now intergrated or upgradable...